Hello VP! Lurked here for ages, just now posting for the first time.

I’ve read over the FAQ and looked through the vulvapedia entries on YIs, but I still have a question or two. I’m twenty-one I just recently became sexually active, only about a month or so ago, and up until that point, I’d never had a yeast infection. The first time I had PIV sex, we used a condom, and after a few days, I noticed itching/irritation and a thick white discharge. I didn’t have access to a doctor at the time, so I immediately came here and looked around for advice and eventually purchased an over the counter YI treatment. It went away pretty quickly and that was that.

Originally, I thought it an inconvenient coincidence that it happened after sex, but I’m getting the same exact symptoms after having sex about a week ago. Is it normal to keep getting YIs from condom use? I read that a particular chemical in condoms can possibly cause them, but I don’t think the brand/type we’re using has that in them. Is it possible that I’m just weirdly sensitive to them for some reason? And if it is the condoms, is there a way to possibly prevent getting YIs from them (a specific cleanup afterward, maybe)? We don’t have access to any other forms of BC until about March, either, since I’m away at college, so it’s either condoms or no sex, which is… well, disappointing.

I know these must seem like silly questions, but I’m pretty new to this whole idea and I’m trying to be responsible and get as much of a grasp on it as I can. It’s just really irritating. I want to enjoy sex and not have to worry about yeast infections. 😐

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  1. Arava says:

    I don’t think these questions are silly at all! 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t know about condoms causing YI, but if this keeps happening, you could try some of the natural remedies for yeast infections after sex, to nip any possible infection in the bud. I personally don’t have experience with natural remedies, but many people here swear by yogurt and garlic. You could also buy acidophilus suppositories in the pharmacy.

    Good luck!

  2. RamFriut says:

    I’ve heard lots of great things about natural remedies from people on here too, but I’m always kind of scared to try them because I’m afraid I’ll mess something up, haha. I’m headed to the store here in a few minutes, so I’ll definitely look around for acidophilus in the pharmacy!

  3. Bobspb says:

    I wanted to say that while it could very well be the condoms, it could also just be that you’re sexually active with a new person for the first time.

    Planned Parenthood notes:

    All kinds of bacteria are exchanged during sex play. It may be that the bacteria exchanged between partners, especially new partners, may cause an overgrowth of the bacteria that cause bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections in the vagina.

    I know a lot of people who, every time they enter into a sexual relationship with a new partner, have to deal with yeast and UTIs for a while. Here are a couple links that talk a little bit more about both YIs and UTIs, and how you can prevent and treat:

    Vulvapedia entry on UTIs
    Vulvapedia entry on YIs

    Hope you get some relief soon! It’s no fun.

  4. RamFriut says:

    Ooh, I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I do hope it’s the condoms and not just him though; constant YIs for a while would really be annoying to deal with. :/

    Thanks for the links!

  5. Hteall says:

    Are you using lubed condoms? If so, it might be that that brand of condom is using a lube with glycerine in it, which makes yeast happy. You can try beefing up your lactobacilli — acidophilus is the common probiotic that you can find easily — to make your vaginal environment more acid, or use boric acid likewise, but you might want to try unlubed condoms and a separate lube that doesn’t contain glycerin.

    Good luck!

  6. RamFriut says:

    Oh, that might be it, actually! I did some looking on the condom site (I’m incredibly inexperienced with this, ugh), and we’ve been using Trojan ENZs. I didn’t even think about the lubricant and what effect it could have had. I’ll tell him to get some unlubricated ones for next time, and we’ll see how that turns out. Thanks for the help! (:

  7. Hteall says:

    On phone, please forgive typos…

    Be sure to find a lube for unlubed condoms — latex is very draggy and frictiony without it!


  8. Naceva says:

    You could be getting the YI from whatever lubricant is used (whether the condoms are pre-lubed or you’re adding lube from a bottle). As has been stated here before, any lubes that contain parabens and glycerine can lead to YIs. If that’s what you’ve been exposed to, then you may be more sensitive to these ingredients and your body is telling you so.

    You may want to get unlubricated condoms and a separate pump bottle of lube. If it’s not the lube and you’re still having problems, then you may want to switch to NON-latex condoms. [Sorry, I don’t have brand names, but I believe one variety is made of isoprene.]

  9. RamFriut says:

    I just looked up the type and the condoms we were using were pre-lubed. I didn’t even think to ask about that kind of thing. I’ll definitely be asking him to get nonlubricated ones for next time, and I’ll look into getting a kind of lube that doesn’t have glyercine. In that vein, is there a particular kind of lube you would recommend? I don’t have much experience in choosing these kinds of things, haha.

  10. Naceva says:

    Well, there are usually two non-glycerin non-paraben lubes often recommended by VP readers, but the only one that comes to my mind right now is Sliquid.

    Perhaps other commenters will remember the name of the other one(s).

  11. Lle99 says:

    I found out the hard way that I was allergic to spermicide. I switched to pre-lubed condoms that did not have spermicide (check the packaging) and it made all the difference in the world (I was mostly getting UTIs).

  12. darcy says:

    I have read glycerine causes yeast.. suggestion pee right after sex this supposed to help with some infections like kidney etc… hint.. unrefined RAW coconut oil in vaginia!! I had systematic yeast.. and to my wonderful surprise I had no yeast in the vaginia ..
    I am narrowing down the cause.. I think estrogen may be a problem

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