Hey everyone! This is my first time posting, and I have a few questions. I have had a yeast infection/BV for about 5 months now. At first it was just the YI, but I think that went away about two weeks ago and now it's just BV, which I'm currently (as we speak, as a matter of fact) treating with yogurt and apple cider vinegar. 

My entire tale of woe is under the cut, but if you don't want to read it these are basically the questions I need answered. 

1. I've been trying to research what sort of foods I should stay away from to prevent ever having a YI or BV again, and basically it seems that I should avoid… everything. Can anyone direct me to a site that has information on the things I can eat? (Plain yogurt is a given. I've been eating it fo so long that I actually don't even mind the taste anymore. 

2. For the obvious things that I shouldn't consume, do I have to cut these things out entirely? I've already reduced the amount of sugar I take in greatly, but is a daily bowl of frosted mini wheats still too much? And as far as alcohol goes, I get drunk maybe once a week. Is that okay?

3. Since my YIBV was so long-lasting, does that mean that it's something that I'm going to have to worry about for the rest of my life, even after it goes away? I think originally, it never went away because I never treated it properly, but once it does will it be really easy to contract again? I went through 20 years of my life without having to deal with something like this, and now I feel like I'm going to have to take all these stupid daily flora supplements forever.
(Please forgive me for how all over the place this post is. I sometimes have trouble focusing my thoughts.)

I was a virgin up until January, until I started having sex with this guy– but I think something was off with my vagina slightly before that. It hurt when we started having sex, even after a few weeks, and I didn't understand why. I think it was about mid-february when it developed into a full blown YI, characterized by the nasty clumpy discharge. It was more worse some days than others, so I still continued to have sex. (to this day I still haven't told him about the ordeal). I would do everything– yogurt, genetian violet, etc but it never seemed to go away. I was on BC for February and March, then stopped taking it halfway through April because I thought it was making the YI worse. (As of last week, I am back on it again.) The guy I am with comes inside me about 50 percent of the time.

About mid-April I finally went to the gyno, and she gave me a prescription for fluconazole and a suppository (terconazole?). The pill didn't work (both times) but the cream did. However– I never used it for the full seven days it said to use it for because I would go have sex with this guy, and then spend the night at his house. However, I think after a few weeks, the YI cleared up. But then I started noticing the odor. This was about two weeks ago, and I thought it was still a YI so I continued treating it as such. Then, about two days ago I started researching BV, and concluded that's what I have now, and could have possibly had it for a few months. 

At this point I am about 85% sure that the reason none of the treatments I tried worked was because I kept interrupting them to have sex, lol. My FWB is away at the moment so I've been able to focus on treatment alone, and I'm pretty sure it's working. However, those ^ three questions remain. Once it's gone, can I go back to my moderately high sugar diet? Or do I have to change everything entirely? Could I be prone to these infections? I have had two minor YI's before, both a year apart and treated easily with yogurt and such. As of right now, I don't eat a lot of sugar and when I do, I drink massive amounts of water afterwards to flush it out. I went from hardly ever eating fruits and vegetables to eating them at least twice a week. My family also relies on microwave food a lot– should I try to stay away from this too?

Edit: I also take biotin and Lactobacillus acidophilus daily, and will start taking a multivitamin this week. I also started taking ultimate flora capsules, and I take one AZO Yeast tablet a day. 

Thanks for reading!

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8 Responses to Yeast Infection + BV Questions

  1. Yramsk says:

    it may be that he is reinfecting you and might need to be treated. Talk to your doctor to see what they might recommend.

  2. OibSuper says:

    I’ve also heard it’s possible that you can transfer a YI back and forth with a partner. It’s definitely something to look into.

    And yeah, there’s all sorts of info out there on what to eat and what not to eat to solve vaginal issues. I personally don’t know much about diet aside from eating a cup of plain yogurt daily helps.

    Look at other aspects of your life style too. I know cotton panties are supposed to be helpful since they’re more breathable. Avoid wearing nylons for very long, change panties every day or twice a day. Also beware what soaps you are using. BV and YI’s are both caused by an upset in vaginal pH…Most soap is waaay to basic to be healthy for the vagina; the vagina should be on the acidic side. So don’t put any soap down there intentionally, just water. Take showers, not baths with oils or bubbles or salts.

    When you have sex, use the bathroom afterwards and try to evacuate as much semen as you can by constricting the muscles. Semen is typically a higher pH than what the vagina should be as well, so it’s best not to let it set in large quantities overnight. Don’t douche though either.

    This article helps to explain the pH stuff and what can make you prone to YI’s and BV. http://www.probiotics-lovethatbug.com/vaginal-ph.html#axzz1w7tAkN2Y

  3. Snooeva says:

    Thanks for the link! I already use a natural oatmeal and aloe soap on my vagina, and I would consider cutting it out entirely but I like to think it helps with the smell. :/ And I very rarely take baths. I’ll try to start evacuating after sex as well, but I would really like this cleared up before he gets back because I think he’s starting to notice.

  4. Sseyle says:

    I had an 8 month long YI once, and after it finally went away, I haven’t really had further problems. So I don’t think you’re doomed forever. I never made any dietary changes and I eat tons of sugar. And I never took any supplements.

    If you do want to lower your sugar though, I think most people would say that yes, the mini wheats and drinking are too much. I don’t think that you can flush sugar out of your system by drinking water. Your body just doesn’t regulate in that way exactly.

    Things that would be ok to eat – I don’t know a ton about this, but probably complex carbs (so, whole grain stuff), veggies, proteins. Not fruits, not simple carbs (e.g. white bread, white rice, pasta).

    The treatments you are using are quite mild. If they don’t do the trick, I would recommend boric acid. That’s what finally worked for me.

  5. Snooeva says:

    That’s such a relief to hear! I hope that as soon as I kick this I never have to worry about it again. As you probabkly know it gets me really depressed sometimes. :/ I’ve been looking into the boric acid treatment but I’m worried that I’ll mess it up somehow and insert too much/too little. Did you insert it via capsule? And did you make the BA capsules yourself?

  6. Sseyle says:

    I used it dissolved in water as a douche.

    I don’t think the exact amount is a big deal though.

  7. 8idko says:

    I agree that you’re passing it back and forth. Since he’s gone for a while, check this out http://www.ehow.com/how_5701423_remove-yeast-digestive-tract.html Also Google YEAST DIGESTIVE or DIGESTION or SYSTEMIC. You don’t have to ERADICATE yeast. A little is normal and good for you. However, it needs to be limited when it blooms.

    There are also home remedies for BV online. Douching usually does more harm than good but sometimes a medicated or vinegar or hydrogen peroxide douche can help. Use judiciously.

  8. 78eZero says:

    If you’ve been seeing a doctor, ask them what to do to cure your partner. And in the meantime, if possible use condoms to limit the risks of reinfecting yourself and the ph effects of semen ?

    As far as changing your diet goes… kudos to you for eating less sugar, this would be very hard for me as well. Maybe try to have a side salad once a day at school/work ? Or bring along a low-sugar snack, an apple, a yoghurt, nuts, etc ? Also there are low-sugar cereals that you might come to like… I know I always crave for sugar in the morning, but that’s an habit that can be changed over time, if you find good, healthy cereals I suppose. As far as veggies go… here in Europe the general health recommendation is “5 fruits and vegetables a day”… I know I can’t do that, but 2 to 3 portions a day is my goal.

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