Sorry if this has been asked before; I couldn’t find the answer i was looking for

I just got my wisdom teeth taken out. (Ow!) How long before it’s safe to give oral sex again? (To someone with a penis, if it matters)

(I’m not sure it matters, but just in case, I’m not on any sort of hormonal birth control)

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  1. 111Woman says:

    omg THANK YOU for asking this question! I’m getting my wisdom teeth out in two weeks and i’m sure i would have asked the doctor in some sort of crazy manner… “when can i have large, banana-shaped objects in my mouth? I love sucking on…objects…”

  2. 31estyle says:

    I’d be more worried about dry socket from the sucking motion than anything. I’d wait at least however long they tell you to not suck on any straws/cigarettes. At that point, I’d probably add a couple of days on just for safe measure, and then go trial by error.

  3. SseFriut says:


  4. Epako says:

    I agree with this. When I had mine removed I tried a straw out around the time they suggested I could and it was VERY painful for me still. I’d base it off when you can comfortably use a straw again.

  5. TeoFire says:

    If it is with someone you have barrier free sex with and you’re worried about ejaculate, I’m guessing that is safe as soon as food is if they are STI free.

    As far as the wound closing up (if you’re worried about the physical activity part of it) that can take from a week to a month depending on how quickly you generally heal overall and whether there are complications (infection, dry socket, etc).

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Sisulova says:

    I would wait until it is safe to use straws again, and then wait an extra 3-4 days to be sure it won’t be painful. Honestly, when I got my wisdom teeth out, the process didn’t hurt that much but the waiting for things to be normal again was a huge pain. Better to be safe than sorry.

  7. SseTuT says:

    This. I felt nothing when they pulled the actual tooth out; it’s the aftermath that’s unpleasant.

    ETA: The numbness before the anaesthesia wears off is the weirdest shit ever.

  8. UreNo says:

    Having had 8 teeth pulled (not all at the same though lol), plus numerous oral surgeries, my advice to you would be to wait at least a week and a half minimum!

  9. Kdgle says:

    I agree with “when it’s okay to use a straw.” Then I’d try the straw first.

    On the other hand…I am not much of a sucker when I perform oral sex on cis-guys. It’s usually a lot more licking. So, if you are comfortable licking perhaps you could try that earlier than the sucking thing. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to get my gums bumped, so holding off might still be best.

    (On a positive note, having my 6 (!?!?!) wisdom teeth out really improved my quality of life — hope yours heal soon!)

  10. StnYes says:

    If your dentist clears you to suck a straw, you can suck a dick, but not before then! Dry sockets are miserable and occur when the blood clots at the incision site become dislodged (by things like sucking.) Save yourself the pain, trust me on this. I would not wish dry sockets on my worst enemy.

  11. Ecaova says:

    My advice is to ask your surgeon when you can safely drink through a straw again, and then add a week just for safety.

  12. EroNo says:

    I had severe complications with my wisdom teeth removal (ended up in the hospital about a week later), so I wasn’t ready for it for a good month. I thought it was going to be a big concern because I really like giving oral but I wasn’t up for it for a long time anyway. It’s kind of hard to get in the mood for it when your mouth is all swollen and there’s stitches poking at the insides of your cheek, etc. In regards to dry sockets, definitely wait at least until you’re cleared for straws and such but I would personally continue to be cautious and careful for about another week after that. I would also suggest making sure your partner washes the penis first to reduce additional risk of bacteria in case your wounds take longer to close.

  13. Talzoa says:

    i just had a dry socket for the first time (23rd tooth extraction) and it was NOT worth…anything. i’d wait at least a week or two AFTER you’re cleared for everything.

  14. SseNa says:

    My dentist/father said 2 weeks after I got mine out…that’s as long as I waited and I was fine. I don’t know though how much that time estimate was influenced by the “father” part as opposed to the “dentist” part. But after 2 weeks you should be fine!

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