For once, my Google-Fu is failing me.  Or, at least, not giving me the answers that I think are correct.

Basically what I am experiencing is a recurring problem with swelling and pain in my ladybits.  Externally everything appears normal, but the labia minora is swollen pretty badly.  As I am one of those that is especially uneven in that regard, it is especially pronounced on the right side which is my "omg I could totally pitch a tent with this" side.  It's swollen to the point now where its more than marginally visible externally, which as would be expected is causing some secondary irritation.  Best part?  It feels like someone punched me in the crotch. 

This has happened a few times over the last year or so.  It seems to just creep up on me over a day or so. I don't think it's related to my cycle.  I have no discharge, no itching–which is why I say my Google-Fu fails, because everyone seems to just go "oh it's a yeast infection!".  I only have the swelling and the bruiselike pain. 

As for history, I haven't been sexually active since August, and in the 11 years… yes, 11… prior to that it was only with the same partner.  I am not presently on birth control of any sort, and really haven't been for several years, though I did give Nuvaring a whirl two months ago (and didn't care for it so never got another one).

So, any advice?  Any of you ever heard of such a thing?  I will go to the doc if I have to, but I'm *this close* to losing my insurance right now so I may not be able to get in before then… which means I wouldn't be able to afford it. : /

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  1. Etiova says:

    Don’t hate me, but that does sound like it could be yeast. I rarely get the typical symptoms, but always have the ones you are describing. Your symptoms are just more external than internal. You can always go to the doctor to be sure, or treat over the counter, making sure to get a brand that has the little tube of external cream. Lotrimin makes a feminine version of jock itch cream, but you can try any brand of that too. Externally on the vulva still falls under approved use when it says “not for internal use”. Hydrocortisone cream will also help with the pain and swelling if you really feel that it’s not yeast.

  2. XdxWoman says:

    Mine did this horrible swelling that scared me so badly and I eventually figured out it was yeast. No other warnings. I know this is probably not what you want to hear. I hope you figure it out!!

  3. SseNope says:

    Does it sound like a Bartholin’s Duct cyst?

    What preceded the first occurrence? Is there any pattern at all to the symptom? (I suggest you track things like underwear, detergent, period and sexual activity to see if there’s a pattern, especially if it’s so intermittent.)

  4. SkcNobody says:

    No, it’s not Bartholin’s. 🙂

    Nothing precedes it, there is no pattern. I’ve used the same detergent for 7 years and frankly for the last year I am mostly in loose fitting sweatpants with no underpants to speak of (a “perk” of working from home).

  5. EadWo says:

    Is it possible that you are wearing too tight pants at some point? It sounds like you could be wearing the wrong set of jeans or something, which are putting a lot of pressure and constriction on your groin, which may not be painful while it’s occurring – you might just think “oh, snug pants.” Then, when you take them off, the area swells up. Especially if you sit in a certain ways, you could be putting even more pressure on one side vs the other – I know I sit more heavily on my right side personally. While it doesn’t offer any help with the immediate discomfort, it may be something to consider and keep track of.

    In terms of dealing with the immediate pain, you could try Epsom salt soaks, and an ice pack – frozen veggies are my favorite way 😀 Just remember to not apply frozen bags directly to the skin for any length of time to avoid damaging the skin.

  6. SkcNobody says:

    Heh, as I replied above, it’s not likely. I favor my left side far more than my right, due to a back injury… and I work from home, have done for the last year, and rarely wear anything other than just an old tshirt and sweat pants, so there really isn’t anything there to bind me up.

    I have those mini icepack blocks I’ve been using, lol…

  7. Hteall says:

    I’d look at yeast first, but add the possibility of HSV to the mix, perhaps? You’d probably need a blood test for antibodies (which would need to be specifically asked for, as it’s not on most standard STI tests), and even then, antibodies don’t tell you if an infection is oral or genital. (Especially HSV-1, which is much more likely to head south if given an opportunity than HSV-2 is to head north.)

    Good luck!

  8. Kdgle says:

    I’ve had swelling like this a few times — once it was a crazy allergic reaction to a yeast infection treatment (aka: CRAWTCH of FAAAAHR). The second time it was not one but several ingrown hairs that all turned up at once, like a little hair revolt. In the first instance the only thing that helped was eliminating antifungal creams from my life and in the second, warm compresses.

    The third time…brace yourself…it was staph. Apparently if you have a staph infection it can flare up, cause swelling, and then go away again. Now, I got this when I was in a very hot place with very bad water. I treated it with hot compresses and topical antiseptics together with a broad-spectrum oral antibiotic. I was horrified when this went down because I thought my labia was going to rot off, but in reality, it was a pretty common problem where I was living and a trip to the doc sorted everything out.

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