Hi all,
I have a question about something that I have been wondering about for the longest time. I notice I have a white, kinda cheesy stuff on the outer lips of my vagina. I know everyone will say ‘YI!’ but hear me out. It doesn’t itch, doesn’t burn, doesn’t hurt. I don’t notice any smell except for a slightly strong, occasional ‘vagina smell’. In fact, if my ex boyfriend hadn’t pointed it out a few years ago, I’d never even have noticed it. I also haven’t been sexually active in years. For all those reasons, I doubt it’s a yeast infection.
I can sort of clear it out if I dig with my fingernails in the shower – so I wonder… could it be smegma? Do vaginas even get smegma?? From all I’ve read, I thought you’re not supposed to clean the vagina too thoroughly with soap or anything so I normally just quickly rinse with water. Am I not cleaning it enough that’s why I keep getting it??
I’d really like to be rid of it for good.
Sorry for the tmi and thanks in advance for any insight!

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14 Responses to Unusual?

  1. EvoWoman says:

    i was going to say smegma.

  2. RekNet says:

    Yep, sounds like it could be just semi-dried discharge. Yeah most people don’t recommend using soap, but I would have thought water and your hand/washcloth would clear that off.

  3. EohNet says:

    Smegma is just dead cells mixed with oils and moisture. Vulvas definitely get smegma. If you’re washing your vulva less than once a day, then it could help to wash it more often. But I wouldn’t go overboard.

  4. RehNope says:

    Sounds like smegma to me. I know people say not to use anything but water for washing, but I use a special wash (I use Femfresh, I don’t know what country you’re in but there’ll be something similar) and have no problems for it. In fact, when I used just water (up until a few years ago) I was much more prone to yeast infections. I wouldn’t use anything super perfumed though, and I can’t imagine using a normal shower gel or soap – ouch! I think especially if you wear tights or tight trousers a lot, or sweat a lot, just water might not be doing the job. Just my theory though.

  5. XdxWoman says:

    Vaginas definitely get smegma. It should come off with water and a washcloth. I make sure I’m proactive about it so it doesn’t get really icky. Totally normally.

  6. 12Nobody says:

    Just for the record, I clean my vulva with soap and water every shower and I’ve never had any problems. Different people have different reactions.

  7. Lasoma says:

    Same here. And once a day is fine.

  8. Sreoeva says:

    Like everyone else said, sounds like smegma. I just clean in the shower, and sometimes use a qtip if that doesn’t seem to do it. You can’t really “get rid of it for good,” because your body constantly produces it.

  9. 29dWoman says:

    Yeast infections aren’t always connected to sexual activity, and I’d be willing to guess most aren’t.

  10. Teszoa says:

    Most of my past yeast infections have not been caused by sexual activity, so that’s definitely not the only reason one could get one! Other causes include but are not limited to – Antibiotics, climate change, diet, using antibacterial soap on the vulva/vagina, other internal illnesses/issues, etc. Or in my case, sometimes it felt like I could just look at my crotch wrong and I’d get one.

    I’ll echo what others have said and say it sounds like a build up of dry skin or smegma. I would probably wash the vulva with a warm washcloth once every day. Whether or not you want to use some sort of soap is up to you. Some people’s vulvas can’t tolerate it and it causes issues, and some people have no problems with soap. I always use soap (on my vulva, never IN my vagina) and I don’t have any problems with it, but it’s a myth that one HAS to use soap or it won’t get clean. Water will do the job just fine, I just personally feel better using soap.

  11. Etafornia says:

    i get that sort of itchy buildup, too. i only itch in one place on one labia, so *shrugs*

    i use soap/shower gel/baby wash. i use a washcloth. i *know* its just yuck buildup (oil, skin cells, sweat) because i get the same sort of thing in other areas of my body…underarms, bellybutton, behind the ears.

    skin isnt a substance like saran wrap that covers our bodies. its constantly shedding cells ,and sebum (oil) to lubricate the skin, and sweat cause we move around and lets face it, the places where we have skin folds and not enough air movement get sweatier. so we need to clean those a bit better…many people dont want to use soap in the vulvar folds (not in the vagina, just the outer areas) and are fine with water and friction from a washcloth or fingers.

    but i’m not a slender little thing, and i get sweaty and stinky in some areas. i use soap and rinse well. 🙂

  12. Keezoa says:

    Yeeeees. See, this is why I love seeing these questions on VagPag. Things that I thought were totally “abnormal” everyone is telling me is quite normal.

    I’m going to echo the smegma theory. If it did hurt, however, I’d be definitively yell “YI!”. In fact, if it does start to make you feel a little odd… I’d try some super diluted tea-tree oil on it and see if it doesn’t clear up.
    But, again, if it’s smegma it’s totally normal. I used to use Vagisil wash there but I find it just adds so much perfume it makes me itchy as all hell. Instead, I just wash with water and make sure to remove as much of it as possible. If you’ve ever felt a sharp pain to the clit… well, that’s trapped smegma in the clitoral hood. So I try to get as much off as possible.

  13. 902all says:

    :O So that’s what that feeling is?!? Every once in a blue mood I would get a sharp pain in that one spot and then it would disappear just as quickly as it would come. I guess I learn something new everyday lol Thanks

  14. Angel says:

    I have the same problem; I’ve has it every day for months.. I don really get any pain with it but even if I wash my vulva/clit every day with water and or feminine wash; it just comes back later in the day..

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