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Shortly after that post I made an appt with a new gyno (my old one left the business, he was very nice) He was very rude and didn’t ask any of my symptoms, i got a pap smear and they didn’t give me my results until 24 days later! In the mean time (right after the exam) i asked for metro gel because of suspected BV. Treated for 5 days, no improvement, still constant pain during sex, now completely random not just on the outside, the inside too. There was a little blood today about an hour after we tried. I got my results and the only thing that came up was no BV, but that I tested positive for HPV 16 and 18 (I had the gardasil shots at age 16 and have always been safe with partners. my bf and i just use my nuvaring as protection), but my primary care doctor wasn’t concerned and said that sometimes people test positive, and when I told her about my pain she gave me more metrogel and I used it for 7 days this time, and still no good results. I still have pain upon sex, I used normal lube (WET), natural lube (sweet almond oil) and I can’t bear to even be on him for more than a minute because the pain is like a stretching/tearing feeling. I am at a complete loss, it’s been over two months and I have no idea what to do. I am running out of money and I’m scared. Can anyone offer me advice? I really don’t know what to do. Do I continue trying and see if I can get used to sex again? We’ve been together 8 months and never had this problem until about 2 months ago. 🙁

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  1. SseNope says:

    Try switching from the NuvaRing to something else.

    I hate to suggest it, because I loved the NuvaRing otherwise, but it might be the cause of your pain.

    I also generally hate unsubstantiated anecdata. But here’s mine anyway:
    I was on the NuvaRing for a year before I had any problems whatsoever. Then I had pain on penetration with two separate partners. It was this awful, sharp stinging in my perenium area, and usually went away after really slow, gentle PIV. This pain didn’t happen every time, but when it did, I could feel a sort of divot in my perenium, almost like a birthing-related incision that had mostly healed. (And yet I’ve never given birth.)

    It wasn’t a factor of arousal, because I had the New Relationship Energy going on with both partners, and actually was super dripping wet. With the second partner, we tried multiple brands of condoms, and switched lubes from JO H2O (which has parabens and glycerin) to Sliquid Naturals (which doesn’t). This helped, but not entirely. I still had intermittent, stinging pain that would make PIV impossible about half the time the pain occurred.

    I mentioned this to my doc, and was screened (with a swab and a microscope) three times for BV and yeast. Later when I got my Mirena, I was also tested for a slew of other STIs, and got the all-clear. I do not recall whether the pain was present during my ring-free weeks. I do remember being essentially unable to use my DivaCup due to the pain, so I probably did have this problem. (With my cup, it was more of an increased sensitivity all up inside my vagina; having the cup pop open brought me to tears at one point.)

    A month after my Mirena insertion, I noticed that I no longer was having the pain. So maybe it was the NuvaRing. It’s also possible that I had a very low-lying infection of BV or yeast, so slight that it missed the swabs but enough to make my life awful: when I went in for my Mirena, I had raging dual BV and yeast infections even though two separate docs had cleared me free in the two or three weeks beforehand.

    No PIV or any penetration pain ever since.

  2. SseNope says:

    Aaaaaand I blathered on only to click on your original link and realize I had given you basically the same story! Sorry to be redundant.

  3. EjtNobody says:

    Thing is I tried having sex without it, my period was over and i wasn’t due to put the ring it so we tried it and it felt exactly the same if not worse. The pain isn’t in my perenium now it’s just random, right side of the opening, inside, everywhere basically. And the thing is (please don’t laugh) i’ve tried inserting two medium size hairbrushes into myself without lube and there was NO pain! it’s only when we have sex. Ugh I’m not trying to reject your idea i just really don’t want to switch from nuvaring to something else, but I really don’t think that’s the cause 🙁

  4. SseNope says:

    I don’t want it to be the cause for you either, because I really don’t like the idea of the wonderful* NuvaRing being something that goes around causing chaos in vaginas.

    But it took me a month (or more, I don’t accurately recall) before I noticed a difference. (Plus I didn’t have PIV for three weeks after removing my Ring for the last time, thanks to my boyfriend being gone.) It might be something where you have to let the body heal before you start noticing benefits.

    Have you tried using home treatments for BV or yeast really consistently, for over a week at a time and not having any penetration during then? The home remedies on the Vulvapedia are usually useful for both yeast and BV, and not going to harm you if you don’t have either infection.

    I think there are other possible vagina-infectors out there, like lichen schlerosis and, um, other things I don’t recall at the moment. But even if you got the all-clear for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV and syphilis, it might still harbor some other baddies. (Even if you’ve been monogamous and safe for years.)

    * combined estrogen/progesterone LARC! totally ADHD-friendly! More discreet than the Patch! low-hormones!

  5. EjtNobody says:

    Yes I went without penetration for weeks at a time after using the MetroGel. I didn’t use home remedies, just the Gel. It’s just weird cause BV didn’t come up on my pap so 🙁 I was tested and so was my bf, we have no stds which is great. I guess I can try taking the nuvaring out, though admittedly i’m terrified because it’s been a blessing to my skin but I guess I will try it when I am due to take it out on the 20th. If that doesn’t work do you think I should try a doctor again? Ugh I’m running out of money here 🙁

  6. SseNope says:

    I’m not a microbiologist, but I did take a course as part of my biology undergrad. Metrogel looks to be really good against anaerobic bacteria, and lactobacilli (one of the main groups of good bacteria in your vagina) can grow in anaerobic conditions. I don’t know the mechanism of metronidazole, but maybe it also kicks out the good bacteria too?

    So, you might need to try a reacidification/repopulation route. Boric acid, apple cider vinegar, that sort of thing, plus probiotics both oral and vaginal. I don’t know what to ask the doctor to test for, other than lichen sclerosus or the conditions/infections under the “more sore than itchy” section.

    Remember too, that vulvodynia can be exacerbated by the expectation of pain. So even if the pain was originally caused by the now-cured BV, you’re reflexively responding to what you think will be painful (and, surprise! it turns out to be, because sometimes our bodies are self-fulfilling prophecies.)

  7. Ezaora says:

    It seems your comment beat me, and you phrased it way better than my rambly storytelling. Remember too, that vulvodynia can be exacerbated by the expectation of pain. So even if the pain was originally caused by the now-cured BV, you’re reflexively responding to what you think will be painful (and, surprise! it turns out to be, because sometimes our bodies are self-fulfilling prophecies.)

  8. EjtNobody says:

    i will definitely try the apple cider and probiotics. thank you so much for your help, i do appreciate it so much i will make an update soon. it definitely could be me psyching myself out every time before i think ITS GONNA HUUUUUURT 🙁

  9. Elistyle says:

    I would suggest the same. I posted here a couple of years ago about the same pain you describe – I really feel your pain.
    After many tests and everything being fine and months with different treatments “just-in-case”, using everyday acidophilus pills, my doctor suggested I try quitting the ring. I *loved* Nuvaring and I didnt’t really want to switch – but when I stopped it, the pain disappeared. As the new pill I was given made me miserable, I switched back to Nuvaring and after half a year the pain started again 🙁 Tests were again fine and nothing helped. So I switched to another pill that finally worked and the pain has been gone a good year now.

  10. EjtNobody says:

    what bc method did you switch to? i’m scared of the pills cause of all the bad things i’ve heard 🙁

  11. Elistyle says:

    I used to take the pill before the Nuvaring. I really liked the ring (used it for 4 years) and I would swicht back to it because it’s very nice not to have to remember to take a pill every day 😛 (but I’m not really gonna risk that pain again)

    Every person is different so I suggest you ask your doctor which pill/method would fit *you* best.

    I now take the pill Yaz and I’m pretty happy with it – no mood changes, everything fine.

  12. Ezaora says:

    I actually have the same problem (the perinium-tearing feeling, redness and soreness) on occasion. At one point I was so frustrated about being “broken” (I wasn’t it just felt like it) and stopped having sex with my bf for a while. We tried again when I wasn’t so frustrated (and may have forgotten about the pain because there was alcohol involved therefore I was more relaxed and not thinking about the fact that last time we did that it hurt), but I was surprised to find out that everything was fine. I think there was some legitimate reason for the pain, but after a while, even though the problem cleared up, I was so focused on the fact that it will hurt that it turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    While I realize that your pain is not the same anymore, but what I’m trying to say is that maybe you do or did have a low-grade infection of some sort, but you’re psyching yourself out that it’s going to hurt that you unconsciously clenching more or something is happening that makes sex hurt for you when it shouldn’t. I’m not saying you’re being unreasonable or anything, it’s terrifying when your body and especially that area hurts or is doing something strange. Maybe try to relax a bit more and not focus on other ways of being intimate?

    Wish you luck!

  13. EjtNobody says:

    thank you for sharing your experience, i will try to remain calm. i definitely have been thinking about it a lot especially before and it terrifies me, so i’m going to try this as well.

  14. Anyne says:

    Take it from someone who has vaginismus. You can really psych yourself up. Hell, sex hurts all the time, regardless of his size… Though if he is smaller, starting out by fingering me with his smallest finger and moving up to, eventually, 2 fingers, can be helpful. As suggested above, maybe try home remedies and give it a week to heal, and then try what I have to do every time I want to have sex :). And breathing exercises. That apparently helps, although I can’t get it to help for me… haha

  15. Yda77 says:

    I was treated for vaginismus also. I was perscribed a set of dildos that ranged in size starting small upto about “penis size” and had to lie twice a day for about 20 minutes with one inside me and work my way up. Importantly no sex allowed until my body could comfortably take the largest one! How long this takes varies massively for different women.

  16. Anyne says:

    Hmmm… I’ve never actually done that… I just use a finger until 2 fits in relatively comfortably, and then I deal with pain for a day afterwards. Maybe I should try that because sex never hurting again would be nice.

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