I went to use the bathroom earlier and noticed my underwear was a little wet.  I had the urge to smell it (I don't know why, I don't usually smell my underpants) and had a slight sour smell to it.  Not fishy, or yeasty, or even really foul, just slightly sour.  I wiped and the toilet paper didn't smell sour, although I had just peed.

Some info about me:
– on HBC, placebo week is next week
– sexually active, in a 2 year monogamous relationship with a male
– history of YI's and UTI's
– last had sex 6 days ago
– no other noticeable symptoms

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10 Responses to sour smelling discharge

  1. SseNope says:

    My discharge tastes lemony about half the time. (Yes, I taste it!) Healthy vaginas are rather acidic; maybe that’s all it is?

  2. SstRa says:

    I suppose. But usually my discharge doesn’t really have a smell.

  3. SseNope says:

    I’m just saying that it probably falls within the range of normal for the vagina-having population.

    If you don’t normally smell your discharge, how do you know it’s unusual for you?

    Also, changes in diet can influence your smell without it indicating anything amiss. Probiotics, yogurt and acidic foods probably would make it smell more sour. Eat a lot of pickles lately? Drink any cranberry juice?

  4. SstRa says:

    I was just saying that I don’t sit on the toilet and make a regular habit of smelling my underwear.

    I haven’t had any real changes in my diet lately.

  5. Eneora says:

    what you eat can affect the taste and smell. if you don’t have anything else that would make you think something is amiss, I wouldn’t worry about it too much 🙂

  6. XdxWoman says:

    Sounds normal to me.

  7. Mooofa says:

    Yup, I think “sour” falls into the normal range of vaginal aromas. So many factors can affect your own personal scent: food and drink, hydration, hormones and your cycle, sweat (I smell really sour after exercising), medications, and more. If your discharge is otherwise normal (there aren’t huge amounts of it, it doesn’t have a strange color) and there’s no discomfort or physical changes to your vulva, I wouldn’t worry about it!

  8. Ezaora says:

    I drove myself crazy one summer because my discharge was sour smelling and kind of pasty. Nothing else seemed to be amiss, other than the discharge seemed different. Eventually I gave up, because nothing was working. I’ve gone to doctors and had them do culture tests, because I was convinced I had a YI, everything came back clear. I’ve now given up and count it within the normal range.

  9. Dnuwoa says:

    I actually had been experiencing something really similar for the past month or so. I had a UTI about a month ago, and ever since then I just had… some dampness in my underwear and a slight odor. Not necessarily BAD but like you said, sour. I had no idea what it was and in addition to that, I had a slight burning when I’d pee. I don’t know what it was, but I started taking cranberry supplements and it went away after like two days. :/ I don’t know if that’s necessarily the smartest way to handle it, or what caused it. If you are worried, I’d go to the doctor. But the cranberry supplements helped me!

  10. TacWoman says:

    You probably ate something strong or are dehydrated. Also don’t worry about it, people smell stronger to themselves than they actually are.

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