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I am still recovering from Gallbladder removal surgery earlier this month and have already pestered the surgeon and my Internist with too many questions about every twinge I have had since.

So I have a question about my period after having Gallbladder removal surgery. 

I had my period that ended on 7 January. I then had orthoscopic gallbladder removal surgery on 13 January. For the surgery they cut 4 small incisions in my abdomen so they could get tools and whatnot in there and then they filled my abdominal cavity with air (a specific gas but I cant remember exactly which one).

During recovery my abdominal wall has been bruised feeling and sore (normal). But now I am hitting the typical week prior to my period and I am having some weirder than normal PMS stuff going on. Normally I have a few symptoms such as breast tenderness, bloating, cravings (Ice cream or cheeseburgers), fatigue, and moodiness. Once I get my period I get cramps on the first full day and bleed like the red sea then after that its merely just a tad annoying.

I have had period feeling cramps for 3 days now…and no period. No other pms symptoms (other than food craving but that could also be my appetite FINALLY coming back after the surgery) No bowel obstructions (gallbladder removal has had the anti constipating effect) no possibility of pregnancy (4 years celibate), Should have started yesterday.

SO now the question, Has anyone else had menstrual irregularities or permanent changes to the cycle/symptoms after having gallbladder or similar surgeries?

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  1. 82iana says:

    I had my gallbladder out in 2008. I didn’t have any mestrual issues other than just general soreness for a while. I know that stress can cause your periods to be off a little bit or even late so that could be an issue. I would say that your body is just taking a little time to just get back to normal.

    My advice would be that if you do get cravings for chesseburgers or other fatty foods to eat with caution. It took me a while to be able to eat fatty foods w/o it upsetting my stomach and causing very loose stools.

  2. Riozoa says:

    I had a similar abdominal surgery I had an implanon at the time.

    I had two periods within two weeks after surgery. After that things went back to normal.

    I think anesthesia can be really hard on your body. I chalked it up to that (I knew I wasn’t pregnant!).

  3. SseFriut says:

    Surgery of any kind puts a ton of stress on the body and can do wonky things to menstrual cycles. It’s not uncommon for a period to come early or late after surgery. Since you’re having some PMS symptoms, it might mean that your uterus still working up to a bleed now that everything has calmed down.

    I wouldn’t worry too much. If you skip it this month it’s not a big deal. If it continues to elude you in subsequent months, a follow-up with your OBGYN might be in order.

  4. Andrea Dailey says:

    I had back surgery in March and it is now Nov. I have had 2 periods since March. I dont think this is normal. Any help here because my Dr. always walks around the question and will never answer it. Please help! Thank you.

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