Hi all!

I am looking for a new brand of pads. I am open to using non-disposable pads, but would still like to use disposable pads at least part of the time.

Since I started getting periods 16 years ago I have used Always pads, as I really like their thinness. However as I got older, I started developing some skin allergies/sensitivities. I tried switching to the new Always Infinity pads, but unfortunately am still experiencing some skin irritation/itchiness. I prefer using pads, as tampons/cups/products worn internally are uncomfortable for me. Additionally, I have a Paragard IUD which makes my flow somewhat heavy.

Any brand recommendations for someone who is prone to skin sensitivities? I also am unfortunately very prone to YI’s and BV and any product that may not worsen this is definitely preferred. Also, I know nothing about reusable/cloth pads- can anyone educate me on this? Thank you all so much!

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  1. NvaNo says:

    Libresse pads has always worked for me, but I hate their tampons. Ouch!

  2. Ecnana says:

    Thanks for your response! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of these. Are they available just at normal American drug stores (Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.)?

  3. EniTuT says:

    I’ve been using the no name pads from Wal-mart. I tried many different ones before and was never satisfied. They have a lot of different sizes and thickness, one for everyone I think. My mother was also using these for quite some time. Cheaper prices doesn’t always mean cheaper products.

  4. Ecnana says:

    Once I used a generic brand from Target that was actually sort of great. Unfortunately the nearest Target to me now is about 30 miles away 🙁

  5. RekNet says:

    If you have access to a sewing machine you could knock yourself up some reusable pads pretty easily and cheaply. You can of course do them by hand if you have no machine but they’ll obviously take a lot longer.

    Not read the whole thing, but a quick google search led me to this page which looks like it has a lot of info for someone who knows little about cloth pads.

    We’ve made pads from all sorts of scraps of fabric we’ve had lying around – we do have a fairly good selection of scraps as we do other crafting, but just wanted to emphasise, you might not need to go out and buy a load of materials and it needn’t cost much. We’ve used flannel PJs, scraps of cotton, cloth nappy innards, fleece. Whatever we’ve had lying around!

    Personally I have never had ‘sensitivity issues’, but happily use cloth as a backup to my cup as it’s cheaper and we like to create as little waste as possible. However, my partner has had issues with itching and the occasional YI in the past, but this seems to have reduced massively since using cloth (she did use Always).

    You can of course buy cloth pads online, but if you’re at all interested just give making one a try. It doesn’t have to look perfect – who’s going to see the wonky templates and messy stitching?!

  6. Ecnana says:

    Thanks for your response and your link! I’m an absolutely horrific seamstress and don’t even know how to operate a sewing machine. Perhaps if cloth pads turn out to be a regular thing for me and I (hopefully) can find some free time in my hectic schedule it might be worth learning to use/purchase one!

  7. LetGirl says:

    Seventh Generation pads. I got “swamp crotch” from Always and other pads, I have been using the 7thGeneration pads for close to 10 years and love them.

  8. Ecnana says:

    Swamp crotch! Hahahaha. What an absolutely perfect description of the irritation I’m experiencing! Where do you purchase the 7th generation pads? I use a lot of their other products and love them!

  9. LetGirl says:

    In larger markets it seems that Target carries them.
    Most natural foods stores carry them.
    I buy from Amazon (I live in the sticks and the local store that does carry them does not carry the styles I prefer).

    They dont bleach and use organic cotton. Come in the usual styles-wings/no wings, overnights, long, regular, liner etc. (I also use their tampons.) No weird plastic feeling top layer that Always has(or at least used tohave).

  10. 38isa says:

    About ten years ago, I had been wearing Always pads forever and ever and all of a sudden they must have changed their formula or supplier or something because I would end up with a giant itchy-hot-mess rash on my crotch area. Talk about an itch you can’t scratch. It was absolutely awful and I thought it was me at first. I switched to Kotex pads and the issue went away. I searched the internet and found people with similar issues, so I emailed Always and let them know that something was up. They actually emailed back and asked a bunch of questions. I don’t remember what came of it since it was so long ago.

    In any case, I swore off Always pads for a few years and came back to them with their new Infinity pads. They don’t irritate me anymore. Perhaps it is worth writing to Always?

  11. Ecnana says:

    I’m experiencing exactly what you describe! I switched to Infinity as well, but unfortunately same issues :(. I’ve been using Always since I was 9 years old so I’m sort of bummed I probably won’t be able to anymore since I’ve gotten so used to them!

  12. EadWo says:

    I have the same problem with Always. I also dislike how the top thin layer always comes loose and moves around. Personally, I like Kotex’ ultra thin pads. They’re doing this new “pH balanced” thing, which truthfully, probably doesn’t mean much of anything, but I haven’t had any irritation from their product since they switched over. And if anything, they’re thinner than the Always thin pads. It’s hard to find them without wings, which I personally dislike, but they’re out there in a wide variety. I find the absorbency to be similar to Always thin pads as well.

  13. Hteall says:


    *blinks* How intriguing-odd! The top-layer of Always never comes loose, for me! (I mean, I’ve ripped the bottom-plastic a few times when it was adhered a little too well, but that’s different; I was taking it off the panty then.)

    (Sadly, I’ve been using winged Always forever, and haven’t gotten a sensitivity to them, so all I can do is wish people luck and go, “ALL THE MORE FOR MEEEEE, AHAHAAHAH.” *ahem* Good luck!)

  14. Ecnana says:

    Thanks for your suggestion! Does ph balanced mean it’s scented or is something else going on?

  15. AssFriut says:

    I used to wear always pads for at least 15 years and I found my skin started acting itchy and I’d feel horrible for a few days to a week after my period was over from the pads. I loved Always infinity for the absorbancy, but I had a worse reaction that rubbed my skin raw.

    I switched to cloth and all the itchy went away and there was less smell. Cleaning is easy enough, rinse and toss in wet bag/hamper and wash with the regular laundry.
    Check out some cloth pad brands FAQs:

    Lunapads and Partypantspads offer a free liner (plus shipping)
    When I first started out I got a couple free liners from various cloth pad places and went from there. Most often they’ll send you a coupon with the free pad or a month later.

  16. Takme says:

    Wow. I am so happy other people have this issue with Always because I’ve been having issues with my period being irregular after Depo and YI’s and stuff, and I thought that the Always brand pads might be making me even more sensitive and haywire down there, but I also thought I was just being a bit of a hypochondriac/obsessing too much.

    Thanks for sharing these sites!!!

  17. Ecnana says:

    Thank you so much for these links! I’ll be sure to go through them ASAP! Quick question in the meanwhile- how do you deal with reusable pads while working/out and about?

  18. Sdnoya says:

    There are a bunch of sellers on etsy you could check out for cloth pads. There is also a cloth pads community if you have any questions.

  19. Ecnana says:

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to check all these things out!

  20. Ydoyle says:

    I use U by Kotex and I have good luck with them.

  21. Uoyva says:

    It’s not uncommon for disposable pads to cause skin irritations! You are definitely not alone. I hate disposables as a teenager because of the immense discomfort they always caused me.

    For more info on cloth pads you should check out the LJ community, cloth_pads. As well as both of these super informative websites:Eco Menses.com and clothpads.wikidot.com/.

    As far as personal recommendations go, my favorite cloth pads besides my own (C-Pop Commodities) are: iKarly, Yurtcraft , and Mimi’s Dreams.

  22. Ecnana says:

    Thanks so much for the links! I will be sure to check these out ASAP! I really want to start using cloth pads but am unsure how to use them comfortably while working/and being out and about…

  23. Thgme says:

    I’ll second the recommendation for Seventh Generation if you want a disposable option. I’ve been using them for several years myself, and I love them.

  24. AniSmall says:

    You’re definitely not alone in having issues with Always! I know many people use them without issue, but I’ve also heard from several other VPers who’ve experienced skin irritation/itchiness when using them. I think they may have changed the materials they use in their pads at some point — like you, I used to be able to use them without any trouble, but suddenly (probably eight or nine years ago, maybe more?) I started getting super-itchy and rashy whenever I used them.

    I like Seventh Generation pads, but I’ve also had good luck with Kotex. The former are a bit nicer, in my opinion, in how they feel, but the latter are less expensive and easier to find.

    Cloth pads are also awesome — I don’t have enough of a collection to use only cloth pads, but I find them to be more comfortable than disposable pads in general. The links poppleshatesyou shared are helpful. In my (admittedly limited) experience, it seems like different brands work best for different people, so you might want to buy one or two pads from different makers (depending on what kind of cloth pad research budget you have) and see what works best for you.

    Good luck! 🙂

  25. Ecnana says:

    Glad to know I’m not alone! I think I want to definitely start trying cloth pads but still want to have a disposable option for when cloth pads may not be doable (still trying to understand how to use cloth pads and work/go out to dinner/etc. comfortably…). I’m in the midst of my monthlies right now and these Always pads are making me miserable :(. Also, do you know about exercise and cloth pads? I’ve read a bit out there but couldn’t seem to find much about this. Exercise has always been difficult using pads in general (for some reason all cups, tampons, etc. have always been horribly uncomfortable for me), but I’m wondering how a cloth pad option will fare…

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