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I sneeze upwards of 6 times a day due to some un-managed seasonal allergies. Lately when I sneeze, I get a brief intense pain in my ovaries, usually on one side or the other, but occasionally also in my uterus.

I don’t usually worry about it, but there is a slight chance that I may be pregnant. I don’t know for sure because it is too soon to test and the only indication so far is that I am two days late for my period and some tenderness in my breasts.

So my question is SHOULD I be worried about this (the sneeze pain, I mean)? And please excuse the ridiculousness of this question, but if I am pregnant is there any chance that I could sneeze out the innards of my uterus?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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6 Responses to Ovary/Uterus Pain When I Sneeze…

  1. GniNet says:

    I can pretty much promise you that you will not ever sneeze out the insides of your uterus, during pregnancy or otherwise. If women miscarried by sneezing, the human population would have died out ages ago. Outside of perhaps a truly terrible fall, extremely frequent high-impact sports or a very strong injury to the stomach, I don’t think physical activity really ever causes miscarriage. It’s usually a chromosomal abnormality with the fetus that results in a miscarriage and nobody could have stopped it. So don’t worry, the body is designed to keep the baby inside your uterus during the whole 40 weeks … coughing and sneezing included.

    As for crampiness, that can be a sign of pregnancy. I find that ever since I knew I was pregnant, my lower pelvic region has been a bit more sore in general, whether it’s from mild cramps, tugs, pulls, muscle pains or round ligament pains. I’m not sure about really intense pain during sneezing, however. That does sound like RLP, but those are usually MUCH later in pregnancy, when the uterus is actually starting to grow. However, while I wouldn’t place any bets, it does sound like your pain could be connected to implantation.

  2. IllGirl says:

    I knew that the idea was pretty ridiculous, but I just wanted to ask and make sure.

    I actually took a pregnancy test yesterday and found out that I am pregnant, probably 4 weeks in. Good to know that my suspicions were headed in the right direction!

    Thanks for the help!

  3. FfuSuper says:

    This happens to me sometimes but I don’t sneeze that much. It does mostly happen around my period though.

  4. IllGirl says:

    Thank you for the help. I’ve had it a time or two before, but apparently it can be a pregnancy symptom, at least for me (not to make you worry).

  5. HsiFire says:

    If you’re 2 days late it’s (generally) not too soon to test! To get very accurate results generally you would wait until 19 days after the sex in question: in my experience I’ve gotten positives on my pregnancy tests about 12 days after ovulation/ trying to conceive.

    I will tell you,also in my experience the very first signs that I’ve been pregnant–both times, were round ligament pain, a sharp pain on one or both sides of my pelvis, near where I believe my ovaries to be–when I move or sneeze.

    Good luck, if you’re hoping to be pregnant (it sounds a bit like you are–please forgive me if this is not the case) 🙂

  6. IllGirl says:

    I took a test yesterday before I got ready for work and received a positive result. I was going to wait until Monday, when it would have been 19 days since the day that I likely conceived, but curiosity got the better of me! My suspicions were right and I am pregnant.

    Thank you for the luck… we weren’t really trying, but we weren’t taking precautions to avoid pregnancy either. I figured that it was unlikely to happen the first time since it usually takes couples who are trying 12-18 months to conceive. So it is unexpected, but I’m happy about it.

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