Ugh… I've got something going on with my lady-parts, so I figure I might as well post here to see if any ya'll have ever had a similar situation. I'm gonna try and be as blunt as possible, cause I don't wanna get confusing. I tend to ramble, so let's hope I don't do that. 8]

Anyway, something's up. Last Thursday, I picked up my next pack of birth control, after taking the placebo pill for 2 days. I generally use the continuous method, but sometimes my insurance screws up and I can't get it in time to stop my period. Usually, 2 days is no big deal. I usually get my period (or, I know, break through bleeding–I just call it period cause it's shorter, easier, and similar) about 5 days into the placebo week. Thursday night I get my pills, and take one. Thursday night I drink with my roommate, feel really sick (I thought it was from alcohol, but it probably had to do with that AND having cramps… alcohol never makes me sick, and I wasn't expecting my period)–and get my period at 2ish in the morning.

And as usual, it's hell. My 'period' is always hell. I has been since I first got it when I was 11. I was on the floor, bawling my eyes out in pain. And as a kid, I had a high tolerance for pain. I jumped off shit all the time and had bruises and scrapes everywhere. So the cramps have ALWAYS been awful, and I've always had clots but it seems like they've gotten bigger. And as far as I can tell, they've gotten worse over the years. My periods. The cramps, the clots (bigger and more frequent), and then, the amount of bleeding also. It's always been heavy. My mom and grandma were shocked at how heavy it was when I first started, but hey, some people just have heavier flows. But it's gotten progressively heavier as I've gotten older. And they've never been irregular. I've honestly been regular since the first time I got it. So, that's not a thing.

But anyway, sometime last year, my doctor said I could have possible endometriosis, ya know, just maybe. So she had me start stacking my pills every month (which I had done before a few times, to avoid getting my period on road trips or in the summer). Which works out great, obviously, because I don't get my period. But when I do, it's hell. And this time? This month? It's the worst, EVER. basically, since Friday at 2 a.m., I've been bleeding… as though I nicked my femoral artery. Usually my periods last 2-4 days. But once it got to 5, and wasn't letting up or slowing down at all, I figured something could be up. I already had a doctors appointment for today, so I went. I hoped, three days ago, that by today it would be over. But it's not.

So I went to the doctor, and I had to get a freakin' pelvic exam. While the niagra falls was coming out of my vagina. Seriously… I was so embarrassed. Even though it's her job… JUST UGH. But yeah. She said there's definitely a lot. So she has me taking 2 birth control pills a day, until Tuesday, when I see her again. If the bleeding doesn't stop, there's probably something wrong. Or, if it stops, but then starts again once I go back to the normal dose, something might be wrong. So in either of those situations… something might be wrong. I hope not, though. I really hope not. I just want it to stop! And when it does, it will be stopped for a very long time, because my doctor changed my prescription to say continuous method, so that I don't have to wait to get another pack. Yayyyy.

Anyway, yeah. I also had to give a urine sample. Which was awful. Giant clot in it and all. But basically, that's what's up. The blood is like… BRIGHT RED, too. It's like it's never-ending. And I'm taking Midol on a cycle, because when I don't, it's like I'm dying. I also get menstrual migraine's, which is just lovely and quite debilitating at times. As long as I take the Midol though, I'm usually okay. Aside from being TOTALLY jacked up on caffeine. 😛

What else… usually on my period, I'm extremely, extremely depressed. I get worse than usual (I have bipolar 2, and generalized anxiety disorder). My anxiety also gets way worse. It's insane. I act… psychotic at times. But this time, nope. None of that. No more depressed or anxious or manic than usual. I started taking Lamictal last month, but I'm still on the lowest dose. I think that's probably helped a LOT with my moods, which is honestly amazing. I couldn't handle this week-long period, and debilitating depression/anxiety along with it.

Also, I think that all of this bleeding is putting me near anemia or something. I'm so sore and dizzy and weak, it sucks. My doctor didn't take my blood today, though. They don't have a lab at the office. Thank god, I'm TERRIFIED of getting my blood drawn.

I don't have any specific questions, really. I just wanted to describe what's been happening to see if anyone had any feedback or advice or anything else. I figure, what better place to ask? 😛 Thanks for reading.

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  1. Ttefornia says:

    That really doesn’t sound inconsistent with endometriosis, no. Best of luck :-/ I’ve written up a list of stuff I’ve tried for endometriosis, which may or may not be useful to you. And… well, good luck.

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