So I’ve kind of had this panty line bump for awhile, kind of like this flap of skin from an ingrown hair I had months ago, if memory serves. Today, I’m peeing, I look down, this is what I see:

It’s never been purpley-red or this size before. Should I go to a doctor? I’ve been hot compressing and I put Neosporin on it. Tbh I’m really paranoid it’s an STD, but I feel like the chances are VERY slim since the only person I’ve had sex with in the past two years is my boyf, who was a virgin when we met. So unless he lied or is cheating on me, I don’t think it COULD be an STD. Question is, how do I make this fucker go away?! The look of it freaks me out, and I’m just not sure what’s happening. Anyone have any explanations? Should I see a doctor tomorrow to be safe or wait it out awhile?

Thanks VP!

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  1. Syrco says:

    Looks like an ingrown hair to me. Mine turn dark when they’re healing.

  2. Syrco says:

    As for getting rid of it, the method I use (when I can) is definitely not doctor recommended and not something I want to describe here, but usually they heal on their own. Does it hurt?

  3. DehYes says:

    It doesn’t. I did poke it with a needle earlier today…it basically just bled. How long do yours usually take to heal on their own?

  4. Syrco says:

    yeah, my method is similar to that. i squeeze out as much as i can and then they flatten and tend to heal pretty quickly. left alone they take a few weeks but i don’t know if i’m normal in that respect…

  5. EbaNobody says:

    My guess it that the ingrown hair has grown back. I have a couple that do that on a regular basis, (due to some *truly awful* stretch marks from a twin pregnancy). I usually lance it (with a sterilised needle) and try to drag the hair out so it can be pulled out properly, but you don’t want to do that unless you are *certain* that’s exactly what you have going on.

  6. DehYes says:

    I did try giving it a poke…mostly it just led, but it’s a large area and it’ll probably try to be hard to spot the hair…how long do they take to heal on their own?

  7. OibSuper says:

    It does look like an ingrown hair or perhaps just a large zit. I usually just leave them alone and they go away by themselves. Don’t usually have issues with them reoccurring either.

    If you’re worried, definitely have a doctor look at it. But it doesn’t look like anything more than an ingrown hair or zit.

  8. AniSmall says:

    Seconding what sabrebabe said about ingrown hairs growing back. To me, that looks like an ingrown hair that was irritated by friction of some sort — maybe part of your clothing was rubbing against it at some point? I’ve had that happen with ingrowns and underwear while running, and the result looks a lot like what you’ve got going on. Based on what you’ve said, it seems quite unlikely that it would be an STI, though of course if you’re still concerned, there’s nothing wrong with consulting your health care provider just to be sure. Totally your call! 🙂

    I’d continue with the hot compresses and try to avoid the temptation to pop it or poke at it (which is easier said than done if you’re anything like me) until it’s less irritated-looking, at which point you could try the sterilized needle method mentioned above to get the hair out. You could also try using a gentle exfoliant (like baking soda, table salt, or sugar) first, though again, you might want to wait until it’s less irritated before messing with it too much.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Tsyeeva says:

    ingrown hair almost definitely

  10. Evova says:

    I actually have something very similar. It doesn’t itch or hurt and when I squeeze it it just feels like flesh.. idk.. I’ve been tested for all STDs and am negative.

  11. Melanie says:

    I doubt anyone will reply to this seeing as it is 2 years later. But did you ever go in to get it checked out? I have the exact same thing in the exact same area, and I would like to know too.

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