Hello VP community. ^^ New poster here.

  So, I've been have a couple problems with my reproductive system.. First and foremost, there's the YI problem, or what I've supposed is yeast. I've had this problem for months now.

I'll notice my discharge has tiny white clumps in it, and then my labias will go completely dry, start peeling, and get tiny lesions. Based on research, I assumed it was yeast. I changed my diet, wore loose clothing, the works. I would treat with apple cider vinegar and eat yogurt. This drove it away on multiple occasions, but it always comes back with the same symptoms. So, recently, I upped the ante and used hydrogen peroxide. It seemed to help… until last night when I revisited the problem, to find the discharge was full on cottage cheese. Seriously, what is going on here? 🙁 I really don't have any desire to visit my physician for something so trivial.

  Secondly, and this ties into the first thing, I suspect I have endometriosis. I've asked my physician on multiple occasions for birth control, and when I finally convinced her the last time, she never actually put in an order for them.. either that, or my parents decided they weren't going to get them, hence the reason I've been trying to treat this alone.. It's really sad to be unable to trust your own physician to know what's best.

Any ideas of what this could be and how to treat it would be appreciated..

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  1. NywNo says:

    Have you been to an ob/gyn or doctor about the discharge? Typically it’s best to get it looked at when you’re experiencing this for your first time so you can rule out other things, that way if you do get a YI in the future, you know what it is based on past experience. It could be a YI or it could be something worse. Either way it sounds like home treatments are not working as a permanent cure.

    Hydrogen peroxide may have eaten some of the good bacteria down there and made the problem worse.

    Edit: YI are definitely not trivial, especially if you have lesions and it’s lasted for months. The bacteria can spread up your urinal tract and cause a UTI, and if that doesn’t get treated, it can cause a kidney infection. Uncommon, but if untreated it can happen. 🙁

  2. Hteall says:

    Yeast and bacteria are different things! Yes, yeast can mess things up and make a UTI potentially more likely (if only by making the tissues irritated so that bacteria can hide in them better), but they are totally different things. (Yeast and bacteria are linked, of course; Bacterial Vaginosis is treated with antibiotics, which can then cause a yeast infection because the good bacteria get killed off, and those good bacteria are what keeps the vagina acid enough to keep the yeast in check.)

    OP: I’d suggest boric acid capsules (vaginally) and/or vaginal probiotics. I’d also suggest continuing the prior treatments — or the new ones — for a few days after it seems to go away.

    http://www.womanorium.com/index.php?title=Yeast_Infection includes some other stuff, like inserting garlic. You might want to check that out, too.

  3. NywNo says:

    Right. But she doesn’t know if it’s a yeast infection or not. She hasn’t been to a doctor; she’s just using the internet for research and assuming it’s one over the other. It’s good to be proactive about your health and do home remedies but if you don’t know what it is, it could make it worse.

  4. Begana says:

    It sounds like a textbook yeast infection to me.

  5. Hteall says:

    In the case of home remedies, I don’t think any of them are likely to make a bacterial infection worse — and some work versus both. (Vinegar is one of the “works vs. both” ones, according to http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2567125/ .)

    But I was mostly pointing at the last paragraph you edited in, because… Yeast is not bacteria!

  6. NywNo says:

    Well, thank you for correcting me. I haven’t had one in years so my exact biological knowledge on it is a little fuzzy. I just want the OP to be safe, healthy, and itch/pain free and was thinking in her best interests, erroneous biological terms aside. 😛

  7. Begana says:

    I agree with Beth, if you can get your hands on some boric acid and make your own capsules to insert vaginally, that should clear up any issue. If you want you could also try a 7-day OTC yeast infection treatment, which may or may not work better than home remedies. How long are you treating for? If it’s just one time, that may not be enough, so maybe try doing a prolonged ACV treatment – once or twice a day for a week or something. I think the Vulvapedia has resources on that. I’d also recommend garlic and applying yogurt externally or internally or both, whatever you’re most comfortable with.

  8. Bmuall says:

    lesions and peeling skin is NOT a yeast infection. avoid hydrogen peroxide because this will dry out your tissue more. when you have these signs happening, try something moisturizing and soothing like real, fresh, raw aloe vera gel if you can get some. if not, the stuff in the sunburn isle will do.

    my friend, get this checked out. i am 100% in support of homeopathic self-care, but before you begin you need to know for a fact what you are treating. it sounds to me like this might be a combination of things happening at once, and you deserve to know.

  9. Keezoa says:

    I am totally agreeing with whatever everyone has been saying: your vulva/vagina and any issues that are going on with it are certainly not trivial issues. Take care of it and it’ll take care of you (oooooer!). ;D

    Lots of people have given fantastic advice on treating your issue, whether or not it is a bacterial infection or a yeast beast. If you’re really anxious and kind of want to fix it, I’d suggest the boric acid caps or inserting a probiotic (like Fem-Dophilus or RepHresh Pro B). I’ve tried the boric acid (for 21 days!), and while it took the bite away from the pain the only thing that really has been curing it is the RepHresh Pro B probiotics and using hydrogen peroxide to keep any odours or bad bugs away.
    Having said that, I’ve been diagnosed with BV and it was certainly not a yeast infection. I think, if anything, it helps to know what you’re dealing with.
    Good luck! 😀

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