Hi all! 

I had read about someone with a problem similar to mine a while back, but can't for the life of me find the post now.  So, I apologize for any duplication. 

I've noticed recently that around my period, my vulva gets really itchy.  The first couple of days seems to coincide with itching so bad that I nearly scratch myself raw.  I was thinking at first that it was a simple yeast infection, but considering the timing lately, and the fact that I've been actively treating a YI and it keeps coming back around the same time, the biologist in me looking for cause now. 

I'm on the last few days of my period and the itching has subsided considerably.  I generally use pads and this hasn't been a problem previously, save for the past few cycles.  I'm also using Mirena, but I'll have had it a little over a month and this problem has been going on for longer than that.  Oh, and cis-female/27/NP.

What is going on?  Any insight? 

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11 Responses to My bits get itchy…

  1. Earoeva says:

    Maybe it’s the pads? ..a different brand than before? …or maybe same brand, but the way it is manufactured has been changed (chemical treatments)?

  2. Remoma says:

    Hmm, seconding possible issues from the pads, or perhaps sweat getting trapped and causing irritation.

  3. Dnrme says:

    Pads make me feel that way, I just can’t use them! Maybe you’ve just developed a sensitivity you didn’t used to have.

  4. SseNa says:

    I think that was my post! 🙂 It seems to be there are a lot of people here who also find their period blood makes them itchy: http://vaginapagina.womanorium.com/20647966.html#comments

    If you’re using pads, I’d also look into whether or not those might be causing the itch (or at least, not helping).

  5. Lrime says:

    Yes! Thank you! 🙂

  6. Senspb says:


    This started around the time I got my mirena in. I have no clue what this is, but it’s really uncomfortable!!!!
    I got tested for everything too and it’s not an STD and it’s not a vaginal infection either!
    So frustrating

  7. Lrime says:

    Hmmm… I’m using the same pads I was previously. I’m having a hard time using tampons because (for lack of a better description) my period is always pretty chunky – I get LOTS of clots. Mirena, so I’m unwilling to use a cup, and I share a washer/dryer with someone else so I think cloth pads would be no bueno.

    I’ll see how the next few periods go – if I stay itchy, a visit to PP may be in order!

  8. TacWoman says:

    That happens when I used to use pads. It occasionally still happens with my tampon strings. I probably need a menstrual cup.

    I think period blood is also acidic? so maybe having that on there too long is just irritating. Baby wipe? My apartmentmate used to keep a box in the toilet.

  9. WolNet says:

    I have been having this same problem–pre-period itchies–for a few cycles now. Talked to my GYN yesterday and she said that our immune systems can change a little around period time, and that YIs can be part of it. Can you talk to or see your GYN? Mine prescribed diflucan for me. I’ve had it before & it works nicely.

    EDIT: Not currently having sex with anyone, and don’t have any IUDs or take any Pill. I use pads and haven’t changed them recently. Hope this helps.

  10. Kdgle says:

    I have the Mirena, too, and I noticed this problem for maybe my first couple of months? On the other hand, I had two solid months of spotting when I started using it, so I think my body was just upset about the different amount of moisture plus its possibly different pH. I’d suggest trying a different pad, and/or applying some warm compresses of water with some baking soda dissolved in it. If it’s a pH problem, that will fix it. (If you are in the US, I’ve had very good luck with the Always Infinity pads. They are a bit more expensive, but I do not feel like I’m sitting in a sweaty, sticky mess when I use them. Woo-hoo!)

  11. Lrime says:

    I’ll look for them! Thanks! 🙂

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