Hi guys! So, I’m on birth control right now and I started a new brand two months ago (Tri-cyclen lo, 28 days) and I’m about to finish my second pack, so I’ll be having my period soon. (I’ve been skipping my last three periods but I’m gonna have this one.)

Also, if this helps, I’m 17 and not sexual active. Virgin Mary over here.

So anyways, I went to take my pill today and I noticed my Thursday pill missing, from this upcoming week. It looks like it was popped out of the package, so maybe I just took it by accident, but no other pills are missing that shouldn’t be, so I’m not sure if I just… Slept-took it one night? lol. Maybe it fell out, I don’t know.

But I’m wondering what to do. Do I just skip that day and continue? My friends seem to think that’s dangerous, skipping one day. But I thought, considering I’m not using the pill for sexual reasons anyway (just have really intense cramps and these lessen them, or I skip my period.)

So is it okay to skip that day? Or should I… Go to the pharmacy and get a new pack?
Thanks for the help!

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3 Responses to Missing a pill from my pack?

  1. TreNo says:

    Personally, if you’re not using them for birth control, I would take them continuously until the end of the pack – meaning on the ‘missing’ Thursday, I would take the very last pill from the pack, as a substitute, and then take all the rest on their correct days (just to avoid you forgetting if you’d taken the right day after this point – waaay easier to make a mistake if you don’t take the one marked for the day you need. Easy to forget and take two by accident, or not take one because you thought you already had etc.)

    If you’ve been stacking packs this would even be fine if you were relying on them for protection, as you would have taken so many active pills that you’d be fully covered anyway.

    Then once you reach the end of the pack, take a break and have a bleed as you were planning.

  2. 642ova says:

    Because you are not using them to prevent pregnancy, you should continue taking your pills, one per day, and your placebo week will simply be one extra day, to allow for the randomly missing pill.

    If you were using them for contraception, the above paragraph would be TERRIBLE advice.

  3. Hteall says:

    I agree with the other pair — do not skip the missing pill because the drop in hormones could easily be enough to signal your uterus, “Bleed Tiems Nao!” and you would get breakthrough bleeding. (Quite possibly till you got to your placebo week.)

    Since you’re not sexually active, skipping a pill is not “dangerous” in any other way except the likelihood of triggering a bleed when you don’t want one.

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