I am a cisgendered female who had a strange, but amazing orgasm a couple days ago. My boyfriend was going down on me and while I've had orgasms during oral before, this one was very different. I started getting pins and needles in my neck/ear area and my whole left side of my face/neck started to go a little numb, but it wasn't uncomfortable, just strange. Then when I finally climaxed completely my eyelids started twitching and flittering and didn't stop for like 10 minutes. I also could not stop giggling. 

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? If it hadn't felt amazing everywhere else I would have been convinced I was having a stroke. 

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  1. SguTuT says:

    I personally haven’t, but I’ve heard of similar things. I think it’s normal. It makes sense, your nerves are going a little loopy from the awesome feeling. Unless you have pain I wouldn’t be too concerned.

  2. 012woa says:

    My only guess would be that it was muscles clenching up tight as you orgasmed and then just sort of spasming after your body starting calming down/relaxing.

  3. 12Nobody says:

    I get tingly sometimes, too, and I think it’s because I breathe really shallow and really quickly. Almost like I’m hyperventalating. Also I started bawling after an orgasm once which lasted for a minute or two and then turned into uncontrollable laughter. So, it’s normal, I think! Although it is a little concerning that the numbness was only on one side.

  4. Ono99 says:

    When I have an orgasm, my left foot twitches uncontrollably. It was strange at first, but now it’s something my boyfriend specifically looks for. 🙂

  5. SseNa says:

    I’ve definitely had this before. Sometimes the numbness comes from forgetting to breathe. Nothing to worry about– but, maybe, next time you’re having sex, make sure you’re not holding your breath…you could pass out! 🙂

  6. UceNet says:

    My feet go numb and get pins and needles when I have a particularly good one. I’ve certainly had uncontrollable laughing (and crying) before too 🙂 There might be some truth in what sullenduchess said, make sure you’re breathing!!

  7. 99eRu says:

    Pretty much any time your eye twitches it is due to a lack of potassium brought on by either stress of high use of muscles. If you’re exhibiting these symptoms after orgasm that would make sense. Eat some more bananas and you’ll notice it will be reduced hopefully.

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