Hi! I was hoping you folks could help me out with two issues I’m having.
First some background:
Cis-female, 18 years old, sexually active, been in a relationship with a cis-male for 7 months.

1. So I’m apparently suffering from an external YI from hell (see first comment, there’s me and my symptomes!). Now, I don’t know how to get rid of it. I haven’t had sex in a month, because it’s really persisting this time. I’ve had it come and go since.. New Years, probably, never knowing what it was or what to do. However, since starting the Nuva Ring, it’s just not going away like it used to. I’ve been doing the yogurt thing for a while now, and while it’s somewhat helpful, I’m definitely not cured. I want my vagina back! The itching is centered around my clitoris and vaginal opening now.
What kind of medication do I need? (I’m in Norway, to make things worse), or what else should I do to clear this once and for all? I’ve already switched underwear, I wash every day with just water, I sleep in the nude whenever I can, etc.

2. The Nuva Ring. I’ve been on it for almost 3 weeks now; I put it in the 1st this month, the first day of my menstrual cycle. My initial thought was to keep in till the 29th (4 weeks), since that’s around the time when my next period would start (average cycle of 29-33 days according to MonthlyInfo). However, these last two days I’ve been spotting brown-ish, and ever since starting the ring, my discharge has been slightly blood-tinged (I get a lot of discharge, so I always wear pantyliners). Do you think I should remove it tomorrow, after three weeks, or keep it in till the 29th?

Also, placement; I haven’t had sex while using it yet, because of the YI, but I can’t imagine how my boyfriend would not be able to feel it. It sits so low, I’m barely to the first knuckle and I can feel it. It won’t go up further either, it just kind of bends when I push it, and snaps back down. I’m afraid this might become a problem when we have sex, since he likes to finger me, and it will get in the way!

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(I’m way too proud of these, hahah)

I do twist it as it says everywhere that you should, and push it all the way til I can’t fit my finger any longer in, but it always immediately opens inside me. I’m also unsure if what I believe to be my cervix really is my cervix. Like, the ring sits kind of.. around it? But it’s so low! The way it’s shown here seems like how it’s possibly inside me.. just low. Really low.

So sorry, this got a lot longer than I intended! Let me know if I should put any more of this behind the cut. 🙂

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22 Responses to External YI, and the NuvaRing (possibly related, but not really)

  1. 78eZero says:

    Just a few tips, as I don’t have any experience with either, YI or the ring but I know a little bit about the female anatomy and hbc.

    – It is possible to have such a low cervix. It should feel like a coin-sized fleshy bump that stands out from the rest of your vaginal tissue. However, as you’ve already experienced, it’s not an issue in terms of having sex, because arousal will actually make your vagina become much longer (temporarily). Amazing, isn’t it ?!

    – Nuvarings sit around the cervix as far as I understand. Whatever hbc you’re on, you should never take your “break” from it before the recommended amount of time (unless you have serious medical concerns and your doctor recommends you stop using it). Like, with the pill, if you want it to work you should never stop until you’ve taken it for 21 days straight minimum. So carefully read the pamphlet your Nuvaring came with. Bleeding on hbc isn’t your actual period, it just shows your hormone level is varying. Nothing to worry about. This is why you’re supposed to bleed (like, have a period) after you take the ring out, because the hormonal level is going to drop. Not the other way around ! Oh and if your hbc works properly, you’re not suppose to even have a cycle anymore, so no need tracking it. 🙂

  2. TseWoman says:

    Going with that.. you’re allowed to take the Nuvaring out for up to one hour a day, if necessary, for sexual intercourse, but then it needs to go back in. I was on that for nearly 2 years.

  3. NvaNo says:

    I thought you could only take it out for a maximum of three hours during the whole duration of using one (the three-to-four weeks)?

  4. TseWoman says:

    I used it about 5 years ago, so the recommendations may have changed about it, particularly with the lawsuits against nuvaring and other BC.

  5. Begana says:

    Actually NuvaRing is effective for up to four weeks, but it only *needs* to be left in for three weeks. So if OP wanted to take it out after three weeks it wouldn’t be deviating from the schedule. I usually take mine out when it’s convenient between the third and fourth week.

  6. NvaNo says:

    Thanks, I feel a lot more at ease about its position now! Now on to figure out what kind of cup I’d be able to use with such a low cervix.

    Oddly enough, I feel like tampons always go in further. It seems weird though, that the tampon would still be effective when it feels like I’m pushing it into that space right past my cervix. AHHH female anatomy y u no make sense? 🙂

  7. 78eZero says:

    Oh right, 3 weeks, makes sense, it’s actually just like the bc pill I’m on. 🙂

    Well, lucky for you, I actually *spend (edited) an awful lot of time over at the cuppers lj community. You may want to reach in and determine exactly how low your cervix sits once on your period, but there are actually cups that work well for such low cervix : Mini melunas (low capacity) or large Fleurcup (high capacity) for example work fine for people with 2-3 cm room. Mostly because cups will sit (o) around your cervix, benefiting from the extra room on the sides. And why a tampon would still work squished past the cervix… hum idk, maybe because those little suckers absorb anything they can ? I’m so happy I’ve stopped using them for cups. 😉

  8. Sseyle says:

    I have a low cervix too, and when I used the nuvaring it was not an issue. My partner could certain feel it during fingering, but just worked around it. I think he said he couldn’t feel it during PIV. In any case, it didn’t bother us.

  9. EsrNo says:

    HBC can make you more prone to YIs-that’s what happened to me. If nothing you try helps, you might try switching your birth control. I’d try boric acid first though, if you haven’t done that. I think it’s definitely helped me (although due to finals I’ve kind of slacked on my once a week maintenence pill and am feeling kind of itchy…and I sent my pill capsules and powder home last weekend, so I can’t make any more pills till friday…oops!)

    It might take your body a few months to get used to the Nuvaring so that you don’t get bleeding while it’s in-but as others said, don’t take it out. Wait a few months and see if you get used to it.

    (and only mods can tag, so don’t worry about that)

  10. NvaNo says:

    I wonder where I’d be able to get boric acid around here, and what it’s actually called in Norwegian. I’ll go hunting! Thanks!

  11. EsrNo says:

    I ordered it online: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001V9WY0S/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00
    and the pills: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002R3JJ8W/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00

    I make them by hand and insert one or two at a time. Just remember not to ingest them! Or leave them where a pet can get them. If there’s a Norwegian amazon, they probably have it, and if not, I wonder if you’d be able to get it shipped from the UK amazon.

  12. EsrNo says:

    I just realized you said external yeast infection…this would certainly help any internal component. I think there’s also a way to make a paste that you could use on the outside. You might also be able to make a rinse with it…but I really have no experience with that, so you’d have to ask someone else, sorry! I only get external symptoms when I have an internal infection, so inserting the capsules fixes that.

  13. NvaNo says:

    I’ve heard of people making a rinse, so I’ll google around a bit to see what I can find. Thank you so much for your help and the links!

  14. Begana says:

    Just a quick note – you don’t really have a “average cycle length” when you’re on hormonal birth control, because the Ring is basically controlling your cycle. What you’re experiencing is breakthrough bleeding. It’s up to you if you want to leave it in for another week or take it out after 3 weeks, either way it shouldn’t make a difference, although taking it out now will end the breakthrough bleeding and you will have a regular bleed.

    I’ve been on NuvaRing for several years and was having sex for most of those years. None of my partners ever noticed it or cared. Your partner will probably be able to feel it while fingering you but it shouldn’t get in the way or anything. Also, when you’re aroused, your vaginal canal will lengthen and get bigger, making more room for stuff to go in there. I found that when I was aroused I REALLY had to reach up there to even feel the ring.

  15. NvaNo says:

    Ahhh, I just meant before starting the Ring, since this is my first time using it. 🙂 I think I’ll just leave it until the 29th, since it’s only been two weeks since my last bleed ended and I really don’t feel like it right now tbh. 🙂

    Huh, I haven’t really thought about it before, how much bigger I got inside when aroused. I tried reaching up there last time I masturbated, and man, such a difference! But yeah, if he feels it, we’ll just be careful so he not pull it out or something.

  16. Begana says:

    Yeah, you may want to check for it after sex. They sometimes had the tendency to get yanked out without me noticing during the act!

  17. Sdu007 says:

    Have you tried Diflucan for the YI? In the US it’s prescription only, but you can get it OTC in a lot of other countries. You can try going into a pharmacy and tell them you’re looking for fluconazole and ask if it’s available OTC. I’ve gotten it while traveling without trouble in the past. I have a history of YIs, and they’re unfortunately pretty resistant to home remedies. I always end up going back to Diflucan.

  18. NvaNo says:

    Here in Norway you’re usually prescribed (or, I actually think it’s OTC) Canesten for YI’s and such.. I don’t know if it’s the same thing?

  19. Sdu007 says:

    Canesten is a topical cream, right? Fluconazole is a pill you take that operates systemically. So it can be good for treating both internal and external YIs. I also find that it works better than the topical creams. (I’ve also had an extremely painful reaction to topical creams in the past, but this is uncommon). I think that the creams are usually the first line approach, but if you ask specifically for fluconazole you might get that as an option.

  20. NvaNo says:

    Yeah, if I recall correctly, it’s a cream. It’s been a while since my last YI, and that time it was internal. I’m stopping by a youth’s health station on Thursday, and I’ll be sure to ask for fluconazole (which I’ll have to write down, and practice pronouncing 😉 ). Thanks muchly for your advice!

  21. Dekdy says:

    Hiya! Just a quick comment to let you know that we really appreciate the thought you’ve put into making your greeting inclusive. However, we’ve been contacted expressing discomfort with describing people with non-binary genders as “others” – might you be able to edit your greeting to something like “folks” or “VPers” or “boys and girls and everybody else” or “everyone”? (Or my personal favorite, “vulvovaginal aficionados”.) 😉


  22. NvaNo says:

    Sure thang.

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