I had unprotected sex on Saturday and Sunday. It was…a mistake to put it lightly. But yeah, I definitely do not want to be pregnant. I had my first baby almost seven months ago.

But I’m worried about taking plan b. The hormones in it make me nervous, because I get really bad migraines which I believe are caused by hormones. I got my first migraine when I hit puberty. Then the last two I got were right when I got pregnant and right after I gave birth.

I also have anxiety/depression issues which I’m worried might be worsened by taking a large dose of hormones. But yeah, I know being pregnant is worse.

But anyway, I’ve been using those ovulation test strips and haven’t gotten a positive on them in the past few days. Well, except once, but I’m pretty sure it was an error.

Sorry, I’m ranting. I guess I’m wondering if I absolutely need to take plan b if I’m not ovulating now or any time soon? Also, what can I expect in terms of emotional side effects and possible migraines?

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That’s just a dye run, right? Why would it show up positive?

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13 Responses to emergency contraception questions

  1. GniNet says:

    Out of curiosity, why do you think the smiley face is a glitch? Is it because you haven’t seen any positives on your dye tests? I’ve never personally used OPKs (wound up pregnant before I got more serious about TTC), but I do feel like, if you truly don’t want to be pregnant, it seems like even a possibly faulty positive is too risky. Where are you in your cycle? Are you around the point where you usually ovulate, assuming you have regular cycles?

    I don’t want to make you feel pressured or guilty, but to be honest, it sounds like Plan B might be your best bet. I totally relate to not wanting migraines or worsening anxiety, but you can’t be sure Plan B would cause those, and it sounds like pregnancy would most likely cause both those side effects anyway. If you’re stuck in a situation where X might give you migraines + anxiety but you’re not sure, and Y might give you migraines + anxiety + an unplanned baby but you’re not sure, then X might be the better choice? However, it’s your body and you should assess the risks and do what feels best. Good luck!

  2. GniNet says:

    I should also add that I tend to have pretty bad depression and anxiety. I took Plan B in 2009 and don’t remember any negative side effects, except for some unusual discharge and some light abdominal cramps. However, my period arrived on a perfect 28 day schedule and everything has been fine since then.

  3. Orewoa says:

    I think it’s a glitch because when I ejected the test strip thing, the line was all weird and runny. And I retested like an hour later (when I could pee again) and it was definitely negative. But this is my first time using opks, so I’m not sure about any of it lol.

    But yeah you’re right, I’d rather take plan b and be safe than take the chance. I’m just dragging my feet because I’m really anxious about the side effects. Thanks for your comment!

  4. EroNo says:

    I have severe hormonal migraines and pretty bad anxiety– didn’t notice anything from the Plan B =) I got justtt nauseous enough that I wanted to lounge for the evening but not enough to make me feel sick and that was about it. I agree with the previous poster that Plan B sounds like your best bet. Take it with food, drink LOTS of water during the day before you take it and afterwards (seriously, like, a full glass every hour or so), and keep some liquid gel Aleve (or store brand naproxen) on hand in case you feel a twinge of a headache coming on. Lots of people take Plan B without any noticeable side effects, but any excuse to pamper yourself and take it easy is always nice!

  5. EroNo says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I also took it at night so that if it did start making me feel pretty sick or headachey, I could just go to sleep and sleep through it. Might be a good idea?

  6. Orewoa says:

    Thank you for your help. I would like a day to pamper myself lol.

  7. Egneeva says:

    I suffer hormonal migraine and have issues with depression as well. The one time I took Plan B, the only thing it did was make me bleed, a whole lot for a long time which made me suffer my first bout of Bacterial Vaginosis.

    I think you’ll be ok, it’s better then pregnant 🙂

  8. Orewoa says:

    Thank you. I wouldn’t even mind the bleeding, I just worry about migraines and stuff like that. But yes it definitely is better than being pregnant!

  9. XdxWoman says:

    I would take the Plan B and it is safe for nursing mommas just so you know, if that is relevant.

  10. Orewoa says:

    Thanks for your input :).

  11. Gni007 says:

    I think the hormones that cause the problems you’re worried about are usually estrogens, and emergency contraception is usually not. 🙂

    You can double-check, but you should be fine as far as mood effects. And even if you feel anything, you’re really just taking a massive dose of hormones once. The effects will wear off. 🙂 Most people experience some bleeding and cycle irregularity, which is pretty normal – the hormones themselves can trigger a bleed (well, actually, the drop when you don’t take another massive dose), and since it delays ovulation, it can screw up cycles. Irregular bleeding is therefore at least as much of an effect as a side effect…

    Anyway. You’re unlikely to have awful mood effects from the stuff, and pregnancy would have lots of them. 🙂 I’d go for it.

  12. Lasoma says:

    I came here to say this.
    The last time I took Plan B, it was the type that had estrogens in it. But now they have progestins and are supposed to be safe for migraine sufferers like the OP and myself.
    A migraine is temporary. A pregnancy lasts much longer!

  13. Orewoa says:

    Ahh thank you thank you. I’m seriously psyching myself out. I think I’m crazy, but I’ve just got to do it because I seriously can’t get pregnant right now.

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