It seems that quite often I am waking up early in the morning because my inner thighs and vulva are just ITCHY. I’m scratching in my sleep and it’s driving me crazy. I’m on the heavy side so my thighs are always touching, could it be just not enough air in the area? I get sweaty when I sleep, maybe it’s the heat? I’m also thinking it could be an external YI but this would be the most oddly presenting one I’ve ever had. Any ideas?

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  1. Abo99 says:

    Hi 🙂

    Do you sleep in panties/pjs?

    I have had similar instances in the past and what helps me is sleeping bare bottomed/no panties. I find that when I have to wear panties (for menstrual reasons) I get a lot of heat build up down there and subsequently get itchy.

    Also what helps me is washing before bedtime. Sometimes i just use a face-washer and anti-bac soap. My GP rec’d that I do this and dry my vagina-area with my hair-drier on a cool setting (mostly I only need to do this in summer) and it has helped with thrush issues.

    All the best 🙂

  2. EmeYes says:

    I’ll try washing with warm water (I tend to stay away from using soap on my bits) and drying well before bed tonight. Generally I just sleep in panties, no pjs. I’ll go commando tonight as well. Hoping it helps because my poor thighs have scratch marks from sleep-scratching! (I’ve filed my nails down really short in the meantime).

  3. Abo99 says:

    ouch! I was also wondering if you might like to use baby-wipes instead of soap (but they are kinda soap-like, aren’t they) or some nappy-rash cream treatment. I use canesten cream whenever it feels like my down-stairs is getting irritated, just slub some on.

    I also remembered my gp told me to only buy cotton underwear – nothing with lycra or spandex what have you. I got some nice girl boxer shorts in cotton and they are pretty breezy 🙂

  4. SboNobody says:

    As a heavyweight I’ve found I need to sleep in loose cotton pjs, because it stops my thighs touching and getting sweaty – the ps absorb any sweat and stop my thighs getting irritated or itchy. Conversely I don’t wear knickers in bed cos that makes my bits hot and bothered!

  5. Abo99 says:

    That’s a really good idea 🙂 I’m going to try and find some light-weight cotton pj bottoms.

    I also notice that when I use flannel sheets in winter I get a lot more sweaty/itchy. Cotton sheets are too cold for those times, but cotton pj’s would be great.

  6. Ecnne says:

    Do you have any skin conditions that you know of? Dermatitis and psoriasis, which are quite common allergic skin conditions are also common in the vulva. The itchy patches get much more irritated when it’s warm, and the easiest way to have that happen is under the covers. If you’re scratching in your sleep they would get irritated and thus make it worse. If you do have dermatitis/psoriasis already, a GP could prescribe you some cream for use on the vulva.

  7. EmeYes says:

    Nope, no skin conditions here.

  8. Mooofa says:

    I’m also overweight, and though I sleep naked, I’ve alleviated the problem of my thighs touching by just keeping my legs open–I kind of look like a starfish when I sleep, but it works for me. Also, do you remove your pubic hair? I’ve noticed that, on the rare occasions that I completely shave mine off, I often experience the same crazy itchiness at night. I think it has to do with sweat and discharge not being wicked away as efficiently as they would if my pubes were there.

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