Hey, all.

Not totally vagina-related, but I would love some support or gentle direction here about how this might look.

I consulted with a piercer today about getting a vertical clitoral hood piercing, because I'm worried about how it would look with the structure of my hood. There's kind of a lot of skin there, to be honest. It's not anything short of rumpled, unless I'm on my back, pulling it taut by hand.

So, on top of worries about the jewelry being lost in the folds and crevices of my clitoral hood, she points out that I have a midline ridge and that it's off-center. Leave it to me to be so gay that not even my genitals are straight.  Awful joke, I know.

Ridge and such crookedness

Ridge and such crookedness

Probable entry point for piercing.

She marked the point of entry and where the bead would presumably rest and I just can't decide how bad this might look. It really makes me sad, though, because I've wanted this piercing for years.

So, tl;dr: does anyone else have a crooked midline ridge and a VCH piercing? How does it make things look for you?

Does anyone else with a lot of hood skin have one?  How does that work out for you in different positions, like sitting and standing versus lying.  I sort of have a fear of it looking really ugly, unless I'm flat on my back.

I'm just nervous and so on the fence about how it will look.  I'm not even sure if I should get it, anymore.

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19 Responses to Crooked clitoral hood and vertical hood piercings

  1. XdxWoman says:

    This is just me talking about what I’m looking at with no experience as a piercer or vagina expert but yours is like 200x less fluffy than mine. I mean, pulling taut doesn’t even show my clot hardly. I’m a tiny person too. So my opinion is that with the variety of genitalia (literally billions of different looking ones) and the fact that you don’t have a plush vagina, that you will look fine! I’m serious, I think that it doesn’t really matter what’s “crooked” or not because who exactly is the judge of straight? If you want it, get it. Everyone in this community would look different with that piercing and however it looks on you is how it looks in proportion to your body which is what’s normal because there is no normal!

    I hope that makes sense. I think you go for it if you want it.

  2. XdxWoman says:

    Dearest iPhone,

    I have no clots but I do have a clit. If you are trying to tell me otherwise, I guess I should see a doctor. If not, thanks for continuously making me look like a moron.

  3. YerWoman says:

    Like, I have no problems exposing my clit, by moving the skin. It’s just like… a whole shit-ton of skin, hanging around, coupled with the fact that when I’m not flat on my back, my labia majora are like, engulfing everything. Those pictures were taken in a lying position, when everything is less… rumpled?

    I’m just like, super bothered by uneven piercings. I almost pulled one of my nipple piercings out because I didn’t think it was even. It just kind of… gets at me. And the prospect of it not being like, symmetrical, kind of bums me out.

    And honestly, I don’t even know why I’m so worried, otherwise. My girlfriend doesn’t mind if it’s not even, she keeps encouraging me to get it if I want it, too. And I do want it, but I’m just so scared that I’ll be disappointed by the outcome, because of how everything’s built.


  4. Remoma says:

    This probably isn’t exactly the answer you’re looking for, but if you end up hating it, can’t you just take it out? I think it’s worth a shot to try it out. I really don’t think it will look weird, but I know we all tend to be more critical of our own bodies.

  5. YerWoman says:

    I mean, I know I can just take it out. And you’re right, I could just take it out, but it’s kind of a disappointing prospect of losing something I really wanted, coupled with the price of actually having it done. That also kind of sucks to think of, but I mean, I guess I won’t know until it happens?

  6. Etafornia says:

    I really, really, REALLY wanted my nipple piercings. So much that I actually tried on three different occasions to heal them…the first two times I had to take them out (too soon, not fully healed) because of hospitalization. The last time I tried for 4 months, and for 4 months I was in pain every day. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, no matter how much we want it.

    But if I had your anatomy, I’d go for the piercing and opt for bigger beads on the ends of the barbell. Life is too short not to TRY. 🙂

  7. YerWoman says:

    That sounds like a good idea, maybe. I think I’ll talk to the piercer about that.

    I’m sorry about your nipple piercings, also D:

  8. Etafornia says:

    thank you. 🙂 but tattoos still heal well for me, so i have a couple more of those planned…and i’m ok with that. stuff *happens*

  9. AsiRu says:

    I have a lot of hood tissue and a VCH. My piercer actually saw it as a bonus, because it meant that she could use a 12 gauge barbell rather than the usual 14. The thicker gauge is apparently more comfortable because any pulling or tugging happens over a larger area. So, yes, bigger balls and/or a slightly larger gauge are awesome.

  10. Ttefornia says:

    My labia majora cover everything up most of the time as well. I don’t think it’s that unusual!

    I totally get being bothered by asymmetry (I generally am, if not with respect to bodies); on the other hand, I do think the piercing would look good on you; you’d be able to experiment with jewelry to find something that works with you; and, as someone suggests below, you might well be able to take it out if you don’t think it works for you…?

  11. 10d77 says:

    I think it looks just fine. And I think the piercing would look lovely on you. If you want to get it, get it. Worse case comes to worse, you can always take it out if you don’t like how it looks. You said you’ve wanted it for a long time, maybe it won’t bother you as much as you’re afraid it will if it’s not 100% straight because of how long you’ve wanted it.

  12. AsiRu says:

    I have a VCH, and I love it. It both looks and feels great. I got it about four or five years ago now, and I have absolutely no regrets. Based on the pictures I think have a comparable amount of hood tissue to yours and that is part of why I got the piercing, as it provides direct stimulation to parts of my clit that otherwise don’t feel much through the hood. I’m not sure if my midline is straight or not, but I’ve seen plenty of folks with different kinds of genitals with this piercing, and they have all looked great to me. It’s a super forgiving piercing.

  13. Lrinia says:

    I’m a piercer, and your anatomy is perfectly fine for a VCH. relax, truly, it won’t look weird or “crooked”, it will look like jewelry placed on a part of the body that has a lot of elasticity to it and moves around. what I mean to say is that I have given clients this exact modification, and it looks slightly different on everyone

  14. YerWoman says:

    That’s kind of soothing, really. Thanks, a lot.

  15. NedDr says:

    1. Icon love.
    2. “Leave it to me to be so gay that not even my genitals are straight.” made my day.
    3. Although I personally don’t have any genital piercings, as a modification enthusiast, I wanted to throw in my vote for “do it!” I don’t think you will have any issues due to your anatomy that any other VCH could experience, as long as your piercer makes wise jewelry decision. If you don’t go for it, you’ll just continue to wish you had for ages. Better to go for it and decide its not for you than to not go for it and always wonder, imo.

  16. NwoSmall says:

    I think it would look fantastic! You should go for it, and if you hate it you can always take it out.

  17. HsiNet says:

    I have a VCH piercing. It’s not totally symmetrical because the anatomy isn’t totally symmetrical. It still looks great. 🙂 I LOVE my piercing, it is definitely one of my favs.

  18. XaGirl says:

    I just have a ton of holes in my ears, so I can’t say from personal experience. However, looking at your pictures, it seems like a VCH would look pretty awesome. Also, if you’re planning on a barbell, keep in mind that those move around somewhat anyhow, so it’s not like everyone’s VCH is going to look perfectly centered most of the time, even if their anatomy is wholly symmetrical (and it often isn’t).

    And, for what this is worth, I’d wanted a labret (lip) piercing for years and years, and I finally did it a couple of years ago, and…it didn’t work at all. Partly I think the jewelry was too small for my lip (once it swelled from the piercing), but more…I just didn’t like the way it felt, especially when I smiled. So I took it out. But I’m still happy I did it, because at least now I know that it doesn’t work for me, instead of still wanting to try it.

  19. melissa says:

    I have a VHP and have had it for about 3 months. It healed up nice and I love it BUT, I had a night of drunken excessive masterbation and now my clit is killing me…seriously. Also a white substance formed on the area where the pain is. After I masterbated (excessively) my clit was so swollen that my jewlry wouldnt move around. iced it and took advil for the pain and swelling. Unfortunately 24 hrs later I masterbated again! Now it fuckn really hurts. does anyone have any useful input on my issue regarding what I should do…ouchy:(

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