I just started my third month of Jolessa, the generic version of Seasonale. At the end of this pack is when I’m supposed to take my first set of inactive pills.

However, yesterday I started bleeding. It’s happened before, but just spotting. Today I started a full-on period with cramps and all that fun stuff. Then this evening, I went through a super tampon in less than two hours. I was GOING to ask if I should just skip to the inactive pills since I’m bleeding anyway…

However, about five minutes ago when I took out that super tampon I mentioned, after I stood up to flush, I saw something in the bowl that wasn’t blood or toilet paper. I didn’t want to, but I put on a rubber glove and picked it up and it appears to be TISSUE of some sort.

and I took a picture because I’m disgusting and concerned.

I’m hoping someone can maybe help me identify what the hell just happened?
I’m sitting here debating on whether or not I should get in the car at 2 A.M. and drive 45 minutes to the quick care office or if I should just wait it out.

And obviously under the cut, it’s not going to be pretty.


The illogical portion of my brain is going “OMG, my uterus just fell out”.
so any help or advice or even ideas on what’s going on would be greatly appreciated. I’m a bit freaked out.

Thank you all so much for the comments and advice, links etc. My mind is totally at ease now. I slept a few hours and this morning took a pregnancy test (negative) to ease my husband’s mind that I wasn’t having a miscarriage or something.

My bleeding has come to almost a stop and my cramps and back pain are so much less severe today and I’m convinced by all of you that it’s just a thick uterine lining. Kind of cool to see what my uterus looks like… kind of gross. I almost wish I’d kept it but what does one do with that sort of thing?

Anyway, thank you THANK YOU!

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  1. Remoma says:

    I cannot begin to guess what is going on, but I will say that if it were me, I probably would go to the doctor. Probably immediately. There may be some logical explanation that other people might know, but I can’t think of anything.

    Really hoping for you that everything is ok and there’s some simple explanation.

    Also, obviously, if you do decide to go, I would take that with you. And if you decide to wait until tomorrow, then I would seal that up in a plastic bag in the fridge until then to preserve it.

  2. NgiNet says:

    Looks like a piece of uterine lining to me. I’ve had it happen before(when my body decided not to have a period for a couple months actually)and was more than a little freaky. I mentioned it to my doctor who told me it happens sometimes, and didn’t seem too worried about it. This was a few years ago though, and I’m still alive and well.

    Sorry I’m not more helpful 😡

  3. Sdnall says:

    Is birth control failure/pregnancy a possibility?

    Frankly it looks like the tissue I passed when my water broke during labor. My midwife said it was part of the amniotic sac.

    Also, if you continue to soak through super tampons/pads in less than two hours, you should go to urgent care or the ER ASAP, or your doctor first thing in the morning.

  4. DiaClo says:

    My husband and I were wondering the same. I know they didn’t give me a pregnancy test when I started the pills because it wasn’t a possibility at the time, but I suppose it’s possible it could have failed. I had a miscarriage last year and just remember it being a LOT of blood and mess. This was practically clean when it came out. Very strange.

    It was definitely sac-like. It had a hole in the bottom where it’s all bloody and the two upper side parts had small holes in them as well. I pulled it apart because I was curious and nothing was inside, just rougher tissue.

    I’m supposed to be in bed right now but I’m paranoid. I don’t think going to the doc is going to happen tonight but I’m going to be getting up every few hours to check in on myself.


  5. Leroeva says:

    This has happened to me after going a long while with out my period. I panicked and brought it to my doctor (gross, I know) and they told me it was just a large chuck of uterine lining, and not to worry about it because it happens sometimes.

  6. DiaClo says:

    Ugh, gross. Thanks though, that settles my mind a bit. Being a chick is so nasty. Guys have no idea!

  7. Leroeva says:

    LOL I know! I tell my SO that all the time.

  8. Yba007 says:

    Hi there! This is actually a question that comes up in here every once in a while. Although it can really freak you out when it happens, it is within the range of normal to pass a large chunk of uterine lining like that.

    Others have come in here with pictures almost identical to yours… you can see here (scroll down in the comments to see pictures):

    Chunky Period!

    I hope that helps some!

  9. DiaClo says:

    oh my GOD YES that helps! Thank you so much! To settle my husband’s mind, I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative, so it’ll be a big relief to tell him that it’s normal.

    So now I’m wondering if I should go ahead with the inactive pills since I’m bleeding anyway? Well sort of. It practically stopped again this morning but it’s still spotty.

  10. Leroeva says:

    If it is just spotty, I’d keep taking them. If it starts up heavy again, then stop them and start a new pack when you’re done bleeding.

  11. YtuRa says:

    Same thing happened to me just before Xmas. Went maybe three months without a period, as I was stacking my pill then I started spotting and along came the withdrawal bleed from hell without stopping my active pills! Followed by a suprising triangular sack like piece of uterine lining.. Well not piece.. I think it was the whole lining! But I’m ok and my last withdrawal bleed was drama free 🙂

  12. SraNew says:

    Totally normal! Had it happen several times to me – there’s a photo somewhere on the TMI_chix community, if you want any reassurance I can try to dig it out to compare haha.

    On HBC (or so I’ve been told) the hormones can somehow effect the uterine lining sometimes, so it comes away in a huge clot like this one. I really REALLY wouldn’t worry about it – it’s a very common thing, especially when you first start on HBC. I had the same worry the first time it happened to me (honestly thought I’d miscarriaged or something) but it really is totally fine, so long as you don’t have any unusual symptoms (fever, dizziness etc.)

  13. DiaClo says:

    Thank you! And since I’m sick right now with a nasty cough, I told my husband two days ago that I felt like my body was trying to “push out a baby” every time I blow my nose or have a nasty cough. So when that happened, I was totally thinking I had bard’s tongue.

  14. Teo007 says:

    That totally happened to me when I started suppressive HBC. My gynecologist explained to me that since you’re not sloughing off uterine tissue monthly, it can build up to where it looks like that–kind of like a cast of what your uterus looks like!

    Still, either chuck it in your fridge, or take lots of good pictures (next to a ruler, if possible) and go to your doc, especially if you have other symptoms as other commenters have mentioned.

  15. Kdgle says:

    That looks exactly like something that I expelled (passed, whatever you want to call it) one month a few years ago. I concur with the “thick uterine lining” and I’m glad that you are feeling better! Mine was also accompanied by very heavy bleeding, but I am normally a heavy bleeder so there wasn’t much of a surprise there. Again, glad it’s working out okay!

  16. Katie says:

    This EXACT thing happened to me during my period after finishing my first pack of Amethia (another Seasonique generic). I had horrendous cramps, like nothing I had ever had before, and when I looked in the toilet I saw something very similar to your picture, but it was sac shaped when I pulled it out to take a closer look. I was so scared, I even wondered if I had been pregnant and not known it, then had a miscarriage, that’s how foreign it looked to me. I took it to my doc and she told me that it WAS uterine cast, the result of tissue build-up during three months of no periods. Normal, yet completely terrifying if you dont see it coming!

  17. jasmine says:

    When it came out did it look like a sac or a ball Becus this is exactly how mine looked after i opened it

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