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Quick question – I use coconut oil as an all-over moisturizer, and frequently on my lady business.  I find it increases elasticity, and feels great. I also have sex with cisgender men using condoms as my sole form of birth control. I'm looking for a general guideline for how long after applying coconut oil on my bits I could use condoms without worrying about the oil breaking down the latex — are we talking, more a few hours, or more like twenty-four? 


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  1. EirFriut says:

    Just an option, we use coconut oil as lubricant and use LifeStyles Skyns condoms as they are non-latex (made from polyisoprene) and thus don’t have to worry about it breaking down. They are slightly more expensive than average, but well worth the piece of mind.

  2. EohNet says:

    You really shouldn’t use oil-based lubricants with polyisoprene either. Polyurethane can be used with oil, but polyisoprene is sensitive to oil just like latex.

  3. EirFriut says:

    Interesting. I was pretty sure I had gotten this suggestion here. Can you give me any more information on this?

    Since we weren’t too worried about getting pregnant, this isn’t a big concern for me, but I’d certainly like to have accurate information to share with others.

  4. EohNet says:

    Polyisoprene is just synthetic latex. Here’s the relevant bits at Wikipedia:

  5. Dekdy says:

    Only my anecdotal home test, involving coconut oil and one Lifestyle Skyn. Totally broke, though, within several seconds.

  6. EirFriut says:

    Wow, that’s crazy! Good to know for the future. We used them for nearly a year and never had a problem, but like I said, we also weren’t hugely invested in not getting pregnant.

  7. Dekdy says:

    As a crazy (i.e., mentally ill) person having a particularly crazy (i.e., triggering) week, may I respectfully point out that the state of my mental health is nothing like an oily condom bearing a hole in it? 😉

  8. EirFriut says:

    As another mentally ill (bipolar, as it happens, and also currently pregnant) person, who unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of time between toddler-wrangling to re-read my comments, I certainly take your point.

  9. Noo99 says:

    This is totally unrelated, so forgive me. But have you noticed a difference in the quality of coconut oil for sale recently? I use it to cook, and I used to find cooconut oil rich with the flavor and fragrance of coconut. Recently, I am noticing absolutely no detectable coconut flavor or smell – and this is using the same brands, like Spectrum or some other kind. I’m disappointed.

  10. Omoofa says:

    I got a jar of Spectrum to use for cooking a while ago and was disappointed when it didn’t have a coconut flavour. Then I noticed it said “refined” less prominently than I would have liked. I’ve since replaced it with an unrefined jar (different brand, I haven’t checked to see if Spectrum makes different versions) and relegated the old one to hair use.

  11. SseNope says:

    For what it’s worth, I think Monistat recommends waiting a few days before having PIV with latex condoms. This is partially to let the vagina heal from the YI, but they also state that the oil-based suppository will degrade condoms.

    Not that I can find that online, though…sorry.

  12. darcy says:

    coconut oil .. condoms… I found one web site that said you could use polypropolyene condoms.. the only ones I found was Trojan supra bare skin.. it contains silicone lub . now I called Trojan they called me back and told me that as I understood it that Coil would break down the polypropolyene
    so what is a gal to do????
    cannot use the vagifem estridol tablets in vaginia for dryness.. i think it was giving me yeast infections , I even got yeast in my intestines..
    any suggestions as I do need to use condoms…

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