I recently went to the gynecologist after having discomfort for the past two weeks. My doctor told me I have an infection in my cervix, gave me some medication, and scheduled me to come back in a week. He did not tell me very much about the infection, how I got it, or if it was serious. Since the exam was done so quickly, I am assuming it’s not serious.

However..I’ve been rather nervous about it since I have cervical cancer in my family, my mother being one of them. I know this increases my risk for getting the cancer. Have any of you gotten an infection in your cervix? Can it really lead to cervical cancer? When I go back in for a check-up, I plan to ask them to do a pap smear.

Btw, the doctor does know about my family history.

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  1. EohNet says:

    Cervical cancer is almost always caused by an infection of HPV. HPV is very common and doesn’t usually lead to cervical cancer, but cervical cancer almost never happens without an HPV infection. It usually takes years for an infection to lead to precancerous changes, and then more years to progress to cancer. If you are keeping up with Pap smears, it should be easy to catch anything before it becomes life-threatening.

    You may have already read this, but here’s what the American Cancer Society says about cervical cancer risk factors:

  2. StnYes says:

    Cervicitis (which is what sounds like you have, symptom wise) is different than a HPV infection and does not increase you risk of developing cervical cancer.

    Cervicitis is usually caused by chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich, or BV. You may or may not have one of these bugs, and if you do, the medicine that your doctor gave you was likely antibiotics, which should help clear the infection up.

    You can also have non infectious cervicitis from diaphragms, spermicides, latex allergy, or from IUDs.

    Just by visual examination, you can’t tell the difference between infectious and noninfectious cervicitis, and it takes two to three days for cultures to come back to confirm the presence of infection. You may have infectious or non-infectious cervicitis. Continue your antibiotics unless the doctor calls and tells you that the cause of your pain is non-infectious, and you should be right as rain in a week or so.

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