I’m 26, never been pregnant, and had my Mirena inserted right before Christmas last year, so it’s been almost 4 months. For various reasons, I wasn’t able to get back to the doctor until March 21 when I had a pap smear and they checked my IUD as they would have at my 6 week check-up. Everything was fine. Before my exam, I’d only had random spotting, no unusual cramps and could feel my strings.

I haven’t been able to feel my strings for about a week, now. I haven’t had any bleeding or unusual cramping since my exam, or at anytime felt the hard end of the IUD coming out. I probably check every 3 or 4 days. I know things move around, but usually if I can’t feel them, I can again within the next day or two. Should I make another appointment to see if it’s moved? Would there be some indication that it’s moved other than not being able to feel the strings? I also just got over a yeast infection, if that is relevant.

Thank you!

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  1. Xedte says:

    i’d make an appointment if it’s anything out of the ordinary! just to be safe!

  2. SseNope says:

    Have you been able to feel your cervix? And once you’ve reached your cervix, can you feel the os?
    This seems like a pretty good page on locating your cervix and finding the os.

    If you (or a friend) can reach your cervix handily, and you can tell for sure there’s nothing in the os, then go in! If you can feel something in the os that’s not obviously strings, go in! If you can’t even locate the os, and nobody will help you do so, go in too!

    But it might be that the strings are all crumpled up just inside the os, like shoelaces tucked just inside the shoe. That’s happened to me before, and they eventually worked their way down again. I think sex did it, honestly.

  3. Tohzoa says:

    Thanks for this! I have been able to feel my cervix and the os the entire time. I thought it feels like the strings are right inside, but I wasn’t sure what that feels like, I’m just used to them hanging out! But after looking at those pictures, I feel something that’s not the IUD and not me, that definitely feels like the strings, just curled up or something. Hopefully, they will work themselves back out!

  4. SseNope says:

    Do you have any fishing line handy? They’re about the same flexibility and texture as fishing line. You can crumple those up and compare.

    When mine crumpled up in my os, I actually gently poked at them until the bundle loosened enough to fall down again. It was like poking at a popcorn kernel in your gum, with your tongue: not grabbing the kernel, not even forcibly working at it, just weakly poking until it eases loose.

  5. Tohzoa says:

    Thank you so much for your comments! I can definitely tell the strings are there. I was initially afraid to poke around too much, but I knew without any other symptoms, it should be fine. I did a little poking and they aren’t out completely, but I can feel them. I figure, I know they’re there, I won’t mess with them too much. Thanks, again!!!

  6. tannis says:

    I have never been able to feel my mirena strings nor has my boyfriend. I have had mirena for 2 and 1/2 years. I have been concerned that it might have fellen out or that I can’t feel the strings. I stoped being concerd because each month i get my period but it is very light. now if my period was heavy i would go to the dotor right a way.

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