Hi everyone!
I am female, 27, nulliparous. I am not currently on any form of HBC. My cycle is generally 30-32 days in length.

My last period was 6-9 November. On 17 November, I had a bad mountain-biking accident. I flew over the handlebars at high speed, flipped in mid air and landed hard on some pointy rocks and tree stumps. I had a lot of cuts and grazes, a cracked rib, some soft tissue damage and a bad concussion that I am still suffering the effects of.

I then ovulated on 29 November (I know this because I have mittleschmertz – it can be perversely handy!).

My period is currently 18 days late. It was supposed to show up around 14 December. I don’t think it’s going to turn up, at least not this close to my “next” period. I am not concerned about pregnancy because I have not had PIV sex for months (and have had at least 2 periods in the meantime). Bizarrely, I seem to have “ovulated” AGAIN in the meantime…

Is it possible for physical trauma to “stop” a period? I have only ever skipped a period once before in my life – while I was studying for university exams and under an enormous amount of stress.

Thank you in advance. 🙂

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6 Responses to Can physical trauma cause you to miss a period?

  1. EohNet says:

    Stress can certainly delay menstruation, so I would think physical trauma would count. But your body doesn’t think ahead to the next cycle to just skip this one entirely. Each cycle is a fresh start when you menstruate. So I wouldn’t expect that your period will come when your next one is due, because you always start the count again at your period, so there’s no way to know when the next one is due until you get this one.

    Also, I don’t think it’s very likely that you ovulated again. From what I understand, double ovulation usually occurs within a day or two, not after a week or two. What is possible, though, if for your body to get ready to ovulate but then stop. Then later it may try again. That seems especially likely since you’re so late for your period. If you ovulated for real this time, I’d say to expect your period around two weeks from that time.

  2. Gni007 says:

    Yeah, exactly! And physical trauma can absolutely stop ovulation from occurring – even if it feels like you ovulated, you might not have. Your body is basically deciding you need to prioritize healing instead of reproduction.

  3. IihNobody says:

    Stress or a general feeling of being unwell can delay your period, although I’m pretty sure if you really have ovulated, you’ll get it eventually. 🙂 I agree with a previous poster; it might just be a way of your body telling you it needs to heal and not worry about reproduction.

    Oh, and feel better! I had a mild concussion a few weeks back and it wreaked all kinds of havoc, so I can only imagine what a major concussion would do!

  4. PorNa says:


    Yes, trauma (both emotional and physical) can definitely affect your cycle. Your body reacts to pretty much everything. When I got in the car accident a few years back, my body decided we didn’t need a period for 2 months straight. My doctor and I were talking about options to “induce” a period when it finally came, so we never did. I would suggest contacting a doctor about your situation, and see if there’s anything they can suggest to regulate you again 🙂 Good luck! And happy healing!

  5. Suisa says:

    Late reply, but when I broke my ankle in three places, my period was at least two weeks late. (and it’s usually quite regular). So yes, I do think physical trauma can interfere with your cycle!

  6. Dianne says:

    My daughter had her wisdom teeth cut Friday the day she was to start,she was in icu for being sick that following sunday and the hospital for 3 days on heavey antbotics ..can this cause you to be late

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