I found a red bump on the left and right side of my clitoral hood. I don’t usually wear thongs, but I have the past two days, as the pants I was wearing are pretty tight. I noticed a white discharge, but that’s pretty normal for me, but I do have an itch, which isn’t. I don’t have a burning sensation when I pee. Should I treat it as a yeast infection? Thanks!

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  1. Hteall says:

    If it’s only an itch, and if it’s where the thongs were irritating, then chafing would be the first bet, yeah. You might want to treat with unflavored, unsweetened yogurt (with live/active cultures), as that would be soothing and fight yeast, both.

    Red bumps on the mucous membranes, though, do raise the possibility of HSV. I got the memo that cold sores were HSV… Well, late. (Fortunately, my spouse thinks he’d also had cold sores as a kid, so he probably has antibodies.) And oral HSV-1 can jump to the genitals pretty happily if there are no antibodies to protect. (Genital HSV-2 can jump to the mouth as well, but is generally less likely to have many outbreaks there afterwards.) If you’ve been sexually active with someone who gets cold sores, you may want to get the bumps swabbed and/or get a blood test (which can only tell you if you have antibodies, not where you were exposed, and not when — unless you test negative first, then positive later, as antibodies need a couple months or so to build up to detectable levels.)

    Good luck!

  2. NoiFire says:

    I’ve been a bit worried about that. I was with a guy who got a vasectomy at what I’d consider a young age (23, he’s 32 now) who had mentioned that he hadn’t used condoms since he had the procedure, though I made him wear them for the few times we had PIV intercourse. I started seeing him in September of last year and stopped seeing him two months later, and I’m not sure if we last slept together in November or October. I’ve recently had some pimples by my mouth, one on the top left corner, one on the bottom right corner, and one on my philtrum, within the past week. The only one that hurts is the philtrum one, mainly because I picked at it when it was small. I’ve had these sorts of pimples since I was twelve or thirteen, though. I am past due for an annual, and I was thinking about getting screened for basically everything since his history is pretty shady.

    I forgot to mention that it doesn’t hurt to pee still, and it doesn’t itch as much as it did yesterday, or at all. The bumps are small (about the size of a period), though there is still redness (about the width of a pinky).

  3. Hteall says:

    That does sound a lot more like chafing than anything else, to me — but getting a full screening may be useful. Do note that many to most doctors will not screen for HSV unless you specifically ask; this is because early tests were less reliable and because so many many people have been exposed to oral HSV (cold sores) and will therefore test positive to HSV-1. (But since HSV-1 can jump to the genitals pretty easily if you haven’t been infected, it’s worthwhile to know both your antibody status, and other people’s cold-sore status, if you engage in oral sex. Oral herpes, just like genital herpes, can shed contagious virus particles without a visible outbreak, a small percent of the time.)

    I hope I’m not telling you too much that you already knew! I’m a little groggy (second wake-up of the day) and gotta run.

    Good luck!

  4. NoiFire says:

    Thanks for your help =)

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