Hello my kittens!  I'm back with some more period concerns. 

Those of you at [info]iud_divas have probably read this as it's X-Posted, but I want to be sure that I'm covering all my bases opinion-wise.

I understand that Mirena works both as a physical barrier for sperm but will also thin the uterine lining to prevent implantation.  I have no reason to believe my IUD isn't seated correctly – I check the strings just about every time I shower and feel no plastic bits, no knot, nothing strange that would indicate expulsion. 

Recently, (and this is even before I got my Mirena) I've been having problems with my periods.  They've become quite obnoxious.  I've posted in this community about my problems before, but they continue and they're causing me concern. 

When my periods come, they often last two or more weeks and consist of no real flow, just a thick, brown goo that barely warrants a pantyliner.  I've been drinking loads of red raspberry leaf tea and taking vitamin E to encourage a healthy flow. 

I've been due for my period for a few days now and it has yet to show.  I've had VERY mild cramping, which is unusual – usually my cramps with the Mirena are extremely painful, but short-lived.  My boobs have been killing me and I've had very light tan spotting periodically, but nothing that would even match my usual Mirena periods, let alone pre-Mirena. 

Now, of course, since my period is almost a week late (as per my usual calendar) the irrational part of my brain is going "Sweet zombies, you're pregnant!"  The rational part of my brain is going "Um, no. No you're not.  99.6% effective, hellllooooo!" 

Those of you with the IUD – How many of you experienced a drastic change in your periods with Mirena?  I know one of the potential benefits of Mirena is a complete absence of a period – how many of you experienced this and how were your pre-Mirena periods? 

You smart, wise kittens – can any of you allay the fears of my irrational brain that I'm preggo?  Believe me, I know how silly/unfounded it is, but it's in the back of my brain.  I am sexually active, after all – my boyfriend and I use no other protection than the IUD, though I generally pay attention to my cycles and avoid sex during my supposed fertile times.  But with my Mirena, I'm not 100% sure when those are, dontcha know?

If my period isn't here by the end of the month, my Mirena and I will stop by planned parenthood and check her placement and pee in a cup to see if I need to go… see a man about a horse… Or something. 


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4 Responses to Wonky periods with Mirena

  1. Hteall says:

    The main thing the Mirana does, far as I know, is stop ovulation (most of the time) and thicken the cervical mucous so that sperm can’t get in. It is theorized that the uterine lining thins, causing issues with implantation, but I do not believe this mechanism is proven.

    But the thing is that if your ovaries are unconvinced, by the Mirena’s hormones, that they should not be ovulating… They may — whether or not they actually do ovulate (and don’t expect that to be on a regular cycle) — produce enough hormones to cause your uterus to be very, very confused. The brown goo sounds pretty normal for a progesterone-only contraceptive method, as do the Long Durations. They’re not desirable effects, but I’ve sure heard of them happening.

    If they were doing this before Mirena… What contraceptive method (if any) were you on? (And did you get a thyroid check, just ’cause it’s my pet hobby-horse… O:>)

    Anyway, chances are really high that your uterus is just ultra-confused by the Mirena hormones. However, if you want reassurance and are in the US? Dollar Tree Store tests are inexpensive and good, according to peeonastick.com.

    *offers hugs and luck-wishing*

  2. Lrime says:

    Thank you, dearest!

    I started “bleeding” a little more this evening after some sexytimes with the BF, but I’m still weirded out by the weirdness of the periods themselves.

    I do have diagnosed Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (also a pet hobby of mine, ha ha) but my levels are generally borderline. Because of no health insurance, I’m not on any kind of thyroid replacement.

    I’ll be visiting PP at the end of the month to talk to someone about the weirdness of the periods – it’s something I’d brought up pre-mirena, just need to reinforce it.

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Hteall says:

    Heh! Yeah, I’m not diagnosed with Hashi’s via test, but an endo has palpated the thyroid and says it feels like Hashi’s. And I’m certainly hypothyroid! (Have you seen thyroid? Or have I just blanked on your username there… >_> )

    I hope you feel better soon! (Maybe ask if PP can get you thyroid testing as well? Generics aren’t as reliable (only because a pharmacist can change to a different generic, which is almost certainly going to be absorbed slightly differently), but I believe that they can be pretty cheap: like $4 a month or something. If you’re over TSH 4, you might consider giving it a shot.

    Good luck!

  4. Kdgle says:

    What you are describing sounds like months 2 and 3 of the Mirena for me — a continuous light brownish/reddish goo. Like every day. It resolved itself, but I’ve noticed that my regular periods are kind of ‘bracketed’ by the goo more than they used to be. In other words, pre-Mirena I’d have 1 day of goo, five days of period, 1 day of goo. Now it’s more like 3 days of goo, 3 days of period, 3 days of goo.

    I don’t know that it helps much knowing that and I agree that it’s worth checking with PP. Also FWIW, I had a year of catastrophic health insurance (ie–nothing for day to day stuff) and I managed to buy my own thyroid meds. I remember levothyroxine being roughly $13 a month which was pretty manageable. I don’t know if you have access to a free clinic or if PP would write a script for you, but the thyroid stuff is way more affordable than many drugs.

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