Hello vagpag!  I was recently on a pretty heavy dose of antibiotics for strep throat and came down with a naaasty yeast infection.  I got some diflucan from the doctor about halfway through the antibiotics course and the symptoms went away… but then returned about two weeks later.  I went to the doctor again and she was VERY hesitant about giving me another diflucan because apparently it's hard on your liver and taking multiple doses is really bad for you.  She recommended that I try monistat, but I had a horrible reaction to the monistat several years ago and flat out told her I wasn't going to do that.  She then very begrudgingly gave me the diflucan.  This was about two days ago.

So it's been about 48 hours and the symptoms are still persisting… much milder than they were when I went back to the dr but they are still definitely there.  I really really don't want to have to go back to the doctor for a lot of reasons (money, might not even get the diflucan, time consuming, etc) so I'm doing my best to try and knock it out naturally at this point.  I ate some plain greek yogurt (with strawberries added) just now and took an apple cider vinegar bath just a couple minutes ago.  I also got some of the AZO yeast pills to at least try and combat the symptoms.  I read about using garlic but I saw mixed reviews about that online so I'm not sure what else to do.

What are some of your guys' tried and true methods for beating the yeast demon?  Do you think I should try to return the doctor or do you think combating it naturally will work?

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  1. SseNope says:

    I do a gentle, careful douche with diluted apple cider vinegar, and then insert a peeled garlic clove overnight. In the morning, I remove the garlic close so it doesn’t work its way out later in the day. I eat lots of yogurt or probiotic pills, and drink lots of water, trying avoid beer, bread or sugary foods. (I don’t cut down on diuretic coffee or tea though.) If I have external itchiness, I slather coconut oil on my bits and add a few drops of tea tree oil. I sometimes wipe with diluted apple cider vinegar.

    I do this for at least four days, longer if the symptoms persist or it was a bad infection. I do not have penetrative sex for at least a week, and if I’m on my period, I avoid insertive products like tampons or cups. Then again, in the time that I’ve used natural treatments, I’ve been able to skip my period with HBC.

    Yogurt is also a method, but I find it too messy and not worth my time. Others like it though. All these methods are outlined on womanorium.com.

  2. Tnaova says:

    If you have coconut oil in your house you could try slathering some of that on and in your itchy bits. It’s an anti-fungal so it’ll help combat the infection and it also moisturizes so it’ll stop the itchiness.

  3. Sseyle says:

    Boric acid is the only thing I’ve found that will kick a stubborn YI. You can find deets about how to use it in the vulvapedia.

  4. Anyne says:

    I’ve never had to combat a yeast infection this way, so I don’t have any methods. But as knittinggoddess suggest, no penetrative sex at all. And if you do have a partner, have HIM checked as well, because guys CAN get yeast infections. Well not checked… Have him lather his penis with monostat cream. Doctors don’t believe that men get yeast infections. My very first yeast infection was just as you described. And I was dating this guy. And the whole time we were dating, I’d keep getting the infection back again. But once we broke up, and I was treated, I didn’t get a yeast infection again. Same thing happened to a friend of mine, etc. Doctors just thought we had a reoccurring case.

  5. Beth says:

    I am having the same problem.Tried over the counter Monistat 1 ovule inside geto bett but outside was just as bad. My NP prescribed Diflucan and an external yeast fighting cream (not hydrocortizone). What was interesting was that she told me next time I have a yeast infection, I should buy something other than the Monistat brand – as the Ph level is Monistat 1 is not balanced and can actually cause significant irritation – so it may be that my current problem is from the “cure” and not the yeast. She said “next time buy the Target or Walgreen’s brand – you’ll do better.” Just thought I’d share that tip. 🙂 Oh and she also said not to use ANY bodywashes – that they are too harsh. Even if you aren’t using them directly in that area – they can still travel as you rinse and cause irritation.

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