Recently, I’ve been noticing a strange odor coming from my vagina. There is no itching, burning, redness, pain, swelling, or any other abnormalities. The odor is reminiscent of the smell of leaving a tampon in for a little too long. I’m on birth control and accidentally missed two days when I lost my pill pack last week, and started spotting.. this is when I noticed the odor. This was probably last Thursday (4-19). I had just ended my period the Saturday before. I’ve been taking my pill consistently since Thursday and it’s still not going away. The only time it subsides is when I become aroused.. in other words, my “cum” smells normal..

Any ideas?

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  1. 111Woman says:

    Are you still spotting/when did it end? It sounds like you’re smelling the less fresh type of blood that occurs when you’re spotting, especially because that is right when you noticed the odor.

  2. YneNobody says:

    The spotting just stopped yesterday.

  3. 111Woman says:

    The spotting is the likely caused based on all the evidence—the smell started when you started spotting, and the smell is reminiscent of leaving a tampon in too long, which sounds to me like an “old blood” smell. Because the spotting just ended I would wait at least 3 or 4 days before searching for other causes. Hope that was helpful!

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