Hey Everyone! I'm back again, this time with a 2nd round of UTI barely a week after I finished the previous round of antibiotics. And again, induced by that lovely thing known as sex.

You can see my original post here: http://vaginapagina.womanorium.com/20735234.html

Despite my attempts to pee before/after sex, drink more water, take cranberry supplements, take probiotics, and clean up after sex, I STILL got another UTI. D:

So to make a long story short, I caved and told my dad (I'm 22 btw) who's a gyno that i've been having recurring UTIs, making this the 4th round I've had in 4 months, and that I was at a lost at what to do. I didn't want to before out of sheer embarrassment and that awkward moment when dad finds out, but luckily he was really cool about it. I got more antibiotics (Cipro this time, not macrobid), and I also got extra ones to take after sex. So now I'll be taking antibiotics after sex.

I do have a couple questions concerning this daily regimen. Antibiotics can reduce the effective of HBC correct? So I would need to use a condom every time I have sex now because of the antibiotics? 

Because of this realization, I am now leaning towards a new form of birth control (Don't mind condoms, but would like it without), so I've been looking into a copper IUD. I was already looking into it before since my current HBC is giving me mild breakouts on my face (I usually have very clear skin until i started orthotricylen lo), but it was such a minor side effect, I figured I would suck it up and be better about washing my face. I'm also a little scared of hormones in general since the first HBC I tried was Nuvaring. That worked out great until about month 3, where I suddenly become irrational, thought i was gonna die, had minor panic attacks, etc. when I have never been so paranoid/concerned about me dying due to health reasons before. 

So I guess my main questions are that, do I need to use condoms now since I'll be taking antibiotics after sex? And if I decide switch to the copper IUD, how are people's experiences with it? I'm mostly concerned about the heavy bleeding/cramping that can occur with periods. I don't really cramp too much regularly, even off HBC, so it's not something I would like to deal with. 

Thanks for all the help and comments! I love this community, and think that it has significantly help me reduce my freakout sessions. c:

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13 Responses to UTI Part 2…. (Antibiotics + HBC, IUD questions)

  1. Hteall says:

    On all antibiotics save the Rifamprin (Rifampin?) family, it is currently believed that there is no statistical evidence that antibiotics interfere with HBC. However, there have been some cases where people ovulated while on antibiotics and HBC, leaving the potential that some people are vulnerable — that it’s an idiosyncratic, individual reaction. It’s rare, within the normal failure rate expected of HBC, but it can’t be predicted who might have the reaction.

    (I can dig up the .gov references for this when it’s not nearly midnight and I’m about to run to bed, if you want. O:> )

    So, statistically? You’re as fine as you were before. Is this okay for your individual willingness to accept risk? That’s up to you. You may not be okay unless you’re using condoms as well. You may be willing to consider spermicidal sponges, or withdrawal. You may want to go straight to the copper IUD! If the latter, maybe check out iud_divas? I hear good things about them.

    Good luck!

  2. Tnaova says:

    Just wanted to +1 this that I did a lot of reading (and had a really cool chat with my local pharmacist) about antibiotics that absolutely interfere with birth control and beth is right; rifampin is proven to but it’s used to treat tuberculosis, help prevent meningitis and used to prevent SERIOUS bacterial infections (of the TB/Meningitis type of seriousness).

    The reason rifampin can compromise your birth control effectiveness is because it alters how your body metabolizes estrogen and progestin via something to do with your liver.

    You can read more about it here: http://www.livestrong.com/article/108288-antibiotics-weaken-birth-control/

    This article says “Rifampin is the only drug listed by MayoClinic as being positively identified as a drug that affects birth control.” but obviously, that’s only the MayoClinic. Happy reading!

  3. NywNo says:

    iud_divas is an awesome community. Seconded on that one.

  4. NywNo says:

    If you’re on HBC already and worried about potential bleeding have you considered Mirena? It’s slightly smaller than the Paragard (just barely), and it’s hormonal (though only affects locally). It might be something to consider. And definitely check out that comm Beth recommended, they’re awesome folks. Good luck with whatever you choose =)

  5. NemYes says:

    Thanks for all the suggestions! My dad said just use back up anyways, but I’ve had pharmacists tell me it’s fine even with antibiotics, so I guess I’m trying to figure out what to believe.

    As for the Mirena, since it is also hormonal, couldn’t it potentially be affected by antibiotics? However, I do understand it is local hormones as oppose to being in the entire system, so I wasn’t sure. And I’m a little cautions about the side effects, since the website said 10% or less people suffered from depression/depressed mood from the Mirena, and I have a small history with an (undiagnosed) depressing time in my life.

    Thank you!

  6. 29dWoman says:

    The Mirena’s hormones don’t have to go through the digestive system. so no worries there, I believe 🙂

  7. Ttefornia says:

    Actually, the Mirena’s hormones can and do have systemic effects – it’s just that they’re likely to be less pronounced because of the lower dose.

    Here’s the patient information leaflet.

    OP, I did suffer from depression exacerbated by the Mirena, but I have a history of progesterone-related depression. If your depression isn’t hormone-related, it might still be worth a try?

  8. Ttefornia says:

    Hmm, my instinctive reaction to this is that long-term antibiotics are a really bad plan – and an even worse one if you’re only taking one tablet a day/every few days, as opposed to three a day religiously. This is because of the risk of breeding antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which ends up being no fun at all.

    Honestly, I’d suggest getting a second opinion on this one, just to make absolutely certain. :-s

  9. SseNope says:

    Prophylactic antibiotics is an accepted treatment for UTIs–not that doctors are always beyond reproach or anything. But it’s an actual Thing that doctors do, not just this one rogue guy.

  10. SseNope says:

    I second the IUD_divas rec (though, since I’m a mod, I may be biased), along with the assertion that antibiotics aren’t likely to cause decreased protection. But like kaberett, I’m wary of the prophylactic antibiotics. So let’s talk UTI prevention.

    * How often and how much cranberry supplements do you take? Maybe you need to take more daily, or take them more regularly.
    * Also look into uva ursi (used more in Europe than the States, and as treatment more than prevention, but it could be a good post-sex move), or mannose-d.
    * Consider how often you wash your sheets, and the hygiene of both you and your partner(s).
    * Look at the kind of sex you have and consider ways to decrease irritation of the vulva (and thus urethra). I notice that when I receive oral from my boyfriend, his stubble irritates my whole vulva, and I have UTI-like symptoms for the next few hours. I wonder if there are positions that really truly do increase the likelihood of a UTI.
    * Rinse your vulva ASAP after sex. This advice was given to me by a friend for whom UTIs are a family curse, and swears by the method. She uses baby wipes if she can’t get to a shower, but I wad up TP and get it sopping wet.
    * How soon after sex are you peeing? Maybe you need to pee immediately after, rather than waiting for a few minutes for heart rates to return to normal?

    I wonder if a longer sex session with immediate peeing is just as bad for the urethra as a shorter sex romp and then waiting 10+ minutes to pee.

  11. NemYes says:

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to look up articles about prophylactic antibiotics and long term effects, though I haven’t run into any yet that goes into deep discussion.

    1. Right now I’m taking 2 cranberry pills a day, though I can up that to 4 pills a day. I believe each capsule has like… 475 mg in them. I’m also taking 1 probiotic pill a day, which has at least 10^8 organisms in them.

    2. I read some comments about uva ursi being slightly carcinogenic? So I felt hesitant, though I can look into in more as well

    3. For sheets, once a week. Also more often than not, I showered 2-3 hours before sex, though maybe that’s still too long?

    4. As for sex positions, I will be very very sad if there are certain positions that trigger UTIs. Like. Really really really sad. 🙁 I have an idea of which ones that are probably the riskiest for UTIs, but I’m hoping that this really isn’t the case.

    5. I started rinsing right after sex with TP after the last one, but since there wasn’t much time in between the 2 incidences, I haven’t been able to figure out if this helps at all.

    6. I’ve also minimized my time between sex and peeing. At most, 5 minutes after PIV (this is what triggers it for sure), I go to the bathroom, and I try to make sure there’s enough of a flow. I’ll probably start drinking a cup of water immediately after as well so I can go to the bathroom again shortly after

    Again, thanks everyone for all the help, you guys keep me sane. I only wish my body would stop rebelling!

  12. SseNope says:

    I suspect the first UTI wasn’t fully gone, and this is just a recurrence of the same infection. I’d say about half of my UTIs are ultimately flare-ups of the original infection, and occur because I have sex less than a week after finishing the antibiotics. I know it SUCKS, but being horny and frustrated is better than the excruciating pain of an UTI.

  13. NemYes says:

    Ahahah I thought about that too, so I will probably wait longer in between this time.

    Also I forgot to mention, I have an appointment with a urologist in May, so hopefully they will be able to shed some light on the situation as well. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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