last week I made a post (which I am shamefully too lazy to link back to, sorry) about taking a long time to urinate. the problem had been ongoing for 1-2 weeks then.

lately it is not taking me so long, but I feel like the output is much lower than normal. I’m starting to wonder if that’s been the problem all along. at the same time, I also sometimes feel like I haven’t successfully emptied my bladder, so – I don’t know, it continues to be weird.

last Thursday night I woke up feeling nauseated and generally unwell, and my husband had been claiming I felt warm throughout the week, so I finally sucked it up and went to urgent care. my vitals were ok (even my BP, which was surprising because I was freaking out for unrelated reasons), no fever. the doctor decided to treat it like a UTI even though I had no pain or burning (makes sense, UTIs are an easy first line of treatment), and he prescribed antibiotics. while I was there, they did a dip test and found blood in my urine. they sent it elsewhere to be cultured.

today I found out that the bacterial culture was negative. the conversation with the clinic went like this:

receptionist: your culture was negative for everything.
me: ok, so does that mean… more tests now? they found blood in my urine on Friday.
receptionist: well, negative means there wasn’t any kind of infection.
me: yes, I know, but it seems like they might want to know why else there was blood.
receptionist: I don’t understand. are you not feeling better?
me: never mind. I see my doctor tomorrow.

& I do, yay.
I’m feeling the same as I have been for three weeks. I’m just wondering about a few things now because I’d like to avoid sounding stupid when I meet with my doctor.

– I am correct in assuming a negative urine culture means negative for bacteria only, yes? it wouldn’t say anything about blood? or was she trying to say that the blood on Friday was a false positive?
– or is blood in urine just not a big deal? I hadn’t been exercising or doing anything unusual.
– is it reasonable to think there might be an issue with my kidneys here? I have a strong family history of kidney problems, and I would be inclined to share them with my Dr. but don’t want to sound like a hypochondriac if that’s totally off-base.
– I still always think I’m making things like this up. I mean, how do you know if you’re peeing a normal amount, especially when it’s been going on for three weeks?

other info – still 23, HBC-free, have nutritional deficiencies, anemia, ocular HSV-1, mild hypothyroidism (all being treated), non-smoker/light drinker. The urgent care doctor I saw also thought I might have an ulcer, so he prescribed meds for that as well.

Thank you for feedback; it’s much appreciated.

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  1. Earoeva says:

    I would ask about the blood and what they specifically tested for in urine and what those results were. I would also bring up the family history of kidney problems. You might ask that since you do have the strong family history, if you should be watching out for anything. </p>

    I have had success with doctors when I come prepared and can clearly communicate all of my symptoms. If they aren’t told specifically what’s going on, they might not get the info they need to make an accurate diagnosis. I would much rather over-share than under-share.

    Good luck!

  2. 30ana says:

    This this this!

  3. Hteall says:

    Difficulty releasing the bladder sphincter could be psychological, but blood in the urine is not. For some people, it might not be a big deal, or it might only signify that you’d gotten hit in the kidney area somehow or had kidney stones. But absent physical trauma, it’s certainly something I’d want explained before assuming it was no big deal. I’d tell the doctor that you have a strong family history of kidney problems, MOST DEFINITELY. Doctors want to know these things, and “I had blood in the urine, apparently no infection when the urine was cultured, and have a family history of kidney problems” is exactly what a good doctor would like to hear.

    If you have a mediocre doctor, then they, too, may go, “Took antibiotics, no infection, are you feeling better? On your way!” That’s when you repeat the bit about a family history and say, “I want to know why there was blood in my urine. I was feeling ill and kind of awful that day. I’m still having difficulty urinating.”

    (…is there any way that you could be pregnant?)

    You may also want to get a referral to a urologist, who would hopefully have more experience with the whole situation and could figure out if you’re successfully emptying everything out.

    Good luck!

  4. AsuNo says:

    No way I could be pregnant – they tested for that too, and the problem started before a recent period.

    Fortunately, my regular doctor is NOT mediocre, so I am much more hopeful about seeing her today. 🙂 Thank you for the reassurance that I’m not crazy, and for the phrasing suggestions – even though she listens very well, I still have a tendency to get nervous and take a less-than-direct route to explain these things.

  5. Ttefornia says:

    What senarae Said – and no, you are NOT making this up. Blood in urine IS worth kicking up a fuss about & you will want to get to the bottom of that. Def. mention the family history of kidney problems, and best of luck.

  6. OtiGirl says:

    I’d definitely get a second opinion about the blood.

    That said, I had a similar situation, though it was a much shorter ordeal. I had visible urine in my blood, got tested and cultured and medicated. Bacteria was negative, blood was a strong positive.

    When I went to my GP, she said that since I had been having trouble peeing around that time that I may have burst a small blood vessel with my struggling and frequency.

    Still… Definitely definitely go to your GP and mention your family’s history. You shouldn’t have been brushed off so easily regardless of what the tests said.

  7. OtiGirl says:

    Oh! And by chance, are you on anti-depressants? I actually had trouble urinating when I started cymbalta that continued (though got better) until I stopped. If you’re on any new medications that you started around the time your symptoms started, or if any medication you took changed in any way (dosage, etc) check for possible side effects.

  8. AsuNo says:

    Funny you ask – I started Zoloft and Gabapentrin just last week. These problems had been ongoing for two weeks before I ever took any Zoloft, though. My psychiatrist knew about the issue/at least had it written down in front of him, so I would think he’d avoid prescribing anything that would worsen that? But I’ll look into it; thanks for the tip!

  9. Etafornia says:

    yes, mention the family history of kidney problems. that’s IMPORTANT. while blood in the urine may be from straining, it may also be a silent infection showing up, or calcium deposits in the kidneys that arent bad enough to give pain as yet.

    as for the urination issues, in 1980 we were taking a road trip and i told my father halfway through a six hour drive that i had to make a stop, i had to use the facilities. he didnt. by the time we arrived at our destination i had been crying in pain for a half hour, and he HEARD ME and wouldnt stop. it took me about a half hour to be able to unclench enough to relieve myself, even though i was in the bathroom.

    i’ve had bladder spasms ever since. difficulty emptying the bladder, pain, feeling that i need to go RIGHT NOW and nothing is there, all of it. there is medication for it, and you dont have to live with the weirdness. good luck 🙂

  10. EttSuper says:

    Blood in your urine could be from a tiny kidney stone that you weren’t aware of, or one that’s still in your kidney that bumped some delicate tissue and harmlessly caused it to bleed.

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