I had unprotected sex (well, he pulled out) on Tuesday night, and took Plan B on Wednesday afternoon. Last night my boyfriend and I got drunk and had unprotected sex again (he pulled out again) and rationalized that it was fine because I had taken Plan B two days previously….

Was this a horribly irresponsible decision? Should we go out and spend $40 on another 2 pills?
I got my last period on new years eve, my cycles are not very regular at all but usually 30-35 ish days so I don’t know when/if I’d be ovulating or anything like that..?

I am getting a prescription for hbc next week hopefully so this doesn’t happen again & I won’t have to post here about this type of thing anymore… I’m feeling horribly guilty and irresponsible right now.

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  1. Hteall says:

    The way Plan B works is to whack your ovaries with a megadose of hormones, screaming, “You just ovulated! Don’t do it again!” This, ideally, knocks them reeling around going, “Bwauh?” for long enough for the sperm to die of old age.

    If you got sperm in your system 2 days after you took the Plan B… Well, they’ll prooooooobably die of old age before ovulation. Maybe. Perhaps. We really can’t tell.

    So whether you “should” go buy it again depends on two things:
    1: If you are willing to bet that the Plan B hit your ovaries hard enough to keep them “stunned” for another week starting from last night.

    2: How well you trust that he had urinated prior to insertion (to clear the urethra from any prior ejaculate) and that he pulled out with time to spare. No sperm in the system = no pregnancy.

    The most risk-averse choice would be to take Plan B again, yes, but it really does depend on your willingness to bet on 1, and your security in the accurate performance of withdrawal at the time.

    I’m sorry I can’t be totally reassuring! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. EnoYes says:

    For what it’s worth, the EXACT same thing (unprotected sex but pulled out twice in about a week) happened to me last year, before I got an IUD. Mostly, I was concerned about the effects of Plan B twice in a short amount of time, and couldn’t find anything through Google that related to the idea.

    Just for the peace of mind, the money was worth it. However, taking Plan B is very rough on your body. I felt like I was in major PMS for about 3 weeks, and my period ended up being about 2 weeks later than it should have been. I would start tearing up over nothing, my breasts were extremely swollen, etc and it felt like if I could just menstruate, I would feel better! 🙂

    It’s not a horribly irresponsible decision, and he did pull out so that actually does protect you surprisingly well. Don’t worry, either way you decide you should be fine!

  3. Kdgle says:

    You know what? Sh*t happens. Honestly, if I were in your position, I wouldn’t take Plan B again. I wouldn’t. My experience has been that it makes you sick enough the first time around that you don’t want to do it a second time. If he pulled out and you’re reasonably confident he didn’t release any wee swimmers beforehand? I’d avoid Plan B Redux.

    That said…I got a Mirena (an IUD with a low dose of progestin) and I LOVE it. I got it to help out with my hellacious periods and I wish I’d done it years go. I get birth control that I don’t have to think about – at all -. No pills, no placebos, no “gee, I took antibiotics, will it still work?” none of that. Nothing. Just protection. And manageable periods. I wish someone had encouraged me to do this years ago, so I’m just passing on my enthusiastic recommendation to you! (You can read about lots of different IUD experiences over on IUD Divas — they’ve been really helpful for me!)

  4. SseNope says:

    OTOH, if the OP didn’t get awful side effects the first time, they probably won’t the second time. Not that your body’s going to love a second round of Plan B, but it’s not a surefire thing.

  5. Kdgle says:

    ps, when I said “Sh*t happens,” I meant “Don’t beat yourself up.” I can understand feeling guilty but I just wanted to say that…yeah. Sometimes despite our best intentions, we make bad decisions. Thinking about something like the Pill or an IUD can help you make better ones in the future. Things will be okay.

  6. Heather says:

    Hi, I had sex at 3am with my boyfriend Sunday morning, the condom broke, took plan b (the first pill) at like 4pm yesterday (13 hours later) and had sex Sunday night around 11 pm and the condom broke again! I took the second pill of plan b at 4 am this morning. Will I be safe or do I need to get another plan b pill?

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