I am 26 and haven’t had intercourse or oral sex, though I’ve technically been “sexually active.”

Last Fall, I had an abnormal pap that came back ASCUS. This was my first pap ever. The doctor said I was very low risk, so I decided I would just wait 6 months and have another pap.

That doctor has moved, so I had to go to a new doctor in February for my second pap. We’ll call her Dr. Y. Dr. Y did not even think it was necessary for me to have a second pap, since I haven’t had intercourse. But I said I wanted one, so she did one. She also prescribed birth control to try and control male pattern hair growth that started about 2 years ago and has gotten worse. She said I’d get a call if there was a problem with my pap. She also ordered bloodwork.

She called about the bloodwork, and said that I had PCOS. I was really confused, because she never said anything about that at my appointment, and I didn’t know what that was at all. Plus, I have had transvaginal ultrasounds within the last year, and nobody said there was any problem with my ovaries.

This past Friday, I went to a reproductive endocrinologist for a second opinion. We’ll call her Dr. D. Dr. D. said that the bloodwork Dr. Y did is not enough to confirm PCOS, especially since I do not have irregular periods, and Dr. Y did not do a new ultrasound of my ovaries, and she did not do tests to rule out other potential causes of the excess hair.

Dr. D. ordered new bloodwork, which I will have done this Friday. She can’t do everything she would like to do, though, since I’ve now been on birth control, which would mess up some of the hormone counts. So I will have that done and see what it says.

On a whim, I asked Dr. D to check on the results from my Feb. pap. She’s in the same hospital system as Dr. Y, so she can just look at the records on the computer. She printed me a copy. I had a second consecutive abnormal pap, ASCUS. Obviously, I’m pissed that no one ever told me, especially since Dr. Y did call me about the blookwork, and because the print out says that Dr. Y access the pap record BEFORE she talked to me about the bloodwork. So it wouldn’t have even meant an extra phone call.”

Dr. D said that since I am still low risk, I should wait until next YEAR to have another pap. I don’t understand why that is. Should I push to do further testing or get a colposcopy?

I’m worried that there must be SOMETHING wrong to be causing these abnormal paps, two in a row, six months apart. I didn’t do anything different in the days before my paps, I wasn’t on my period, I didn’t masturbate before, nothing like that. I know most women who have cervical pre-cancer or cancer also have HPV. But some of them don’t. What’s to say I’m not one of those women, and it’s being overlooked just because I haven’t had sex?

Has anyone had any experiences like this?

Edited to add: In the last year, I have had one Bartholin’s cyst, and one Bartholin’s abscess on either side of my labia. I was on antibiotics in January for one of them, and have not had problems since. If that is relevant.

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  1. Sseyle says:

    Did they do an HPV test? I suppose it’s possible you have it if you’ve been sexually active, even in the absence of PIV or oral sex.

    My understanding is that nearly all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. Those that aren’t are of a different type, and nearly always cause symptoms. So in the absence of HPV, there is very little to worry about.

    I would be cautious about pushing for more treatment than your doctor is recommend. Certainly seek a second (or third?) opinion if you want confirmation that your doctor is recommending the right thing. But there are risks to over-testing, primarily the risk that you’ll end up with an unnecessary intervention that could have long term effects.

  2. AetFire says:

    Did they do any testing for hpv? In the 2 states where I’ve worked, whenever a pap comes back abnormal, it automatically goes for hpv testing. Personally, either way, I would probably go to a gyn for an opinion just to be safe, but that’s me 🙂 doesn’t seem like dr y is overly trustworthy from your post. Good luck!

  3. Etsyle says:

    I can’t offer too much, but when I was 15-17 I had abnormal paps, and got them every 6 months to keep an eye out for changes. When I was 17 one came back normal and they have all been normal since then, 12 years later.

    so, it can totally normal for abnormal results to just happen without any other things to worry about.

  4. 54ste says:

    This happened to me also, I got abnormal pap at 15, before any sexual contact. This continued, I got paps every 6 months then I got the colposcopy, I’m pretty sure I got abnormal results after that. It was a very stressful thing, but when I turned 20 I had normal paps and have for 4 years now. I don’t exactly remember what my results were though.

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