hey VP'ers!

so I decided to try stacking, I'm using nova ring since July last year. my gyno gave me a blessing too, I saw him 3 weeks ago for an annual check up and he said I am healthy and can stack np
aaaaand my period started 2 days before I'd take a ring out, which was Friday 2 weeks ago. I still replaced an old ring with a new one on time, which was 3 days later, on Monday
basically I am in my period ever since it started, which is 2 weeks. it's mostly brown discharge, like I would normally have on 3-4th day of regular period. I need light tampons, just a daily pad doesn't help.  
when I started using NR, I was bleeding randomly for like 3 months before my period settled. 
should I be worried or is this pretty normal when you start stacking?

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  1. Begana says:

    It’s normal, especially for the first time you’ve tried stacking. If you really want it to stop, you may just have to take the Ring out and have a bleed anyway. But if it’s just brown discharge and you’re not bothered by it, you can continue to stack and it may go away or it may persist. There’s really no way to tell.

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