Hi superstars, you’ve been so helpful over the past 6 months, and so I’ve come for some advice again.

I’ve been on Tranexamic Acid in the past for heavy bleeding around the time I had a post-partum hemmorhage from retained placenta. I wasn’t told that this wasn’t okay and was told I could take it four days in a row.

A couple of months ago I spoke to another doctor who stated I could only take TA when I had a period as it apparently wouldn’t work on the type of bleeding I have. (what?)

My backstory is I’ve been bleeding continuously (with only a weeks break and a day here and there) for 6 months. I had a laparoscopy (which found nothing but ovary adhesions) on the 7th Feb. Bleeding has not stopped. Said bleeding is now getting heavy again especially over the last two days. I realise this is not a period but would I be able to take Tranexamic Acid to lessen the bleed if it got too heavy? It’s worked before..

I’m under a gynaecologist and am seeing him in about a week and a half, but I’m stuck for ideas as I’m heavily anaemic atm and just want a break. Have any of you taken TA for unexplained bleeding despite the leaflet advising against it?

(PS: I’ve had a biopsy of my womb: normal, and a colposcopy: normal, and I haven’t any infections right now.)

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  1. Egneeva says:

    Have you ever had a transvaginal ultrasound? I too had heavy bleeding with a normal biopsy and paps, found out my uterus was enlarged and I had varicose veins in the lining (a form of Pelvic Congestive Syndrome) which bled even after I’d shed my lining.

    You may have a fibroid too. There are a lot of things that could cause your bleeding and it’s easy enough to figure it out with some investigation.

  2. StcWo says:

    I had a laparoscopy on the 7th Feb to investigate the bleeding, of which there was nothing wrong other than adhesions on my ovary (which were removed).

    I don’t know if they did a transvaginal ultrasound at the time but I would imagine the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy would have showed them everything that the ultrasound could show.

    I have the follow up on the 24th April, so I’ll ask to make sure, but I’m sure they’ve done all the investigation they can. All I know is that the thickness of my uterus lining was 15mm (more than it should be) and I had a D&C at the time of my lap but god knows if it helped.

  3. Egneeva says:

    I would have no idea 🙂 I didn’t do the lap or the hysteroscopy as they did the ultrasound first. They were able to see the outside of the uterus, measure it, and then see inside the lining (not just the surface). They found the varicose veins, and large tangled messes of them which I don’t know would have been shown with either of the other procedures.

    I was extremely anemic too and my choices were Mirena, ablation or hysterectomy.

  4. StcWo says:

    What did you go for in the end? At 27 I’m a bit young for a hysterectomy. I’m not fond of the idea of Mirena as a) I have scar tissue that’s healed badly in my vagina and it would be too painful to get inserted and b) hormonal treatment seems to disagree with me. I don’t know what ablation is 🙁 I’m guessing some kind of laser treatment?

    I’m not sure how much they could see from my laparoscopy and hysteroscopy but I was unable to go through with the transvaginal US due to the scar tissue I mentioned above.. I was literally screaming in pain so they jumped to the other option. Not sure if they did one anyway.

  5. Egneeva says:

    I chose the hysterectomy. I’m almost 42 and have five children. I too have issues with hormones; depression and migraines are a part of my life.

    An endometrial ablation completely destroys the lining. Not really a good option if you want more babies and you’d still need a birth control option.

  6. StcWo says:

    Ah okay. I have one child. I’m done with having any more children as I’ve had so many health problems since and he’s been hard work to look after at the same time. They probably would be more interested in sticking me on birth control (the pill) then going for something so drastic unfortunately.

  7. Dekdy says:

    They may be more interested in a hormonal option, but if ablation is your preference, it wouldn’t be unheard of to go that route instead. I had an Essure sterilization when I was 28, then an ablation immediately after the Essure was confirmed.

  8. StcWo says:

    Wow.. sounds intense. It’s an option, but… how painful is it to get the Essure inserted and how do they do it? I’m just curious as I’m not very good with even pelvic examinations. Heh, but thanks for the heads up.

  9. Dekdy says:

    My Essure was done under twilight sedation as an in-office procedure, so the pain during the procedure was fairly minimal. (I’m not sure if some doctors who do it in a hospital setting use general anesthesia.) I was sore for the rest of that day and maybe the day after.

  10. StcWo says:

    Oh, also I had the depo shot around the 30th of November last year, which may have contributed to the dodgy hormones.

    I don’t know if that is what is perhaps the cause of the bleeding but I know it is notorious for it.

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