I had sex unexpectedly tonight with no protection and he pulled out*. My cycle averages 28 days but is between 26-32 days regularly for the past 8+ years (25-30 days for the past 9 cycles) and today was day 13. My guess is I either ovulated already or will tomorrow but if it’s one of my less common longer cycles, it could be in the next few days.

I generally fear medication dramatically but I have taken plan B once in the distant past and do not recall any major side effects. I’m considering taking it but I’d rather not for financial reasons and for fear of medication. I also don’t know how effective it would be based on where I am in my cycle anyway (as in, it might not be necessary or effective if I already ovulated), though like I said, it’s possible that I haven’t ovulated yet, I suppose.

*We’ve mostly only used pulling out as protection for the past 9 years though rarely we’ve used condoms. I don’t think we’ve had a lot of sex around my fertile times though.

I don’t know; I’m looking for whatever advice. :/ Thanks.

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2 Responses to To Plan B or not to Plan B?

  1. Snimsk says:

    I think you just need to weigh the risk. Would you be ok getting pregnant right now? Especially since this happened around your ovulation time, I would suggest Plan B. It’s even better that you’ve taken in before and not had a bad reaction.

    You just need to decide what is best for you. But if all you’re worried about are medication side effects, my personal opinion would be to take the Plan B. There are a lot more side effects that come with a child. 😉

    Best of luck to you!

  2. HonWoman says:

    Had your partner ejaculated within the last several hours without “flushing” out any potential leftover ejaculate by urinating? If so…if this unprotected sex was the second go round of the evening, for example, then I would take Plan B.</p>

    Otherwise, if you are sure he pulled out before he even started to ejaculate, you are *probably* ok…it’s just a matter of how comfortable you’d be taking that risk…

    If you google withdrawal, you will find it’s more effective than originally thought…there’s a good Guttmacher Institute article about it somewhere…

    I used to use a combo of withdrawal and standard days methods…but it definitely does sound like you were in your fertile window, as you’ve already realized.

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