The Sex Scandals Shaking K-Pop And A Reckoning Over How Southern Korea Regards Women

An overall total of four Korean entertainers have actually suddenly resigned through the industry this week, in a widening scandal connecting the glossy realm of K-pop with a few seedy intercourse crimes. The greatest players — Seungri, for the influential group that is all-male Bang, and also the 29-year-old singer-songwriter Jung Joon-young — have both apologized towards the public with their involvement in double, interlocking situations of exploitation of females.

To catch you up: detectives booked Seungri on Monday on suspicion of providing prostitutes for entrepreneurs at certainly one of Seoul’s upscale dance clubs, leaving a media feeding madness that ensnared the 2nd celebrity, Jung, and possibly more famous guys in the future.

Seungri is doubting charges of brokering prostitution. However in statements towards the press, Seoul Metropolitan Police state an investigation into his Kakaotalk messages (Kakao is Southern Korea’s principal texting platform) discovered proof of “pimping” — they claim he had been not just providing different sorts of women to investors, but he had been element of a split team talk because of the other celebrity, Jung.

That is where the details get more sordid. Police say the near-dozen participants into the Jung chatroom had been sharing concealed digital camera footage of intercourse with drugged and unconscious females. Korean broadcaster SBS showed the leaked text exchanges, including Jung responding to a video clip of 1 unconscious woman by texting in Korean, “You raped her, LOL. “

Korean cable Yonhap states Jung is under research for secretly recorded and provided videos of his own sexual encounters with at minimum 10 women he filmed between 2015 and 2016.

Jung, whom rose to popularity on a Korean exact carbon copy of American Idol, is cooperating with authorities and released the following declaration:

“we acknowledge to all or any my crimes. I filmed females without their permission and shared it in a social networking chatroom, and I didn’t feel a great sense of guilt while I did so. Significantly more than any such thing, we kneel and apologize towards the women that come in the videos that have discovered of the hideous truth as the event has started to light. “

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One other guys who have apologized and unexpectedly retired through the industry after being implicated into the boards are Choi Jong-hoon, singer from FT Island, and Yong Junhyung, singer from Highlight, whom admitted which he was at the talk and saw the videos and failed to speak up.

K-pop is such major social export and financial boon for the Asian country of 55 million that this scandal — or scandals, according to the method that you’re counting — has drawn worldwide attention. (one of many genre’s most successful teams, BTS, had the number 2 and number 3 bestselling records global a year ago. )

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Just Exactly How The Korean that is south Government K-Pop Anything

Within Southern Korea, the company’ darker underbelly is well-known. Its three top activity businesses — SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment — are notorious for operating their music artists via a militaristic system of rigorous dance and performing training, restrictions to their personal everyday lives and surgery treatment regimens that begin when they truly are teenagers. Whenever ladies designers attended ahead with allegations of intimate abuse or harassment in the market, they have been hardly ever examined. K-pop can be so interwoven with Korea’s soft energy identity that Seungri said on Instagram, “I’ve been branded as being a ‘national traitor. ‘ “

Their agency, YG Entertainment, dropped him on apologized for failing to “manage the musician more thoroughly” and has watched its stock shares tumble wednesday.

Celebrity involvement in these sex crimes threaten to taint the carefully-crafted image for the K-pop industry, certain, but also for Southern Korea, it shines a worldwide light on an already-festering societal issue: concealed camera porn, understood in Southern Korea as “spycam, ” or molka, as well as its part in promulgating a misogynistic tradition. Since a year ago, outrage about police force’s uneven reaction to spycam has swelled in to the roads, leading 22,000 females to protest last June, marking the greatest ladies’ protest in South history that is korean.

Southern Korea is a country that is modern boasts of their advanced electronic devices and fast internet speeds, but from the measure of equality for ladies, it ranks in the bottom among developed nations. Once we’ve reported, college curriculum also shows that victims are to be blamed for intimate attack.

Jung Joon-young, reaching the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on March 14, 2019. Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Photos hide caption

Combined, these facets feed a extensive spycam porn epidemic which is gone on for a long time. Small hidden cameras that appear to be lighters secretly film women in dressing rooms, restrooms, general public places like subway channels and during private moments — as they’re sex. The footage of intercourse functions is regarded as a “natural porn” that’s commonly distributed and profited away from on online platforms, with no victims’ knowledge.

Formally, police estimate a lot more than 6,000 instances of individuals filmed on spy cams without their permission, each year, between 2013 and 2017. The victims are overwhelmingly females. But the majority regarding the time, folks aren’t mindful their pictures are increasingly being exchanged: A 2018 research because of the Korean Women attorneys Association found 89 % of spycam crimes had been perpetrated by strangers.

“there has been a great amount of celebrity scandals before, including pretty severe fees like domestic punishment, but those frequently ended being remote incidents that faded through the general public awareness fairly quickly, ” claims Jenna Gibson, a Korea columnist when it comes to Diplomat and a longtime K-pop watcher. “this time around, because Korea has been straight grappling with dilemmas like MeToo, spy cams, and ladies’ legal rights generally speaking, there is no means they’re going to allow these crimes get therefore effortlessly. The items these guys have actually allegedly done struck right in the centre associated with the biggest societal divisions in Korea at this time. “

The justice system can be being put towards the test, whilst the Korean public raises questions about authorities complicity into the prostitution brokered at nightclubs. “we shall conduct a good investigation that is internal and. We shall just take measures that are stern of the ranking, ” Southern Korea’s nationwide Police Agency Chief Min Gap-ryong told lawmakers on Thursday, in accordance with CNN, in reaction to questions regarding police searching one other means.

All this is forcing a reckoning in many levels associated with general public sphere, but the majority notably for the entertainment motor that is K-pop, which churns out movie movie stars and teams that make the devotion of fans global. The packaging among these designers is squeaky-clean, but could you continue to love an item that is cooked within an exploitative tradition? And we do with the art of monstrous men as it is often asked during this #metoo era: What do? The fanbase that is k-pop now the newest become working these concerns out.

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This tale initially identified group that is k-pop as having had the number 1 and number 2 bestselling records of 2018. These were the number 2 and number 3 bestselling records of this year.

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