Imagine movies without narration in the background or character without voices it will be boring….

Voice is one attribute that draws us closer to one character in a movie, a game, a cartoon picture or even in a documentary. It builds spectators interest in whatever they are seeing. Even in a radio programme a listener gets engrossed only with a voice they are listening to.

During our childhood how we used to get involve in cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Chip n Dale and Tales Pin. In reality what used to fascinate us was the voice behind these characters. Even we used to imitate their voices.

Even while watching Discovery and History channels what bound our interest is the explanatory voice behind the scenes. With that voice we move around the world, to different flora and fauna, and taste different foods .

Providing your voices for animated characters including those in feature films, television programs, animated short films, and video games and radio and audio dramas and comedy is known as Voice Acting.

It also includes doing voice-overs in radio and television commercials, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films, video games, puppet shows, and amusement rides.

With the boon of animated and gaming industry; this field has expanded its horizons bringing in new talent.

Born in Michigan Kurt Kelly is one of the legendary artists in this field. Being brought up in a politically active family; Kurt Kelly explored his talents at the age of 10 when he found himself comfortable in reporting news, singing, dancing, acting and performing in a band.

Having heard him globally on television and network promos, sweepers, teasers, movie trailers, commercials, and radio imaging, Kurt Kelly has also worked as an Animation Voiceover Artist, Cartoon Voice Actor and On-Camera Host.

Kurt Kelly also worked for many VoIP’s, IVR’s, corporate video presentations, and various voiceover narrations

He also gave his voice to numerous games including World of Warcraft: Cataclysm where he gives his voice to three Gods. His voice was also used as a Signature Voice of Sony PIX Television Network.

To have a look on his work you can visit his website or can contact him at [email protected]

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