Hi all,

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to share some of the ways I've come to cope with really bad PMS, because I know a lot of women suffer from it. I'll cut for length. 

I actually didn't get PMS (I'm talking wild emotions) until I was 26. Then it got longer and more severe each year, until it was lasting for two solid weeks. Half my life I had PMS that made me paranoid, hysterical, depressed, furious, and hyper-sensitive, and the other half of my life I was terrified of my PMS coming back, getting longer. I'd go from being a logical even-handed person to a ranting crying maniac, which was affecting my work and my relationship. It also triggered the hell out of my PTSD, complicating everything.

I went to the doctor and was offered two options: The Pill and Prozac. Now, i'd been in the pill before and when on it my body basically stopped producing estrogen. So during the week of the sugar pill I'd go through terrible estrogen withdrawal (I wouldn't wish it on anybody) so I turned that down. And I wasn't going on freaking Prozac until menopause. Now I follow all the rules – I take vitamins, no caffine, no alcohol, no tobacco, I exercise 5-7 days a week. I altered my diet – gave up red meat and pork, increased vegetables.

SO, not to sound like an advertisement, but I tried various naturopathic remedies and then I finally found a supplement on Amazon – Fem Rebalance (Vitanica is the brand). I took it twice a day and slowly my PMS got shorter and shorter. Less severe. Now I'm a bitch for day like everybody else! And now I don't have to take it every day, I can just take it when I start to show symptoms and I notice the difference within like 6 hours. It's also worked really well for several of my friends, and even for two of my partners coworkers. It's like a menstrual cup – I just *HAVE* to pass the word.

Didn't help me at all with physical symptoms (I still have cramps from hell and get anemic) but physical pain I can deal with.

Sorry this is so long… I just know a lot of women suffer like I did, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

If you guys have any advice on how to deal with crippling cramps (besides IB profin, exercise, water, crampbark, heat, and calcium, which I do each month) I'd love to hear advice. 

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  1. 709Fire says:

    Well, quite unexpectedly I found out that it helps me to use essential oils on the bad days… Bitch by BPAL Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Menstrual Blood by Conjure Oils.

  2. Dnrme says:

    Really! I’ve never heard of these… are they topical or do you ingest them?

  3. 8hafornia says:

    Oh, Stronyx is a birth control pill. I have a very hard time with the pill in general due to really weird side effects (hair falling out, horrible ups and downs moods, quite a bit of weight gain that happens every time I go on any one). I didn’t have insurance when I found out i had PMDD so I went to my student health center and they gave me Stronyx, since I was desperate (it was one up from the cheapest pill). Worked okay for awhile, but I guess it just didn’t want to anymore for the PMDD. I just wanted the horrible depression and crying spells to stop so I was willing to try anything at that point.</p>

    I have no idea if the following statement is rational, but my mother had breast cancer, and pumping extra estrogen in my body after that just never set right with me…another reason why I never wanted the pill.

  4. 8hafornia says:

    Whoops I thought that was to me… Delete 🙂

  5. Dnrme says:

    I had similar pill reactions! My hair fell out for THREE YEARS even AFTER going off the stupid pill… and when I was on the sugar-pills for a week… that was the worst. Insomnia for 7 days, joint pain, hysteria… it was like PMS on steroids. I suffered from obsessive suicidal thoughts and a kind of post-pardum depression. Never again, took me years to get right. That’s why I was so excited to find a more natural way to deal with it… the supplements have NO negative side-effects for me at all. They aren’t completely perfect (and i’m not perfect about taking them) but no weight gain, acne, nothin. 😀

  6. 709Fire says:

    They’re topical, kind of like perfume although they smell very herbal and not perfumy at all.

  7. 8hafornia says:

    Oh great I’m so glad you made this post! I’ve also recently started having PMDD (within the last year or so) and didn’t want the pill but reluctantly gave in. It helped temporarily but the symptoms have returned in the last 3 months or so. It’s Stronyx and I don’t know enough about it, but I do know it’s not doing its full job description anymore :(</p>

    I will definitely give this a try 🙂

  8. Dnrme says:

    My naturopath doctor was saying that more and more women are coming to her with this issue. I think it’s because women are delaying childbirth (or not having kids at all), because I started talking to women who said they had crazy PMS until they had a kid. It kinda makes sense to me.

    Anyway – give it a few months to kick in – it took me about 6 or 7 months to get right. But I really prefer to FIX the problem then just mask symptoms with drugs. 🙂

    Good luck!!

  9. SseNope says:

    Man, I love cramp bark so much. It’s even better than Yogi Moon Cycle tea!

    Does your vitamin include a B complex? I hear it can take months to start being effective, but is effective for mood swings.

    But that’s not cramps. You said that you had issues with the pill, but have you looked into progesterone-only methods such as POPs, Implanon or the Mirena? They are consistent levels of hormones that mostly treat super painful periods by not giving you the drop in hormones that triggers a bleed. With the Mirena, you can still have periods, but I don’t know if that’s likely with Implanon or POPs. The Mirena is also FDA approved to treat endometriosis.

    Which reminds me. Endo! Did you and your doctor talk about that possibility?

    Finally, I love this rundown by FrolicNaked: FrolicNaked’s Pain Management List

  10. Dnrme says:


    Oh man – that list reminded me how once I was able to line up a massage on a day I had cramps. The level of relief I got was mind-blowingly awesome.

    With my cramps I also get terrible nausea that crampbark doesn’t help with. I often go most of the day without being able to even eat anything, because I feel gaggy and like I’m going to vomit. My stomach just doesn’t like me much at all on that day. :/

    I’ve looked into progesterone-only pills a little bit, but my experience with artificial hormones was so awful I’m pretty spooked about them. I’ve never heard of Endo! I’ll have to look that up. 🙂

  11. OtiGirl says:

    If you have nausea and don’t want to take medicine for it, have you tried ginger? I’ve never used it specifically for nausea, but it’s supposed to be good for certain kinds of nausea (I specifically remember motion sickness being one), and it helps me when I have heartburn. I seem to vaguely remember reading somewhere that it can help with cramps. I didn’t have a lot of success with that, but… It might be worth a try. Ginger tea is easy to make (cut a few thin slices and simmer for 15-20 minutes), and it’s pretty good, too.

  12. Dnrme says:

    Thank you for the advice, I’ll try that!
    The nausea and the cramps go hand-in-hand. The not eating makes me even m ore reluctant to take as much IB profin as I need to dull the pain.

  13. Enu99 says:

    Thank you for this. I get terrible PMDD symptoms (I just lie in bed for at least 2 days, not eating, not leaving the house, wanting to die, not seeing the point in life, etc) and I don’t want to take the pill or antidepressants if I can possibly avoid it. I will try the Fem Rebalance. 🙂

  14. Dnrme says:

    People who think that these kind of symptoms are fake really don’t understand that it’s like being drugged. Give it a good 6 months! I really hope it helps you like it did me. *fingers crossed for you*

  15. Trody says:

    I may try this. However, at this point, my physical pain is sometimes more severe than my emotional pain. I already suffer from depression and anxiety when I’m not menstruating, but when my period comes… all hell breaks loose. Like you were explaining. It was completely unbearable. And complicated my other disorders. I just wish there was something that would help the pain too 🙁

  16. Dnrme says:

    I don’t know if you had this – but when I have emotional PMS it makes all pain unbearable. It’s as if I’m completely stripped down of all my defenses, and cramps move from just being physically painful to almost being an emotional pain. I get focused on the war with my uterus, I feel as if my pain is unfair and unwarranted, and it hurts in this deeper, more unbearable way. My teeth would ache terrible (I had braces as a child), my joints, chest, back, and head would hurt, because I had no pain tolerance. So in a way my pain is more endurable now, because it’s like my tolerance for pain is up. If that makes sense. But I still have terrible cramps. Doubled over in pain sobbing cramps at times, but always very painful.

    A comment by stick_on_stars suggested mefenamic acid – a prescription as well.

  17. SraSmall says:

    I swear by mefenamic acid for painful cramps – I think it’s prescription only so it would require a doctors visit. I take it a few days before I’m due to start bleeding and I think it builds up in your system. I went from throwing up, spending days doubled over and clutching my hotwater bottle to starting a period without really noticing. It’s made a big difference.

    If I don’t have it to hand, and have not taken any other medication, I also find a bit of alcohol helps with the cramps.

    I’m really glad you found a way to shorten your PMDD.

  18. Dnrme says:

    Wow really? I’ve never actually thrown up from cramps, but I’ve certainly hung out in the bathroom WAITING to throw up. I don’t puke easily.

    Are there any other side-effects you’ve noticed from it?

  19. SraSmall says:

    The only side effect I’ve noticed from the mefenamic acid is that if you don’t take it with food then it upsets your digestion. I normally time it to take just after my meals, if I do that then there are no side effects 🙂

  20. Nwooeva says:

    Personally, an orgasm always lessens or outright kills my cramps. I realize that I’m a lucky minority, though, in that I can get off in under a minute at nearly any time. :C

  21. Dnrme says:

    I’v heard this – but I’m always in so much pain it’s a real mood-killer.
    At any time huh? A lucky minority indeed! 😀

  22. Nwooeva says:

    Any time there’s a toy on hand, at least. |D;

  23. Nwooeva says:

    LOL that’s cute!

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