During the past week or two when I have an orgasm, I get a headache. Happens during masturbation as well as partnered sex. A couple of days ago he sort of focused on me and did things for over an hour. Oral, fingering of V & A, and PIV. He said that I taste different. Not bad but not like my regular self. He doesn’t go down very often so I’m not sure if that’s a recent issue like with the headaches. Also my privates feel very itchy & don’t know if that could be due to all the attention to the area since it started the morning after the last time we slept together a couple days ago.

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  1. Knuora says:

    After getting a headache after orgasm myself I googled the topic and found a lot of information. Go to a doctor as orgasm headaches can mean very bad things, like brain anurisms and stuff, and yours have been going on awhile. I only had a couple and they stopped. They probably don’t mean anything bad, and will probably stop on their own according to the info I found, but get it checked out.

  2. Eitzoa says:

    Headaches during orgasm’s are actually quite common (although sometimes unsafe.) Generally it is linked to blood flow and blood pressure. An orgasm is INCREDIBLY intense on a body and although a great thing, can have some side effects…

    As for taste… No one taste’s the same ALL the time…Take it from a lesbian 🙂 Ewww, sorry… Was that TMI? Anyways, taste changes based on your hydration and diet. The more fruits you eat the sweeter your cum will taste- the more meats the more bitter. Garlic, broccoli, and asparagus highly effect the taste as well… Generally it isn;t something to worry about.

    Happy sex and hopefully everything goes well0 although chatting with your OB wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  3. OblFriut says:

    It could be that because of the extended oral session that it altered your balance and you may have a yeast or bacterial infection, it happens to me sometimes. You might want to have a doctor check it out if you’ve not dealt with either of those things before.

    Also, if you are doing anal stuff, you and he should know that he should not ever go from anal back to vaginal, not with fingers or what have you. Accidents happen, but this almost always guarantees that I get some kind of horrible bacterial infection after the fact.

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