Hi everyone!

I am approaching my third week on the NuvaRing and I finally have a few questions… 

1.) Can I leave it in for four weeks, take it out on the fifth week, and then start a new ring seven days later (creating a total cycle of six weeks)? Or can I only leave it in for four weeks if I plan on putting in a new ring right away? I don't even know if that made sense…

2.) Can I use oil based lube? I am a pretty exclusive fan of coconut oil, but I haven't used it since starting the ring because I am unsure of its safety with the ring. 

3.) In regards to the "no more than three hours out" rule, what does that meeeaaaannnn? So far we haven't had an issue with it becoming painful during sex and I haven't needed to take it out, but I would like to understand the three hour rule better just incase there is a time when I need to take it out. Does that mean no more than three hours in any one cycle, no more than three hours a week, no more than three hours a day? 

4.) …Has anyone had it fall out when having a bowel movement before? I am so terrified of this. Please help me develop a proportional fear of this rather than something totally unwarranted.

Thank you all for the help! Lots of love <3

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  1. Uoyeeva says:

    I only know the answer to one of your questions: no more than three hours at a time/in a row. 🙂

  2. Lrime says:

    I shall do my best to answer – I used the ring a few years ago and loved it.

    1) I did… Whether or not that was a good idea, I’m not sure – but I did it. I also wasn’t sexually active for most of that time span…

    2) no clue, but I don’t see how it could be weird.

    3) 3 hours at a time

    4) I have not had it come out whilst having a poo, but it’s generally pretty easy to feel when the little booger is trying work its way out. I never lost mine, but there were a couple times I came close in really weird situations.

  3. SseNope says:

    1. You can have that 4/1 cycle, definitely. There is enough hormone to keep the ovaries hypnotized for four weeks, but not for five. So that fifth week (whether it is ring-in or ring-out) should be considered like your placebo week. Remember, insert a new ring when the week is up, even if you are still on your withdrawal bleed.

    2. PP says that using oil-based yeast infection treatments might increase the amount of hormones released at a time. I do not know about coconut oil though; probably the higher volume of oil would increase the hormone leaching effects. (And then you might run the risk of having the Ring be less effective on that fourth week.)

    3. PP says that the rule is “three hours at a time”, but the birthcontrol comm points out a passage that really makes it sound like the rule is “three hours all month”.

    4. I never had it fall out from pooping, but I did find that bearing down would push it into a position where, once I stood up, it would be incredibly uncomfortable. If I pushed the ring up past my cervix so it kind of hooked over my anatomy, then the ring stayed in place.

  4. AssFriut says:

    I’m starting my 2nd month on the ring.

    4) Not yet.. I was terrified too – enough to try and do bowel movements at home the first week so I don’t have to go fishing in a public washroom toliet.
    I had issues about the ring sliding out and peeking out of me during my last week, but a bowel movement wouldn’t make it come out even when it’s in that peeking-out state.

  5. 29dWoman says:

    1. The only rule you need to follow is keeping it in for AT LEAST 21 days, and out for no more than 7.

    3. 3 hours the entire cycle, and this rule is for when the ring comes out accidentally. One mod at the birthcontrol comm specifically called the nuvaring info line, adn was told it is NOT recommended that it can be taken out for sex. That will compromise protection.It’s mean to be in there for a full 3 weeks.

    4. Not after a bowel movement, but mine fell out several times during/after PIV.

  6. 29dWoman says:

    I was also advised by the NP who prescribed it for me to check for it after PIV.

  7. OtiGirl says:

    I never had the ring or a menstrual cup fall out while taking a poop, but I assume it’s possible. I’m paranoid, though, and usually what I do is pee first and then wad up some toilet paper to hold over my vag opening to make sure I don’t expel my cup (or ring, when I used it).

  8. Begana says:

    1. Yes it’s good for four weeks, you can then leave it out for a week or immediately replace it.

    2. Oil based lube is fine, at least in my experience. The packet does warn against silicone lube because it can glob up on the ring and prevent it from releasing hormones. But even then if you took it out and made sure that wasn’t happening I think it’s fine.

    3. I think it’s no more than 3 hours each time. Although, I always have made it a habit to just leave it in all the time unless it fell out during sex on its own.

    4. Mine never fell out but it would start to kind of poke out sometimes. Just push it back in and continue on, really. Nothing to be worried about.

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