I've been very emotional over this week and my mum said she would get me some Starflower gel capsules to try out, the woman in the shop said they would be fine to take with Cerazette but I would just like to make sure!
Could anyone share their experiences with Starflower at all?

Also, I have some concerns about my cycle as my last period was on the 2nd of February and I spotted dark brown blood for a few weeks (which hadn't happened for a few months, my periods had otherwise been normal) but since then I've had no period, I've had the heavier discharge around my time of ovulation but I have had no bleed. Today or around sometime this week is when I would usually take a period and I have the usual breast tenderness, cramp, and everything else, I was wondering if it was perhaps the pill stopping my periods? Or should I take a pregnancy test? I had no concerns initially because I assumed it was my pill, I feel perfectly fine and I've been on cerazette for just over a year. Should I worry at all?
Thank you 🙂

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8 Responses to Taking Starflower with Cerazette and no bleed?

  1. Hteall says:

    If you’re in the US, peeonastick.com likes Dollar Tree Tests, which are inexpensive enough that reassurance is rarely a bad idea. Sometimes periods can be wonky even off of HBC, and while POPs don’t always suppress ovulation, they can. So I’d say… pregnancy test, yes, but don’t panic.

    http://www.starfloweroil.net/side-effects-of-starflower-oil.htm suggests that oral contraceptives are okay, but it’d be worth asking your doctor to double-check. starflower interaction site:gov got no hits of any direct use, to my annoyance.

  2. Ytune says:

    I would check with an MD. The woman at the shop could be very knowledgeable, or.. she could just be trying to make a sale. Also, every single person reacts differently to different medications.

    It also doesn’t hurt to get a pregnancy test if you have been sexually active. Even as much as taking a pill one day at 8am and the next at noon, and the next at 7am can take your 99% effective pill down to 90-92% effective. If you miss a day, even more so.

    Also, if you have taken anything like antibiotics while on BC and you didn’t use a back up form… that also increases your chances of possibly being pregnant. It never hurts to take a test. It will at least keep your mind at ease.

    Also, stress (even stressing about no period) can cause a late period. I have never heard of starflower oil, but I have heard of evening primrose oil which is used more to regulate hormones for fertility purposes (or at least that’s what I researched when looking for natural fertility boosters). So, I suppose there is a possibility the the hormones it is enhancing are negatively impacting the BC & your period. I don’t have any facts to support that, just a thought that popped in my head.

    Good luck!

  3. Hteall says:

    Cerazette is a POP — but it’s the one with the widest “window” that you can take it in (12 hours) without significantly compromising protection (at least, the website doesn’t say anything like “take a pregnancy test after X days if you’re late”). But if you miss those 12 hours, then your protection is considered compromised till… Hm. Most POPs say 48 hours, but Cerazette’s UK website says 7 days.


  4. Ani77 says:

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I haven’t missed any pills or been late on any pills so I’m A okay on that side of things.

  5. Ytune says:

    That’s good. It still won’t hurt to take a test and then you know and can stop worrying. Usually once you have the stress relieved you start shortly after. 🙂

  6. Ttefornia says:

    That’s interesting – I’ve never seen those numbers before in terms of efficacy of HBC. Everything I’ve read has suggested it’s nothing like that sensitive. Do you have any references so I can read up about it?

  7. Ytune says:

    I’m fairly certain I read it on my old birth control. Some are better than others. I think progestin only pills are a bit better than ones with estrogen. You should definitely read your own pill pack to see if your specifically has that kind of restriction. You can also ask your doctor or pharmacist and see what your specific birth control requires. They are the most knowledgeable.

    There is this:

    And this:
    http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/birth-control-pill-4228.htm under “how effective are birth control pills”

    It is very important that you take the pill to the tee of how the directions say. Otherwise you greatly impact the efficacy. I never knew it either until I was in nursing school and our teacher lectured on birth controls and about this specifically and I looked at my handout that came with my pills.

  8. Ani77 says:

    I probably will take one, I will check beforehand, I want to be 100% sure first!
    I’m very careful with my contraception so I’m not willing to risk anything really!
    Thank you 🙂

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