Am I the only one who’s labia minora swell up when ovulating? I like the way my labia are when I am not ovulating but during ovulation, it is almost ridiculous how much they swell up. They become much more sensitive, but that is only a good thing “in the bedroom.” Otherwise, they feel pinched easily from my underwear, and I am constantly having to adjust myself to avoid pinching or just being uncomfortable from the way they are positioned. It is really annoying, and I have thought about labiaplasty MANY times because of this. I haven’t followed through and I know many of you will say that everyone looks differently, and honestly like I said.. I like the way I look when I am NOT ovulating. Just during ovulation it becomes very annoying and swollen, and bleh.

In any case, if anyone does – what do you do to avoid constant rubbing/irritation??

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  1. XdxWoman says:

    Mine get really swollen right before I get my period, like a day or two. It hurts! It only lasts for 24-48 hours but, my god, I hate it!

  2. EifNet says:

    Even if other people feel differently, you have a right to feel comfortable in your body. My opinion is that while labiaplasty has some issues as a *society-wide* thing where people are told vulvas look weird and hey We Can Rebuild You, on an individual level it’s still up to the person who owns the body what they want to do with said body. ’cause hey, sometimes you can have significant discomfort or lack of functionality, and reconstructive surgery can help. (I had upper and lower jaw surgery with a cosmetic component, so I’d be a huge hypocrite if I thought people shouldn’t do as I did!)

    I sometimes get my labia in strange positions, either because I sit funky or whatever. Honestly, not wearing underwear or only wearing men’s boxer-briefs is the only solution I can come up with. That and finding discreet ways to adjust my crotch when I sit down. 😛 I like the briefs since it’s all soft cotton with no exposed seams, and the thicker material somehow settles onto my vulva in a way that keeps my lips straight without rubbing uncomfortably.

    One thought – could you sometimes sit on an ice pack when the engorgement is very uncomfortable? As in, wear underwear and probably pants, and just sit so your vulva’s on the ice pack. It might help reduce the volume of fluid in your labia, as well as reducing sensitivity by numbing. So long as you don’t do cryotherapy to the point of discomfort or for extended periods, it shouldn’t cause you harm either.

  3. RanClo says:

    Unrelated, but hey! I think we had the same jaw op. Bimaxillofacial osteotomy?

  4. EifNet says:

    Yup, just toss on a genioplasty and septoplasty in my case, and a lot more movement than is usual. I got to see an extra ~fancy~ surgeon because the other maxillofacial surgeon I saw realized my lower jaw was a centimeter veered off to the left and way long, threw up his hands, and said he’d fuck it up if he did it. Not quite in so many words, but my parents got handed a hastily written referral letter after my annual “has she stopped growing yet?” x-ray showed the swerve. My case ended up being ‘I’m thinking of writing a case study about her’ complicated. :snorts:

    ahem. It’s awesome being able to chew and having gained a good fifty pounds to be a healthy weight, though it’s seventy if I’m honest about how much weight I lost while wired shut post-surgery, but oh man. Jaw surgery is not for the faint of heart, you know?

  5. RanClo says:

    Oh wow, you definitely outdo me quite a bit! A whole centimetre, that’s pretty extreme. Mine was only small degrees, it was just every which way.

    I remember the “I don’t think you’ve stopped growing yet” malarkey. I took well to the post-surgery recovery, it’s the bit immediately afterwards when you’ve swallowed a ridiculous amount of mouthblood and it’s all got to come back up again that got to me. And the day after I came home and started off the drip, that was nasty.

    And walking around in a headscarf for a few weeks was an interesting experience.

  6. EifNet says:

    I joke about it now, but my jaws were seriously messed up and I wouldn’t wish them on anybody. Especially since I acquired me some post-traumatic trigeminal neuropathy, post-surgery, which is exceedingly rare.

    I also couldn’t chew properly til half my molars were replaced with crowns and the other half were extensively reshaped with fillings, because the wear pattern was so messed up. That took… man, like three or four years after surgery to all get done. And oh god, the puking. I had insane, intense nausea from the pain med they were pumping in my IV, unless they gave me a dose of Zofran/anti-emetic before hand. For two out of my three day hospital stay! D: It takes a lot to actually make me puke now, after that, because of just how horrible it was. Ugh.

    I mostly stayed home or was so miserable I didn’t give a crap if people looked at me weirdly, so I didn’t bother with a scarf. I can see why many people would, w/ the bruising and swelling, though.

  7. RanClo says:

    No, I know that I have a very laid-back personality so I was able to deal with the Six Weeks of Soup and the Must Gain Weight period after, but I can see just how much it would affect people, especially when they’ve had to go to the extent you have.

    I didn’t give much of a crap when I left the hospital – I was just plodding along in my pyjamas still high off morphine sickness going “MUST REACH CAR” like a zombie. That was probably a low point of my hospital visit – I’d never had morphine before and had a reaction to it. Being allergic to your pain medication is the worst thing, especially when they replace it with liquid paracetomol which doesn’t work and is the worst tasting medicine I’ve ever had.

    Apologies to the OP for this entirely off-topic conversation! It’s just always nice to meet people who’ve had the same operation.

  8. EifNet says:

    Oh gosh… yes, sorry, OP! It’s just a fairly rare operation, so it’s always a bit of a surprise to find other people who understand what it’s like. 😡

  9. 63giut says:

    swollen labia

    My labia swell right before my period and it irritates me as well, especially since one of my inner labia is a lot larger and “longer” than the other so yes I understand the pinch feeling. I just try to keep on relatively tight comfy cotton undies, they don’t feel as vulnerable and it makes me leave them alone 🙂 best of luck!

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