In September, I switched HBC from Yasmin to Alesse for libido issues. As of April, I started breaking out in acne in my T-zone and chin. This hasn’t changed with eating healthier, regular face washing, etc. Not only that, but my libido still hasn’t improved!

Three questions for y’all:
1) Is it worth staying on Alesse for longer? About how long should I wait until I can tell if I will have an improvement in my libido or not?
2) Any ideas on how long this acne will last if it is HBC related? I’m well into my 20’s and past puberty, I thought I was done with acne…!
3) Any suggestions on how to deal with this acne?

Thanks in advance!

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2 Responses to Switched HBC, getting acne

  1. Hteall says:

    1) Personally, I’d consider ditching HBC entirely, then trying different HBC formulations after you have some libido. If you aren’t having sex because of the HBC, it’s not necessarily the best expense to have, y’know?

    2) It doesn’t sound like it’s necessarily HBC related — more that your body’s changed so that this formulation won’t control any acne, or that it’s changed to have acne as a side effect. (Your body keeps changing into the mid-20s at least.) If the latter, then 3 months is the usual “side effects may go away” duration.

    3) That, I am not sure. About all I know is “wash with gentle exfoliation and moisturize afterwards” tactics. Other people should have some ideas, though!

    Good luck!

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