I can't quite figure this one out.

The last few weeks I've been having a lot of dry skin all over, so I've been using coconut oil to soothe it. This includes my arms, hands, elbows, legs, and yes, vulva (or outer labia…whatever the term is, my anatomy is failing me at the moment). I haven't had any trouble whatsoever until this morning. I put some on my vulva last night as usual, and when I woke up this morning, felt like the entire area was on fire. When I took a look in the mirror, the entire area around the outside of the center was red, irritated, and itching.

( | )  <– imagine the line is the center of the vulva, each side for about an inch and a half out is beet red and top area (away from my vaginal opening) is actually swollen – and the most painful.

My first thought was that the coconut oil reacted with me, but why would it all of a sudden? I hadn't had the smallest inkling that there was anything wrong until today. Anyone else have bad reactions to the oil? My other thought was maybe it was my good old pal yeast rearing its ugly head AGAIN (I get them in the crease of my leg on and off), but it seems like it came out of nowhere if it is (no trouble prior to today, no discharge, etc.). It's only external pain – nothing internal or anywhere outside of that area surrounding the center. I've been putting aloe on it to make the itching chill out long enough for me to get things done around here, but is there anything better I might do?

What do you all think? Bad reaction to coconut oil or yeast gone wild?

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5 Responses to Sudden red, itchy and swollen vulva

  1. Punme says:

    It sounds exactly like what I had, when I had a Y.I. Bacterial infections and yeast infections are two very different issues. Coconut oil is an antibacterial, and I never heard of anyone having a negative reaction to it before. Not to say it’s unheard of, like an allergic reaction to coconut. I would say signs point to probable Y.I.

  2. Eso99 says:

    That’s kind of what I was hoping for. I love that oil and would hate to give it up, especially because it hasn’t caused trouble anywhere else. Thanks!

  3. 689No says:

    I can’t offer any advice on the coconut oil, but that sounds exactly like a killer YI I’ve been dealing with. Everything was fine, then out of nowhere it was awful. I’m not sure what caused it. I tried OTC stuff and it felt worse the next morning so I went to the doc and got some Diflucan pills. So much better.

  4. Eso99 says:

    Two votes for a YI, that’s what I’ll go with. I can’t see a doctor about it so I’ll keep treating it here – it feels less angry this morning. Thanks!

  5. Lasoma says:

    Sounds like BV or a YI. If you can, get thee to a doctor in case it’s BV!
    A few years back, I got a massage from a guy friend who used oils and he went a bit too far south with the oils. Not even 48 hours later, BV was a culprit. My cervix was beet red and everything else was fiery and itchy.

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