I got my new Flexi-T IUD inserted on the 9th of January, and since then I've spotted a bit sometimes and have had some brown discharge, but I wasn't worried, as I associated it to the newly inserted IUD. However, I was due for my period on the 27th of this month, but on the 21st I started what I though was a period, but it has been lighter than I'm used to, and sometimes I though it stopped, then I get a 'surprise', but still, not as heavy as I'm used to. Should I be concerned? :S

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  1. Egneeva says:

    Not at all. You need to give yourself time for the IUD to settle in. My doc said at least 6 mths. Even after a year I was getting my period every 3 wks.

  2. Alooeva says:

    Isn’t it supposed to get heavier though? I have more cramping, but it’s actually lighter than usual.

  3. Srava says:

    Well, everyone is going to react differently to the IUD. I have a Merina and I had spotting and irregular periods for a year before they settled out with two regular periods for two months. Then, I had no period for two months and this week I am finally have something like a period but it’s still not normal, or maybe it is because I’m not really sure what normal is with my IUD yet! 😛

    So my point is, give it time to settle out before worrying. Unless you are having a super heavy period and soaking through a super plus maxi pad/tampon and hour. Then seek medical attention.

  4. LadZero says:

    I wonder if this may just be your body gearing up for a heavier period roughly on time, i.e. a few days from now. Even 4 months after insertion with my second IUD, I still tend to have a few days of spotting before my period arrives properly, and this has in the past been unpredictably stop-start.

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