I checked the tags and it seems like opinions on this are pretty split down the middle but I wanted to ask anyway…hope that's ok!

I'm on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, Sunday starter.  I take my pills around 10:30pm.  I was due to start a new pack on February 5th but forgot and took the first pill when I remembered around 1pm on February 6th.  I took the second pill of the pack at the regular time that night, like normal.  I had sex with my boyfriend (no condom) the next day, February 7th.  I've taken all of my other pills until now like normal, on time.

From what I read initially this is ok and my protection was not compromised.  However, because I'm a nervous nelly, I've been reading more and some websites say (like the Planned Parenthood site) that I should have used back up protection for one or even two weeks!

So, my question is, should I be freaking?  I had some stabby cramps today and I can't stop thinking, IMPLANTATION! :S

Thanks all!

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  1. SseNope says:

    How many placebo pills does OTC have? In other words, when was the last active pill of your previous pack? Has it been more than seven days?

  2. AceFru says:

    OTC Lo has 7 placebo pills.

  3. Tsine says:

    Yup, Feb 4th was my last day of placebo pills, so I went like 7.5 days without active pills instead of seven.

  4. SseNope says:

    Ennnnnhhhhh. 12 hours longer probably isn’t that damning, but extending your placebo week is definitely a good way to allow ovulation. But if you were only 12 hours late, not 24 or 48 or longer, you’re probably fine.

    You might still have time for Plan B, if you’re really worried. Depending on your personal situation and comfort level, the EC ella is approved for 5 days after the fact.

    Because you resumed your hbc shortly after the sex in question, it’s more likely that your hbc has successfully prevented ovulation. I don’t have stats though, and I find those more reassuring than logic sometimes!

  5. 111Woman says:

    Well most pill packs tell you that one missed pill, as long as it is handled properly as you did (take it as it’s remembered, and then take the next one at the normal time), does not compromise your protection.

    Ortho is one of these pill packs (sorry i don’t know how to fancy link!): http://www.thepill.com/aboutortho-whatif

    I know your case is slightly unsettling because you are coming off your placebo week, but I’d say you’re fine.

  6. 111Woman says:

    ooh it linked!

  7. 29dWoman says:

    Usually one pill is fine, but when the placebo week is extended that’s a risk for ovulation

  8. 29dWoman says:

    Going more than 7 days without active pills is one of the most common ways people become pregnant on the pill :/

  9. 38ere says:

    I would not worry about it. I was on the pills for years, and would mess it up every now and again, never had any issues. Granted there is that .1% or whatever but like I said I wouldn’t stress!

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