I have heard that St. John’s wort can compromise hormonal birth control.
Can anyone tell me how founded and factual these claims are? Specifically, with Implanon.


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  1. EohNet says:

    A quick search didn’t turn up any studies of Implanon and St. John’s Wort specifically, but here’s what I did find:

    Implanon says it may interact.

    NHS says it does interact.

    This study is of an oral contraceptive and didn’t actually seem to have an effect on progestin levels, only estrogen. I couldn’t quickly find a study on St. John’s Wort and progestin-only methods.

  2. EohNet says:

    This study did find that St. John’s Wort interfered with the progestin norethindrone. That’s not that same one in Implanon, but it does raise concern.

  3. ArhYes says:

    Thank you so much for all of the links! I appreciate it.

  4. PorNa says:

    I would defintely be careful, but…

    Vitamins are poorly tested (read: not tested at all by the FDA) because they are not regulated as a medicinal use, they’re actually classified as a food supplement. The FDA tests the interactions of EVERYTHING that is considered medicinal, but vitamins are very poorly regulated because of the food supplement status. Basically all they need to pass their regulations is to have clean facilities with proper records kept on what they’re producing. So there’s really no sure way to speak from a pharmacological standpoint, if there will be interaction.

    However, I’ve always erred on the side of caution, and when I’ve used St.John’s, I’ve used backup birth control

  5. ArhYes says:

    Re: I would defintely be careful, but…

    Thank you for the information. Totally makes sense.

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