Two days ago I was having sexytime with my boyfriend. The first round was fairly intense, even though there wasn't much foreplay (we were watching a MMA match on TV and decided to wrestle each other on the bed lol and got carried away). I've never orgasmed during sex but I enjoy the process because it does feel good for me.

After that I was still wet so boyfriend decided to finger me for fun while we were carrying a normal conversation but somehow it got really, really good and we went for a second round.

WOW! I've never felt such intense pleasure before, it's like something turned on down there. After a few minutes PIV he pulled out and used his fingers on my G-spot and suddenly I just screamed (waking up the neighborhood) and squirted all over the both of us (I thought I peed at first because when he touched my G-spot it gave me the urge, but I checked the fluid and it wasn't pee). It felt like a huge release and the weirdest thing happened.

I burst into tears!

And not just a single tear rolling down my cheek all romantic and sexy. I mean all out bawling! Boyfriend was so baffled even his boner died. He thought he'd hurt me because he had been pretty rough but I didn't feel any pain, if anything it was the best experience in my life. I still don't know why I cried then, though.

Anyways yesterday we tried to do it again but somehow it wasn't right, I was too tight and kept drying up and I was pretty disappointed. I'd so like to have that mindblowing sex all the time. I thought I was one of those women who can't orgasm and can't squirt, but apparently I'm wrong. So how can I recreate that feeling again? Is there any way I can practice on my own?

And please tell me the crying is normal…I don't want to start bawling every time I reach my climax!

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8 Responses to Squirting AND crying?!?

  1. Egneeva says:

    Crying is normal, especially when it involves the G spot. Some people say that we hold our sexual pain/history/trauma/love etc in the G spot and it is very sensitive in that way.

    I’ve experienced this, and I’ve warned my love about it. But more in the way of, “if I start crying, don’t be scared. Just do it harder and don’t let go” 🙂

  2. EohNet says:

    I think the crying is due to stress release.

  3. Revous says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cried after sex. More than ten times, I can absolutely assure you. Sex can be a huge emotional release, which can be a good thing sometimes. Also, when I’ve cried after sex, it wasn’t “pretty” crying – I bawled, too. 🙂

    So, as far as my own experiences tell me, it is pretty normal. Good luck!

  4. EdiSuper says:

    It’s normal to do that – sex can be part of a huge (but beneficial) emotional release, which includes crying. I haven’t done it (yet) but I kept sneezing for a few minutes after having sex. He jokingly asked if I was allergic to dick or something. |D

  5. XdxWoman says:

    I almost cried last night. I was crying before we had sex and then the sex made me want to cry because it was so sweet. Anyway, I think it is normal.

    I wishhhhh I could control squirting! It has only happened like 3-4 times and it’s always been super awesome but I get so insanely nervous about having to pee that I totally bomb the whole thing.

  6. 407Super says:

    I cry all the time when my orgasms are intense.

  7. Knuora says:

    I’ve done that before and my fiance was like ‘OH GOD WTF DID I HURT YOU!?!?!’ and I responded by giving him a full body hug and blubbering away about how much I loved him for a good few minutes. He thought it was adorable.

  8. XaGirl says:

    I think others covered the part about how you’re normal. 🙂 So, with regard to the rest–I dunno, I’m totally just guessing here, but it seems like a possible difference from your previous experiences is that this time there was some physical struggle (the wrestling)? Depending on how your arousal triggers work, that might well have had an impact. I know it would for me, in part because it kind of leads into sex versus it just being like Now It’s Sex Time, if that makes any sense. (And also because the physical struggle just plain does it for me.)

    And perhaps also it matters that this was round two, so you’d been going at it for a while, which might have given you enough time to get really lubed up and aroused? That’s pretty much all I’ve got for why this might’ve worked this time, but in terms of trying to make it happen again, I’d suggest: 1.) Lube; and 2.) If you don’t have any objections, reading or watching porn might be really useful, to kind of figure out what turns you on a lot and see if there are ways to incorporate aspects of whatever-it-is into your sex life.

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