Hey Superstars!

You’ve been ever so helpful in the past so I figured you may be able to help me with my slight concern.

The last week or so I’ve noticed that I’m a little bit sore down there. I can’t really tell where as I haven’t been actively touching the areas or anything (bit paranoid atm) but I think its the labia.. it especially hurts when it rubs against a pad when walking or when I wipe after urinating.

Obviously I’m 15 weeks postpartum nearly after giving birth so I’m curious as to whether this could be scarring or something, or if it might be pad irritation from wearing one every day for like 15 weeks almost (abnormal uterine bleeding – investigated next month). For a few weeks out of this time I was on pantyliners but that was shortlived. So for about 7-8 weeks now I’ve been on pads continuously.. do you think pads can cause sore irritation?

I don’t think its an infection as I don’t smell anything REAL bad, and I don’t have a temperature or anything.

Any ideas?

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  1. Nagzoa says:

    How much are you bleeding? I’m wondering if you have just been rubbed raw from the moisture/pad and movement for 15 weeks straight?

  2. StcWo says:

    Its actually a bit lighter than it was before.. about the same as a light period.

    It could be that I guess, its like where the top of my vagina starts (I can’t really explain but I guess you can get what I mean…) and is sore to touch/wipe (plus anything rubbing against it) from there all the way down the front on the outside..? Like where you wipe? I think there might be a bit of tenderness just on the inside too.

    Do you think it could just be irritation due to pads? I’m probably gonna go to the doctors on Monday to get it checked out for sure but it would help to know.

  3. Nagzoa says:

    I can’t think of anything else it might be unless it’s some sort of external infection. Is it visibly irritated? Swollen?

    Does it feel like a bruise?

  4. StcWo says:

    It doesn’t seem swollen and I haven’t really looked down there as I’m too much of a wimp (that and I don’t have a mirror.)

    Could be an external infection but then I was on antibiotics and finished them only just two weeks ago so to have one so soon would be ironic.

    It did originally feel like bruising when I first was healing after having a baby and sometimes when I do pelvic squeezes it hurts weirdly… I can’t explain but feels very odd/sore/uncomfortable. I guess a bit like a bruise though I’m not sure what one on the vagina would feel like.. not only that but I figured bruising would clear up after this long, though I suppose tissue bruising is a lot different? Who knows.

  5. Nagzoa says:

    Hum, they didn’t find anything at your 6 weeks pp check? I think that’s when they check to see if things are healing up ok after childbirth. (I’m pregnant now with my first)

    I really can’t think of anything else, I’m sorry. Hopefully at your next appointment your doctor can shed some light. Does taking Tylenol or anything alleviate pain?

  6. StcWo says:

    I take paracetamol as my doctors are being very strict with me for some reason and took away Codeine claiming I may get addicted. I can’t take anti-inflammatory pills as they don’t agree with me so no ibuprofen for me!

    They don’t check people at my GP properly at the 6-8 week check, and although I was suffering at the time from soreness she didn’t want to hurt me. (instead she suggested I have sex which was a bit mad as that was the last thing I felt like doing!)

    I had a gynae appt a few weeks ago but they couldn’t look properly as I was too much in pain, hence why I have a full on check-up, laparoscopy and colposcopy under GA.. probably a D&C too since my lining is 15mm.

  7. EohNet says:

    After 15 weeks, I wouldn’t expect the actual birth trauma to still be that bad. Wearing pads all the time could definitely do it.

  8. StcWo says:

    I guess the only logical explanation this far on is granulation tissue. I’m gonna ask my gynae about it when I see him in a couple of weeks though, perhaps he can shed some light on it.

  9. Hteall says:

    Antibiotics might trigger a yeast infection, though…

    If it’s not just pad irritation, then I’d consider an external yeastie next.

    For the possibility of pad irritation — perhaps see if you can get some cloth pads? Or make some out of soft washcloths? Or, for that matter, soft men’s undershirts, stitched or pinned to a washcloth?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  10. Eneita says:

    Definitely sounds like irritation since pads are designed to draw in moisture so you stay “dry” down there to an extent when you have your period. I would say the constant irritation is normal…I have the same problem by the end of my period every month.

  11. StcWo says:

    Haha thanks. Well I get itchy from time to time due to the pads but because I’ve never worn one for so long I’ve never experienced a sore vagina before from it 🙁 Just puzzled me but I guess any rubbing/friction/moisture can do that after so long?

  12. SraNew says:

    This would be my guess (especially considering that a pad puts slightly more pressure on your vulva that just underwear usually does, so more friction too.) I would sugggest using a safe moisturiser for the area a couple of times a day (afraid I can’t suggest one, but I’m certain other people here will be able to suggest brands, oils etc) and see if it helps at all. Also if you can get away without wearing a pad, even just for a couple of hours a day, it might help a little.

    If the irritation continues I would get yourself checked out just to be on the safe side – there’s also the possibility of a very mild yeast infection. Hope you feel better soon!

  13. StcWo says:

    Yeah haha, if only I could be able to sit around without a pad, just scared about messing my clothes. :\ It’s a little too heavy for just pantyliners unfortunately. I’ll see if there’s anything safe to use which will help me feel a little less ick.

    Thanks – I probably will do since my procedure is in a couple of weeks and I’m gonna need to be all healthy etc!

  14. Kdgle says:

    Oh, definitely any kind of rubbing can be painful after that long! When I was spotting for weeks after my Mirena insertion (it went okay in the end! it was just a pain for a while!) I definitely got irritated from the pads. I found that putting a few drops of silicone lube on the affected area actually helped a lot. You might try that, just to help with the drying.

  15. StcWo says:

    Thanks kindly with the recommendation 🙂 I’m hoping the bleeding stops soon after my procedure in Feb, as I don’t think I can take too much more of it! I hope the Mirena works out okay for you.. I’m wondering if they will suggest it to me but if the Depo didn’t agree with me then who knows if the Mirena will. :\

  16. Kdgle says:

    I think (I might be wrong) that the Mirena has a lot lower hormone load than Depo. However, it does have some hormones in it, and there are some folks who can’t tolerate any. Good luck to you, though!

  17. EohNet says:

    I’d bet on the pads. I had major soreness around 4 weeks and gave up on wearing any protection and figured I could stain my clothes if that’s what it took.

    If your bleeding is heavy enough that that’s not an option for you, you might try something softer or more breathable, like cloth.

  18. StcWo says:

    Seriously? wow you’re brave! haha by 4 weeks mine tailed off but started spotting again a week and a half to two weeks later until 7 and a half weeks. Had a depo which started me off bleeding fullforce again two weeks after, and have been bleeding since then, heavy most of the time.

    I do get periods where its light, but thats if I really don’t do much.

  19. EohNet says:

    I wasn’t bleeding much by 4 weeks, so it was mostly just underwear that I stained. I know you’ve had a rough time between the Depo and the infection and months of bleeding.

  20. Dihere says:

    I just wanted to chime in with the others. I can’t imagine going 15 weeks wearing disposable pads and not getting some major irritation! I also agree with those who suggested that it could be an external yeast infection, since you’ve just finished a course of antibiotics. Yeast infections can be exacerbated by a moist environment, which would be a consequence of wearing disposable pads 24/7 for so long. I second the recommendation of looking into some alternative like cloth pads or a menstrual cup. You can learn about both options here: http://ecomenses.com/. If you wouldn’t consider those, you might want to at least check out your local health food store to see if they have organic pads that don’t have an air-tight barrier. Good luck!

  21. EohNet says:

    I would not recommend a cup with unexplained postpartum bleeding following a uterine infection unless okayed by the OP’s doctor. (Also, my cup was pretty ouchy on my episiotomy scar.)

  22. StcWo says:

    It’s cool, I totally know what you mean. I probably won’t do anything like that until after my procedure next month when I’m sure all is okay.

    I still get a tad ouchy on my scars from time to time.. how many months pp are you now? I’m almost four months, I was hoping to feel normal by now lol!

  23. EohNet says:

    I’m 5 1/2 months postpartum now. I tried to use my cup when I had spotting at 3 months that I thought was an impending period. I haven’t tried inserting anything since then.

  24. StcWo says:

    haha yeah I guess that makes sense. I will probably have to check with the doctor to make sure there’s no infection or anything, as I can imagine that’ll be quite uncomfortable after a while. I’ll check my local health store as the only pads I can wear seem to be the Always brand atm (I don’t know if you’re in the UK but its the most popular brand) just because the rest are so rubbish! Probably wouldn’t feel comfortable with a menstrual cup til after my procedure and I know all is okay down there but it’ll be something to think about in the near future. 🙂 Thanks for the recs!

  25. 46eana says:

    first i want to say i don’t know much about pregnancy/after pregnancy. i have never been pregnant, so there might be info i’m missing that it could be.

    my first thought was sanitary pad irritation/rash. i get it no matter what brand of pads i use and i’ve tried so many. i once had a 15 1/2 week period (i have pcos), so you have my e-hugs and i had terrible, horrible pad rash. i ended up folding an old t-shirt (holey, stained, not salvageable but washed and clean) and putting it in a couple of pairs of underwear for a couple of months, i was a teen at the time and didn’t know there were alternatives to disposable tampons/pads. so my suggestion, which has been suggested already, cloth pads which you could buy or make yourself or sacrifice a soft t-shirt or towel. i hope you get things sorted soon.

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